Number of Reasons Why We Are Fantastic

  • More than 15000 customers each month;
  • Over 1500 fantastic experts at your service;
  • 25+ services for your home and office;
  • A team of 500+ specialists;
  • More than 1500+ Fantastic Service experts;
  • Providing services on 3 continents;

What Being Fantastic Really Means?

1. 360 degrees happiness for everyone

Our mission is simple - deliver nothing less than great service experience for landlords, tenants, and business.

2. Combining technology with passion

Throughout the years, we've implemented a variety of innovations in order to be only a click away.

3. A Fantastic family for all your needs

Removals, Gardening, Cleaning, Storage - just name it and we will show you what Fantastic means!

How It All Started

  • Fantastic Services has been helping househoulds and business owners since 2009. The story began when the company founders Rune Sovndahl and Anton Skarlatov met. Rune was looking for a carpet cleaner and Anton was running a cleaning business. They saw the need for a modern home service company on the market and started building it. A year later, the brand Fantastic Removals was introduced to the world and it's been helping thousands of customers with reliable removals services.

A passionate entrepreneur, a respected leader, a global thinker - these are just some of the words used to describe Rune. He's always been very interested in technologies and the effective solving of problems. That is the reason why Rune is always pushing Fantastic Services in the direction of automation and integration of the newest technologies.

Anton Skarlatov has always been focused on providing the highest quality possible. Even when he started his first small cleaning business, his goal has always been to change the industry. Years later, Fantastic Services is among the main companies in a number of markets and is introducing a variety of innovations and changes in order to help its customers and provide nothing less than impeccable results.

About Fantastic Removals

At Fantastic Removals, we've always been devoted to offering fast and reliable removals services. That is why we are very proud to say that we can help with a variety of thinks related to a home or office move - delivery of boxes and packing, end of tenancy cleaning, waste removal, and many more. Our mission has always been to change the term "service" in order to meet all the needs of each and every customer. And that is why we are proud to call ourselves Fantastic!

As a franchise business, Fantastic Services works with many partners. We have teams with both Transit & Luton vans all around the United Kingdom. In order to ensure that each team provides nothing less than impeccable results, each franchise partner and all its teams pass through the Fantastic Academy. Furthermore, we encourage our clients to rate every team after the completion of the service. If the results of a partner are unsatisfying, he needs to go through additional training until the results are improved.

Since the main goal of Fantastic Services has always been to be the one-stop shop for all services, we're proud to say that we can assist you in any situation. Fantastic Removals can help with the standard removals services - relocation, packing, delivery of boxes, storage. However, because of the fact that we work with partners in fields like cleaning, inventory, waste removal - we can help you with much more!

Throughout the years, we've had the chance to perfect our removals process. Here are the main steps of it:

  1. Giving a free quote - whether it will be on the phone or via a video survey, we will give you a free quote for the job you need. Keep in mind though that for bigger moves, we might need to send a surveyor in order to be able to give an estimate;
  2. Arriving and loading - the team will arrive at the address and will start loading boxes and other items in the van. In order to be sure that no items will be damaged, all furnishing will be loaded with the help of moving blankets;
  3. Transportation to the new property or storage - regardless if you're moving just a few blocks away or in a different city, the team will deliver your belongings quickly and with minimum risks;
  4. Unloading - after the arrival of the van at your new location, the movers will unload your possessions wherever you desire. That's why it will be best if you label your boxes with the room they need to be unloaded in.