Infographic: 5 Must-Know Facts About London

New to London? The unfamiliar setting of the capital can be unnerving for a newcomer. It is not only the location that is different – every aspect of a foreign culture can stun and perturb a new kid on the block.

But here’s the thing – there are five interesting facts about London that can make your stay in the first few months not only bearable but fascinating and pleasant! Those aren’t secrets locals try to conceal from you. In fact, most Londoners don’t know them as well – so if you are native to the Smoke, you may want to check our list too. And if you ever find yourself in a pub quiz where you have to answer how many theatres are there in this fascinating city, you’ll know the right answer.

And you’ll win a free pint. Hey, who doesn’t love free pints?

London is a Big City!

If you, come from a small town, where the nearest settlement is a mere half an hour away, the time you’ll spend getting around London surely will look tremendous to you. According to a research conducted by the National Trade Union Centre, the average commuter devotes 75 minutes a day to get to work. Even New Yorkers – Londoners’ “rivals” across the ocean, spend 48 minutes on average commuting.

But worry not, the city has an extensive public transport network. Unlike commuting in countries like Bolivia and  Thailand where commuting is taken to extreme levels, the London transportation network is really well-thought. Which brings us to our next London fact.

Facts About London Underground

The tube is awesome! It’s the oldest underground system in the world, with over 400 kilometres of lines, and if it doesn’t serve your destination, you can always hop on one of the iconic double-deckers. At the monthly cost of £124.

According to a research conducted by our experienced moving team, public transportation in the City is six times more expensive than in other EU Capitals (such as Warsaw and Sofia). But mass transit isn’t the only thing with such a heavy price tag – if you want to rewind with a pint in a bar, that will cost you £4 (compared to £1.29 in Bucharest), and the average monthly rent in private accommodation is £1106! Yikes!

Interesting Facts About London Food-Serving Venues

So you’ve landed on a new job, you’ve found yourself a place to stay, and now you want to spend the evening in a nice little cosy restaurant. Good news are that it’s not likely you’ll ever run out of places to visit – there are over 12,000 joints around the city. If you dine at a different location every night, it will still take you more than 32 years to visit them all! And with new venues opening every day, the task becomes simply impossible!

Amazing Facts About London Cultural Venues

There are plenty of cinemas as well – over 500, with projections ranging from blockbuster hits to indie films and classic old titles. If you like to keep it old school, there are more than 300 theatres in London, with 14,587,276 sold tickets in 2013 alone. That makes roughly 1,7 tickets per a Londoner. Whatever your cultural interests are, London will surely satisfy them!

London Has a Wide Variety Of Cultures

You may feel alone and alienated, but know that almost 3,000,000 of London’s residents are of non-British descent. According to the official statistics, 36,7% of the 8,173,900 city population are foreign-born. A fact about London is that the city is the second most culturally diverse in the world, after New York. It is also the biggest immigrant colony in Europe!

So if you find yourself moving in London with your cat, with your significant other or because you’ve landed that new job you always wanted, bear in mind these facts! We hope that you do manage to make your stay here pleasant. And even if the City looks intimidating at first, remember – there’s always something new to find out about it. Want to do it now? Take a look at the wonderful infographic with the facts about London!

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Infographic with Facts about London

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