Moving house during coronavirus lockdown

We complete removals services under sanitary conditions.
Risk of virus transmission is reduced to the absolute minimum.

  • All movers wear protective clothing and masks
  • A safe distance is kept between the movers and the customer
  • Additional antiviral sanitization services are available upon request
  • All movers and packers are free of disease symptoms

Prices starting from £62/H

Can I move house during COVID-19 pandemic lockdown?

Yes, but you have to do it by following strict safety guidelines. Despite all difficulties and complications during the lockdown, it’s often impossible to postpone or delay a planned house move. 

We understand this and have prepared with everything necessary to provide timely and safe removals services during the coronavirus outbreak and lockdown in the UK.

All procedures we follow during job completion are 100% compliant with the rules and restrictions set by the UK government.

Fantastic Removals' approach

These are the general rules we comply with in order to minimize the risk of disease transmission while completing removals jobs:

  • Increasing the frequency of cleaning and sanitisation of high-traffic areas throughout the office and moving vans.
  • Distributing hand sanitizers and other healthcare products to employees, and continuing to remind them to wash their hands regularly.
  • Encouraging our customers to report if any of their relatives or friends have been infected with the virus, to make sure we can provide the removals service in the safest possible manner for both sides.
  • Checking if some of the items have the chance to be contaminated with viral microorganisms. If so we make sure the customer sanitizes them before the movers pack, load, and transport them.
  • Conducting regular checks for all moving team members for any symptoms of the virus and if they have any, they stay at home and do not take part in the moving jobs.
  • Keeping a 2-metre distance between all people who take part in the moving process from start to finish.
  • Equipping movers with protective gloves, masks, or even hazmat suits (if needed) for achieving the greatest protection during job completion.
  • Recommending anyone who has even mild symptoms of sickness to stay at home and speak to a doctor.

Frequently asked question on moving during coronavirus lockdown

  • Q: Is it safer if I pack all belongings prior to the move?

    A: It might be safe but we do not recommend it for various reasons. You only get moving insurance for the transported items if they are packed by the house movers we send.

  • Q: Should I be present during the removals job?

    A: Usually, we don’t mind to have the customer nearby, it even gives us the possibility to ask them how they want the job to be completed. However, under the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, we prefer the client to stay away from the moving team during the job completion.

  • Q: What to do to minimise the risk of virus transmission during the move?

    A: You can the following things: Stay at least 2m away from anyone during the relocation, wear protective clothing and masks, sanitize all items that are to be packed prior to the moving service. (*Not a must but will help against virus transmission if anyone at your home has the virus without any symptoms).

  • Q: Can I buy and sell homes during the coronavirus lockdown measures?

    A: Trading of properties is not forbidden during the pandemic but the police are watching for violations of the orders after the pandemic. If you want to sell a property, it's temporarily not allowed to allow potential buyers to get inside in order to protect them for the virus.

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