Enjoy a Safe and Sound Move with Expert Removals in Manchester


What if we told you that we can simplify your complicated relocation overnight?

At Fantastic Removals, we understand the hardships of switching homes or office relocation. Once you provide us with all the information we need about your upcoming move, we will pick a vehicle of suitable size, note any potential obstacles, and give you a time estimate for the job. The removal men in Manchester are fully insured and will take care of all aspects of your move – from packing and loading to transportation and unloading – in a safe and responsible manner.

We Offer A Range of Services for Relocations Both Big and Small

Whether your new home is just a few blocks away or on the other side of town, the diligent moving crew will help you move everything just in the nick of time for your housewarming party. Fantastic Removals maintains a fleet of modern vehicles that feature tail lifts for safe and smooth loading and unloading of your possessions. The vehicles will also contain basic dismantling tools which the professionals can use upon request to disassemble large furniture. The local movers can assist you with the following removal services in Manchester

  • Home removals – the most popular service we have on board. Suitable for up to 6-bedroom properties. Home removals in Manchester includes transportation of wardrobes, sofas, kitchen appliances, home electronics, beds, upright pianos and more. Can also include packing or furniture dismantling and re-assembly upon request.
  • Office removals – the experts can safely move anything from office chairs and desks to heavy filing cabinets, office equipment and safes (up to 80 kg.) to your new address. Can also include packing or furniture dismantling and re-assembly upon request.
  • Furniture collection and delivery – if you have purchased furniture from IKEA or any other major retailer in the city, the trained movers will collect the items from the store and deliver them to your doorstep. They can also perform furniture assembly upon request.
  • Furniture assembly – the professionals have screwdrivers of varied size and anything else needed to assemble furniture by any popular brand out there, including Asda, B&Q, Dwell, IKEA, Argos, Tesco, and more in line with the manufacturer’s instructions.

*Note that items exceeding the 25-30 kg per person limitation will be subject to surcharges.

We Do House Removal, But Companies in Manchester Can Benefit As Well

Regardless if you opted for a domestic move, commercial move, or a furniture collection & assembly service, you will be able to take advantage of many conveniences, for example:

  • Each mover drives a branded van and wears a proper uniform and identification badge;
  • Make bookings and receive assistance at any time thanks to our 24/7 customer support;
  • Get free price estimates for any of our Manchester services with zero strings attached;
  • A specialised corporate team ensures that all returning clients receive preferential rates;
  • Workday, weekend, bank holiday, and late night appointments are readily available;
  • The professionals work responsibly and will not leave your property until the job is done.

Moving Into Manchester City? Here Are the Main Things You Should Know

Sometimes, moving to a different city can almost feel like setting foot in a different country. As a company that has provided removals in Manchester for quite some time, we would like to share a few important things about this area that you need to remember to avoid unpleasant surprises.

  • Notify the Manchester city council that you moved house. Have them write down your name, old address, new address, and your National Insurance Number (if any).
  • Beware of tram traffic. The city features both pedestrian-only and pedestrian-tram pavements, which can be tricky to tell apart if you are a newcomer, so be on the lookout!
  • Master the art of purchasing tram tickets. Trams are an ubiquitous means of transportation that you will frequently use while living in Manchester. To receive a ticket, find the station’s ticket machine and type the name of the station you want to reach.
  • Carry an umbrella at all times. Light rain is an unchanging part of Manchester’s scenery day in and day out, so make sure to bring an umbrella whenever you go outside.

Worried That Your Budget Is Too Small? Check Our Price Table Below

To give you the best value for your money, we calculate the price of each service based on the information collected from you. This information includes the size and weight of the items, the number of hours required for the job, the parking situation near your property, and more. However, due to the many variables involved in a removals job, please bear in mind that the pre-service estimates we provide are approximate and should not be taken at face value!

Organise Your Efficient House or Office Removals in Manchester Today

A home or office move should not be an event that exhausts your mind and tests your patience.

Contact our advisors whenever you have a minute to spare. The support team will then provide you with ongoing assistance during all service stages – from the initial booking all the way to the job’s completion. To request Manchester furniture removals or any of our other services, please give us a call, say “Hi” in our online chat, or fill in our contact form. Make your move simple now!

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