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Keep your personal belongings safe with the help of Fantastic Removals

  • Done by experienced professionals
  • Fast and easy booking procedure
  • CCTV-monitored and guarded facilities
  • Short- and long-term furniture storage solutions
  • Customer service team at your disposal 24/7

Prices starting from £19/WEEK

Here is how to book your furniture storage in London in minutes

1. Contact us through our website or call us directly to schedule your furniture storage service.
2. We’ll send a team of removals professionals, ready with everything to relocate your furniture pieces.
3. The crew of moving specialists will load your furniture items in their van and transport them to the storage facility.
4. Once stored, your personal belongings will be safe and CCTV-monitored for as long as you need.

Store your favourite furniture pieces with the help of Fantastic Removals

From moving to storing - this is an all-in-one service

One of the many amazing benefits of our furniture storage is that it is an A-to-Z service - your appointed team of moving specialists will carefully load your furniture pieces in the right-sized vehicle, transport them to a secure facility, unload them, and arrange them neatly in a storage unit. Upon additional request, the professionals can also dismantle your pieces.

The perfect solution for domestic renovations

Are you planning on a big refurbishment project? Don’t have any idea where to store all of your furniture pieces during this time? Well, our furniture storage service is the solution to this problem. Depending on your individual needs, you can keep your belongings in a storage unit for both long and short periods of time.

The service comes with an insurance

Before we place your furniture in a storage unit, we’ll discuss in detail the value of the pieces you’ll be leaving with us, and we’ll provide you with full insurance. Fire hazards, cases of theft, and even destruction - your insurance will cover it all.

Secure and clean storage facility

You can rest assured that your furniture pieces are in safe hands - we, at Fantastic Removals, will keep your items safe in a secured and clean storage facility. So, when you decide to open your storage container, you’ll find your items in the condition you’ve left them in.

Our furniture storage in London in detail

Garden furniture storage

Don’t have the slightest idea where to store your beautiful outdoor furniture pieces this winter? Be it a sofa, a couple of garden chairs, or even a whole tent - the moving professionals who we work with can load, transport, unload, and store any type or size of the furniture piece you have in your garden.

Bedroom furniture storage

Bedroom furniture is bulky and heavy, however, it can become especially bulkier and heavier when one has to both move and store it. So, if you are in the middle of remodelling your home and need temporary storage during renovation, or just bought new pieces but want to keep the old ones - our furniture storage service is the way to go.

Kitchen furniture storage

Are you looking to sell your old kitchen set, but can’t find a place to store the whole thing in the meantime? Well, you’ve got your answer right here - the removals professionals will move everything to a safe and secure storage facility, and once you’ve found the right buyer, they’ll open the unit, and transport the kitchen setback.

Living room furniture storage

If you feel like making more room for that home office space you’ve been planning, but don’t know where to store your extra furniture, look no further than our services. We’ll look after your pieces for as much time as needed.

Other services you can combine with your furniture storage

Besides renting a storage unit for furniture pieces, there are a whole lot more service options available at Fantastic Removals. From easy-to-organise removals services, professional packing, and even packing materials delivery - we can help you with any moving-related task you may have. All you have to do is contact us, share your needs, and you can leave the rest to the experienced removals specialists.

Services to combine with furniture storage

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: Can I access my furniture while it is stored in the container?

    A: You don't have to visit our storage facility. Our on-site team is available to assist you with any instructions you may have. Subject to availability, we can arrange for an inspection room, so that you can view your stored items.
    Self-storage gives you the option to access your belongings whenever you need them. Additionally, we provide self-storage delivery to assist you in transferring your items to a designated facility.

  • Q: Will I need to make a deposit or pay for the furniture removal and storage in advance?

    A: Yes. Your card may be charged once you’ve completed the booking procedure or at any time before the furniture storage service takes place.

  • Q: Can I add extra items to my furniture storage?

    A: Of course you can. The only thing we have to note is that you need to book an additional furniture removal and storage service in order to use another storage container for your belongings. Also - we can unseal the container only prior to delivery.

  • Q: Is the storage for household furniture service covered by insurance?

    A: Yes - our service comes with insurance for fire hazards, cases of theft, and destruction, however, with limited coverage. If you wish, your furniture pieces can also be additionally insured. The only thing you need to do prior to the service is provide us with detailed information about the value of the items you wish to store with us, and we’ll take care of everything else.

  • Q: I need my furniture disassembled before storing them in a unit. Can you do that?

    A: Upon additional request, your appointed moving professionals will help dismantle your furniture, of course, if they allow it. Additional costs may apply for this extra task.

  • Q: I want to cancel the service. How can I do that?

    A: The only thing you need to do to cancel your furniture storage service is to book a re-delivery, and pay for the solution a minimum of 72 hours in advance. Once you’ve done that, a team of moving professionals will relocate the furniture pieces to the requested address.

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