Why Do People Move House

why do people move
The great human endeavour is defined by our ability to move. Whether it was our prehistoric ancestors who moved across the bearing straight or the Smith family who just moved in down the block, Human locomotion is one of our defining traits.

We have industries built around moving, we have anxieties about moving, we even have compulsive movers. Even history speaks about it.

Long before the homes of our modern world, humans were largely nomadic. Our ancestors would wander from place to place in search of food and shelter. In order to survive, they had to follow the weather and resources. As a result, there is a need to be mobile deeply ingrained in our collective psyche.

Why Do People Move House?

Today, people migrate for a variety of reasons, social, financial, health and wellness and many more. Even though these may seem modern and a lot different than the reasons listed in the past, if you look deeply into it, you might recognise a similar pattern.

  • Buying a new house. This is just as it sounds like. It’s one of the main reason as to why people move to cities. Buying a new house is an opportunity to change the place of dwelling, the city, and even country. Here is where we mention all the young people who leave the family nest for a place of their own. It’s very common for the parents as well to get a new house, since the spacious house they purchased for a whole family, left to only two people is not something many can live in.
  • For a job. This day and age, it’s very common, especially in places where unemployment is particularly high. This is also the main reason why people move from rural to urban areas. Being closer to work saves money and often allows a person to pursue a dream job. Another reason claimed mostly by the millennial generation. This category also includes job transfers, office relocations, promotions, seminars.
  • For a relationship. It’s common sense to move to a new place when starting a committed life with a significant other, getting married, or receiving news for an additional member or two on their way. When starting a family, couples need more space, that’s why most new purchases have the functionality of being spacious, close to work, in an interactive environment (like the city), close to all the amenities a family needs. Very often, new families move from cities to rural areas, with less crime and more peace and quiet.
  • Downgrading or Upgrading the house. There are a lot of reasons why people would want to downsize or up-size their house, and as a result, move to an entirely different place. The most common one is money. This usually goes for people who have lived on rent until now. If money gets tough, it’s only natural to move to a cheaper place. If money comes easy (usually followed by a promotion at work), people move to a better-rented place. For people, who live in their own place, downsizing might have to do with having less time to spare on cleaning and maintenance.
  • Fix purchase error. Mistakes happen more often than one might think. People purchase a house that does not really meet their needs. It could be just about anything, so they decide to sell and go back to the house hunting market.
  • Neighbourhood changes. Your house may be great, but the surroundings can always make a home owner’s life a living hell. Neighbours can cause all kinds of annoyances. A new freeway may be built just near by and the noise is maddening. That’s when people learn the importance of finding the best neighbourhood they can.
  • Wanting or not wanting to see family. Might sound funny, but people often move away because of the latter. Dysfunctional families are a lot happier when apart. And, it’s no big news that often people move closer to their families as well. That’s usually parents or grandparents moving to be closer to their children, while children usually tend to move away.
  • Retirement. We mentioned that parents tend to move to a new home, after their kids leave the nest, be it a smaller one, one close to the children, or simply getting into a senior club. Most leave this endeavour for after they retire, so they can have more free time to plan and no other worries on their head. Also, there are a lot of bargains for senior citizens they can make use of.
  • Health problems. Very often people move away from a place because it has a negative impact on their health. For this reason, people mostly move from polluted cities to rural areas with better air quality, less noise, and sometimes, near places with hot springs that have a good impact on their particular condition.
  • Lifestyle change. This is actually one of the most common reasons for moving among millennials. It’s very easy to be tired of the same place in a world with such marvelously developed information technology and transport. Many abandon the home-owning life altogether and travel for years. This category includes backpackers, charity volunteers, travelers, even the reason for educational purposes.

Moving is imprinted into every living being on this planet. In fact, the word “planet” comes from the Greek word for “traveler” – we are basically “travelers on a traveler”. No wonder so many of us are ready for the next big step to cross our greatest distance yet and get to another planet in the infinite universe.

But, that’s for the next chapter of the human migration history.

Image source: wavebreakmedia / shutterstock.com

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