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The Best Places to Live in the UK

View of a railway station of a commuter town, London

Many people in their twenties feel that London is the most exciting place in the world. However, as time passes, the crowds, the noise and the costly style of life start ...

Rented apartment in Bloomington

Post updated: 01.04.2024 London is one of the most expensive cities in Europe which makes it really hard for its residents to acquire a property of their own. This stimul...

best places to live in London cover photo

If you want to move to London or are already living there but want to change neighbourhoods, you’ve come to the right place. London has many faces, and it provides many...

The Palace of Westminster in London

Moving to London is a huge step. But, just making the decision is not the end of it - take the quiz to find your new neighbourhood!

Moving to a beach town

Choosing where to make your new home can be a tough decision. The idea of living in a beach town might seem great at first, but there are things to consider. Here is your...

Moving from a big city to a small town

Moving out from a busy and crowder town into a calm and quiet one can be very challenging. Many people usually prefer the reverse migration, however the numbers of people...

Packed and ready to move to another planet

"With the continuous technological advancement the human race is as close as ever to discovering another planet with climate and habitable conditions like these on Earth....

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