IT relocation services by experienced professionals in London

We offer a variety of benefits to make the IT relocation process easier.

  • Free survey of the property and the IT goods
  • Custom service deals for corporate clients
  • Protection of all IT hardware during transportation
  • Commercial storage with 24/7 video surveillance

Prices starting from £62/H

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Comprehensive IT relocation services in London

Expert packing of IT equipment

During the IT relocation service, professional packers will wrap all fragile items. They will use high-quality packing materials that would best fit your particular move. The packing process is very important as it guarantees the safety of all objects during transportation. Upon arrival at the destination address, all IT equipment will be unloaded with care.

Complete IT relocation services

It’s not just loading and transportation. Moving IT hardware from one place to another requires much more effort than this. Some clients prefer to pack on their own, we just do packing boxes and materials delivery for them, others leave the packing service to us. On certain occasions, our customers ask for a storage facility where they can keep all IT goods. For them, we can offer short term storage or long-term storage service availability.

We move almost anything

Piano removals service is in the portfolio of our company. Office flatpack furniture is also no challenge to the movers. They will disassemble, load and transport all at the address where they will assemble the furniture at your request. When it comes to IT hardware, we will transport all types of electronics that do not contain sensitive information such as servers. We might also find it hard to move printers and photocopiers of very large sizes that require disassembly by a technician. In such a case, you better contact the manufacturer’s support team for assistance.

Conduct a video survey before the IT relocation

Receiving an adequate service price quote is always a challenge when working with commercial clients. This is why we recommend clients should take advantage of the video survey we offer. This is a comprehensive and quick video call between representatives of the business and our office relocation company. We arrange a call and when a video connection is established, you make a quick walk around the property. A Fantastic employee will take a look at all IT equipment and will determine a close approximate of the service costs.

Frequently asked questions about our IT relocation service

Q: Should I take any special care to the IT equipment in the office before the service?
A: As IT equipment is very fragile, especially during transportation, we advise customers to leave the packing job to us. Expert packers will take great care during the wrapping. With the packing done by us, you will also receive insurance during the transportation process. The customer has to rent the moving crates, required for transportation.
Q: How do you determine the scale and costs of the IT relocation job?
A: For commercial moves of this type, we always schedule a professional survey. An experienced surveyor will inspect the whole property and will obtain all information about the IT relocation process that we need.

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