Storage Unit Calculator

Our storage calculator tool will help you determine how many storage containers you will need to securely store your items. It is easy to estimate costs or request a free quote.

Storage Service Rates

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fantastic club logo Prices starting from £21 per WEEK per container

The storage calculator will give you a rough estimate of how much storage space you will need for the belongings you have listed. As it will work out the number of storage units based on general item sizes, the exact number of containers you will need may vary slightly.

*The storage service is ongoing. The minimum booking period is one week. Charges apply every month. Clients can use our containerised storage for an undetermined amount of time. Depending on the items that need to be stored, you can book unlimited containers.

  • Affordable preferential rates and free storage for 4 weeks
  • Short-term or long-term storage solutions to meet your needs
  • Damp-proof wooden crates to guarantee the safety of your belongings
  • Warehouse equipped with 24/7 CCTV surveillance systems
  • Collection and re-delivery as part of the service
  • Boxes and packing materials are available upon request

What size storage unit do you need?

We offer convenient-sized storage units with the following dimensions: 2.30m x 2.10m x 1.80m / 7.6ft x 7ft x 6ft. With the help of animations of the most popular sizes of furniture items and boxes, you can visualize the amount of space your belongings might need. We understand how important it is to check that the storage unit size and the number of storage containers you are considering will be enough for the things you need to store. Our storage service is flexible as you can see. We work with several units in London.

How much storage space do I need?

Depending on the volume of belongings you will be storing, you can rent however many storage units are needed. We don’t have a limit on storage containers per person and offer enough storage space so all your items can fit.

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