Easy-to-book renovation storage services by Fantastic Removals

Store your items before your renovation project with our professional help!

  • Done by trustworthy removals specialists
  • CCTV-monitored and guarded facilities
  • Friendly customer support team ready to help
  • Convenient online booking procedure
  • Affordable and transparent service rates

Prices starting from £19/WEEK

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Here is how you can arrange your storage during renovation service in 4 steps

1. Give us a call or make a renovation storage service appointment through our website

2. We’ll send you a crew of fully-equipped removals professionals to complete your service.

3. The team will load the requested items in their vehicles, transport them to the storage facility, and unload them there.

4. Your items will be safely stored and constantly monitored for your piece of mind.

Here is why you should book our furniture storage during renovation service

Safe and fully-equipped vehicles
All of the vehicles that the professionals use to transport your personal items are modern, regularly serviced, and equipped with all of the needed items for the service - security belts, moving blankets, and others.
Highly secured storage facilities
Your items will be kept in storage facilities under 24/7 CCTV surveillance. During the span of the service, no one will have access to the units, so you can rest assured that your belongings will be completely safe.
The storage service is fully insured
Your items will be handled by fully insured professionals, and, additionally to that, you’ll get full insurance covering fire hazards, cases of theft, and even destruction of your belongings. All that you have to do is calculate the value of the pieces, and we’ll take care of the rest.
Both short- and long-term storage solutions

It doesn’t matter if your renovation project takes a couple of days or months - you can count on us for both short- and long-term storage solutions. Just share with us the number of items you need to be moved, when you want them moved and for how long, and we’ll take care of the rest.

More about our temporary storage during renovation service

The removals team arrives 

Professional movers will arrive at your property. They will be fully prepared on the day of the move and begin working immediately.

We’ll load and safely transport your items to our storage facility 

The vans are equipped with moving blankets and ropes to secure your items for transportation safely.

Your items will be placed in a secure storage container

Once the team arrives at the storage facility, they will unload your belongings and arrange them in a storage cell. Once done, the cell will be closed, and a security seal will be placed on it.

Additional services

If you need additional help to prepare your belongings for storage, the professional movers can assist you with delivering packing materials, packing your items and even furniture disassembly if needed.

Renovating your office space?

Not a problem! We can store your office belongings while your renovation is complete. If you're also moving your workspace, you can check out our office relocation service and get a quote for both removals and storage.

Professional placing belongings into a storage cell

Frequently asked questions

Q: I need to dismantle my furniture pieces before storing them. Can you help?
A: Dismantling furniture is a part of our removals service. Although dismantling might extend the removals service, we do not charge extra.
Q: Do you require a deposit or a payment in advance for the renovation storage service?
A: Your card may be charged for the full price of the storage once you’ve completed the booking procedure or before the renovation storage service begins.
Q: I need to put in storage a few extra items. How can I do that?
A: The only way to get extra space in our storage facility is by booking another moving and storage service, as we cannot open your current unit to add extra items inside.
Q: Are my belongings insured during the renovation storage service?
A: Yes, your possessions will be fully insured against cases of fire, theft, and even destruction. The only thing you need to do is help us calculate the value of your belongings by giving us more information about them prior to the renovation storage service. If you wish, you can also have your items additionally insured for your piece of mind.
Q: I want my items back. How do I cancel the storage service?
A: All you have to do is give us a call, and we’ll schedule you a re-delivery service. Please contact us to book a re-delivery and make the service payment a minimum of 72 hours in advance. Before you know, your items will be delivered to your doorstep.
Q: When can I schedule the service?
A: Our storage facilities do not operate on weekends and bank holidays. You can, however, schedule storage pick up and delivery on any other day of the week.
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