Sports Equipment Storage in London

A convenient sports equipment storage service that is suitable for both commercial and domestic gym equipment.

  • Secure storage facility
  • Collection and delivery upon request
  • Ideal storage conditions
  • Convenient and easy to book
  • Store for as long as you need
  • Friendly and helpful staff

Prices starting from £21/WEEK

We handle over 12,000 home moves yearly and we'll be happy to you too.

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How to book your sports equipment storage

1. Enter your postcode

2. Configure your service

3. Expect a visit by the removals team

4. Your sports equipment is taken to storage

What to expect from our sporting equipment storage service

Modern and fully equipped vehicles
We will transport your sporting equipment to storage with the help of our reliable and well-maintained removals vans. They are perfect for the transportation of bulky items such as sporting equipment. The vans are kept clean and fully functional so that every removal service can be done in the most efficient way possible. It is so easy for the removals team to load things on their trusty vans and take them to another address, or in this case, to sports storage. In addition, every van comes equipped with removals gear such as special moving blankets, belts for fastening belongings, and carts.
Storage facilities with constant temperature
The storage facilities used by Fantastic Removals for sporting equipment storage are closed warehouses with ideal conditions. The temperature and humidity are constantly being monitored to ensure proper storage conditions for the possessions that are being stored there. This makes them perfect for storing sports equipment. We make sure that no mould or pests can reach your belongings during the storage period. You can be sure that your barbells, dumbbells, benches, and machines will be stored properly.
Fully insured services
You will be pleased to find out that our removals and storage services are covered by insurance. The removals specialists who will take your sports equipment to containerised storage have public liability insurance. This means that your belongings are covered during the transportation. At the same time, the storage facility where your sports equipment will be held is insured as well. The insurance covers flooding and fire. In other words, you are totally covered no matter what happens. Still, rest assured that the likelihood of incidents happening is very low so you have nothing to worry about.
Polite and friendly agents
The removals specialists are quite friendly and helpful. They have solid professional background and experience in moving various goods and belongings, including sports equipment. If you have any questions about the move, simply ask them and they will be happy to help you. At the same time, the staff at the storage facility are quite friendly and knowledgeable as well. They will make sure that your sporting equipment is placed perfectly and stored in ideal conditions. You can trust us fully when it comes to sports equipment storage in London.

Enhance your sport equipment storage service

Packing your sports equipment
If you would like to have your things packed properly before they are taken to the sports equipment storage units, then this is definitely something that we can help you with. The team will bring all necessary packing materials and carefully pack your sports equipment. Please keep in mind that these services are charged separately from the removals and storage. When the removals specialists are done packing your sports equipment, they will load your belongings on their trusty van and take them to the storage facility where they will remain for as long as you need.
Long distance moves
Moving from one address to another in the same city can be a hassle. But moving across the country is a far bigger challenge. Luckily for you, once again, this is something that Fantastic Removals will be happy to assist you with. Countless customers have used our services over the years when they needed a long-distance move because they know that they can trust us. During the move, the removals team will use navigation to make sure that they will take the most optimal route that is available to reach their destination. Your belongings will be delivered, just make sure that somebody will meet the team so they can unload everything.
International removals
Fantastic Removals can help you move your sports equipment (or anything else) internationally. We operate according to UK and EU transportation laws and regulations. This means that we can transport your sports equipment to any country in the UK, or the EU. No matter how long it takes, no matter the distance, we will be able to bring your belongings to any place that you want internationally. Simply arrange this service if you are moving abroad and leave all the heavy lifting and long transportation to the experienced removals specialists of Fantastic Removals. They will make sure that the international move goes smoothly and according to plan.
Furniture storage
In case you don’t have a place to store some of your furniture, for example, outdoor furniture during the winter months, then you can take advantage of our furniture storage service. Be it a sofa and seats, or a desk and a chair, we can easily take your furniture and take it to the secure storage facility where it will remain for as long as necessary. Just a reminder that the conditions at the storage facility are constantly being monitored and they are ideal for storing all types of furniture. So simply arrange the service and we will send a team that will pick up your furniture and transport it to the storage facility where it will remain for as long as you need.

Storage unit calculator

Our storage calculator tool will help you determine how many storage containers you will need to securely store your items. It is easy to estimate costs or request a free quote.

fantastic club logo Fantastic club member prices are starting from £21 per WEEK per container.

*The storage service is ongoing. The minimum booking period is one week. Charges apply every month. Clients can use our containerised storage for an undetermined amount of time. Depending on the items that need to be stored, you can book unlimited containers.

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Frequently asked questions about sports equipment storage

Is it necessary to arrange parking near my address?
Yes, please make sure that there will be an available parking spot near your place so the team can easily load your sports equipment on the van and take it to the storage facility
Does the price for the service include the boxes and packing?
No, packing materials and the packing service itself are separate from the sports equipment storage.
I am not sure how much storage I require. Can you help me?
Yes, based on the amount of sports equipment that you have, we will be able to determine exactly how much space you will need for storage.
How can I cancel the service that I have booked?
It is straightforward. Just log in to your Fantastic Account and go to the dashboard. Find the bookings section and make all necessary adjustments.
Can I travel in the removals van?
It is not permitted for us to transport customers. As a removals company, we do not provide travel services.
Can you guarantee the safety of my sports equipment during transportation and storage?
Yes. The removals team is quite experienced at transporting various goods. On the other hand, the storage facility is guarded and monitored 24/7. In addition, we have public liability insurance.

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