Insured and Professional Long-distance Moves to the UK and Europe

Our services come with great benefits:

  • Furniture assembly included in the service hourly rate
  • Complete public liability insurance
  • Long and short-term storage available upon request
  • Free property survey for homes with more than 3 bedrooms

Prices starting from £47/H

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  • Long-distance Moves Outside London

    Usually, we help households with domestic removals services within the M25 area. However, we are also available to relocate you to any address on the territory of the UK. Large-scale moves of such kind required better preparation. Thus, we recommend planning the move at least two weeks before the moving date. Contact us at least a week before the planned date for the relocation as we need to secure available removals service slots, especially for complex moving jobs such as piano removal.

  • International Moves Within Europe

    In about 2-3 days the movers are able to transport all your belongings from the UK to almost any European city. An international move takes about a week to complete from scratch, so start as early as possible with the arrangements. During the long-distance move outside the UK, you will be provided with full insurance on your belongings. Don’t hesitate to use our long-term storage services in case you need to temporarily keep some possessions safely locked inside wooden crates. There is 24/7 CCTV surveillance in the storage facility for maximum safety.

  • Save by Booking Multiple Services

    To get a long-distance move done properly, it’s more than just loading and transportation. Quality packing service is of the essence for the protection of the transported goods, so are the packing materials. Long or short-term storage is also needed most of the time. End of tenancy cleaning gets your deposit back when vacating a rented property. Booking multiple services with us comes with plenty of benefits such as preferential price rates.

  • Video Surveys Availability

    It’s often hard to provide customers with a price quote as determining the scale of the move is complex. Thus, we have the option to conduct a video survey with each client. We make a video call to complete a thorough virtual walk around your property. It helps us get all the needed information to provide you with a precise price quote. Learn more about the video survey procedure.

Fantastic Club membership

Get up to 15% discount on all domestic services we offer. Request a Fantastic Club membership and you will also benefit from special booking slots, available only to club members.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Long-distance Removals Service

  • Q: When is a moving job considered as long-distant?

    A: There is no minimum distance for us to consider a house move as a long-distance one. However, whenever a client moves outside the area of M25 or out of UK territory, we handle the service as a long-distant one.

  • Q: Is there a maximum distance for a long-distant move?

    A: We are limited to moves within Europe. In this aspect, the maximum distance we can send a vehicle to is the furthest European country within the EU.

  • Q: Do I need to call earlier for scheduling a long-distance move?

    A: Call us whenever you are clear about your plans on moving out. Last-minute calls create a series of troublesome events during the move and we want to avoid this. We might also have a full schedule if you make a call a day before the move. A week or 2 weeks in advance is enough time for us to give you the best quote and removals team that is available.

  • Q: Is it a long-distance move if I move within London and the UK but to a distant address?

    A: As long as a move is within the territory of M25 there will be no additional charges for the service. If you move within the UK but outside of London to a distant area, expect higher costs for the service as more resources will be needed to complete the job. The longer distance affects the price but with the Fantastic membership club, you can receive preferential rates for a year.

  • Q: Do you have different terms and conditions for long-distant moves?

    A: Our T&C policy remains the same. However, for large scale moves, we schedule a professional survey to be made. A surveyor will estimate all resources needed for the long-distance move.

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