Removal van size - The actual dimensions of Luton and Transit vans

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Type of vans used at Fantastic Removals

  • Luton vans for moving

    A Luton van is another type of vehicle that is widely used when it comes to relocation and overall moving services. The name comes from its town of origin - Luton, Bedfordshire. This van has a very specific shape which includes an enclosed box form that is extended over the cab. The idea of this interesting style, in the beginning, was that the vehicle needed to fit a huge amount of straw hats that were a big part of the town’s industry in those times.

    There are other vehicles that might resemble the shape of a Luton van because of a wind deflector that they have on their cab, however, they are not considered part of the Luton family. The whole idea of the van is to be as functional as possible and to have every possible part of the body used for the needed purpose.

    Mercedes Sprinter - Luton van

    Just like with the Transit van, we always look for the best quality when we serve our clients, of not only labour but equipment, as well. The model that Fantastic Removals uses is a Long Wheelbase Mercedes Sprinter van. This is also considered a light commercial vehicle that can be used as a van, pickup truck, minibus and chassis cab. Even if the ownership of the van has changed throughout the years, the quality has not dropped one bit. The Luton van’s length and overall qualities make it the perfect vehicle for a big move and the preferred choice for many professionals

  • Transit vans for moving

    The term for Transit van refers to every model of a moving vehicle that resembles a Ford Transit van. So even if it’s not a Ford model, because of the dimensions and similar characteristics, a van would still be called a Transit one.

    In the year 1965, Ford started producing a new line of light vehicles, which the Ford Transit we just mentioned. Throughout the years, these vans have mostly been used as pickup trucks, passenger vans, minibuses, constantly evolving to meet the needs of people. And the results are quite clear - in those years, more than 8,000,000 Ford Transit vans have been sold to all kinds of people with various needs.

    Ford Transit - Transit van

    We have always strived to provide the best service to our clients which is why we have also gone with this trusted and proved model. The one that we use is the long-wheelbase Transit van, also known as the 350 LWB.

  • Medium and small vans for moving

    However, Transit and Luton vans are mainly used for big moves, so for all the smaller jobs, we prefer to use a more compact type of vans. In services like furniture delivery and assembly, there is no need for a huge van that can fit a whole family inside. The smaller models that we use for those jobs are just the right size to get the job done.

    Vauxhall combo - Medium van

    Originally produced in 1997, this van didn’t create the expected big hype as it was overshadowed by other van models with much better characteristics. However, the remake that was completed in 2001, and the one that we use, is a sturdy competitor that quickly rose up in the world of moving vehicles. Its main features are the folding passenger seat and the swinging bulkhead that increases its usual volume from 2.8㎥ (98ft³) to 3.2㎥ (113ft³).

    Citroen nemo - Small van

    This van model is very compact but, still, one with quite the cargo capacity. It’s easy to maneuver around tight streets and can surprisingly fit in small parking spots. This vehicle is perfect for moving a couple of boxes, flat pack furniture delivery and other small jobs.

Dimensions: Van load space specifications

Luton van size - external dimensions

Exterior dimensions

  • Total vehicle height: 2.61m / 8.58ft
  • Total vehicle length: 6.96m / 22.85m
  • Van Width: 2.17m / 7.13m

Luton van cargo size - external dimensions

Cargo dimensions

  • Cargo Length: 4.30m / 14.13ft
  • Length from front seats: 4.41m / 14.46ft
  • Cargo Width: 1.78m / 5.86ft
  • Cargo Width at rear wheel housings:1.35m / 4.42ft
  • Cargo height: = 2.01m / 6.59ft
  • Distance between the ground and the beginning of the cargo area: 0.62m / 2.03ft
  • Overall cargo volume: 14㎥
  • Area of floor: 6.2㎡ / 66 ft²

ford transit long wheelbase dimensions in meters

Exterior dimensions

  • Overall width with mirrors: 2.47m / 8.11ft; without mirrors: 2.11mm / 6.93ft.
  • Height: 2.78m
  • Height (rear door opening): 1.88m / 6.19ft
  • Height (side door opening): 1.60m / 5.25ft
  • Length overall: 5.98m / 19.6ft
  • Rear door opening: 1.56m / 5.13ft
  • Wheelbase length (base): 3.75m / 12.3ft

Ford Transit Cargo Dimensions

Cargo dimensions

  • Height of the load space from the floor to the roof): 2.02m / 6.64ft
  • Rear Loading height: 7.15m / 2.34ft
  • Cargo width (load space maximum): 1.78m / 5.85ft
  • Length load space maximum (at the floor): 3.53m / 11.59ft
  • Length load space maximum (at 1.2m height): 3.55m / 11.64ft
  • 12.4㎥ - maximum cargo in cubic meters, equals to 437.9ft³

Vauxhall Combi dimensions in meters

Exterior dimensions

  • Overall length - 4.32m / 14.17ft
  • Overall height - 1.80m / 5.90ft
  • Overall width - 1.68m / 5.52ft
  • Wheelbase - 2.71m / 8.90ft

Vauxhall combo cargo size - external dimensions

Cargo dimensions

  • Load Length - 1.78m / 5.86ft
  • Load Width Max - 1.34m /4.42ft
  • Load Height - 1.17 m / 3.85ft
  • Load Volume - 2.8㎥ / 98.88ft³

Citroen Nemo dimensions external size

Exterior dimensions

  • Length - 3.86m / 12.67ft
  • Width - 1.68m / 5.52ft
  • Height - 1.72m / 5.64ft

cargo dimensions Citroen Nemo

Cargo dimensions

  • Cargo width - 1.52m / 4.98ft
  • Cargo height - 1.2m / 3.93ft
  • Load Volume - 2.5㎥ / 88ft³

How much can you fit?

How much can you fit in a Luton van?

No wonder why this 3.5 tonne Luton van is the most widely used for any big removals project. It can fit a lot of stuff. Using the same measurements and technique as with the Transit van, we can now easily measure how big a Luton van is and its cargo capacity.

  • Around 378 medium boxes
  • 147 normal large moving boxes
  • Approximately 48 wardrobe boxes

Just for reference, here is also a list of household items that can fit together and give you a good example of the Luton van capacity in cubic metres:

  • A two-seater sofa
  • An armchair
  • A double bed
  • A single bed
  • Cot
  • Fridge/Freezer
  • Washing machine
  • Microwave
  • 1 dining table
  • 4 chairs
  • A lamp
  • Coffee table
  • Desk
  • Wardrobe
  • Around 5 suitcases
  • A 48inch TV
  • Iron board
  • Chest of drawers
  • Vacuum
  • 35 medium boxes

How much can you fit in a Transit van?

So, now we have the maximum cargo volume of the Transit van which is 12㎥. But to anyone who does not work with dimensions and measurements daily, it might be a little bit difficult to imagine how much is the van actually capable of taking in. For your convenience, we will now list a couple of regular moving items, their dimensions and how many of them you can fit in a Transit van.

  • A medium box is 355 x 355 x 355mm which is exactly 0.045㎥ of volume
  • Normal large moving boxes are 457 x 457 x 457mm which equals 0.095㎥
  • A wardrobe box / carton garment and clothing carriers - 508 x 457 x 1244 mm = 0.29㎥
  • A washing machine and a dryer, combined together, take up a space that equals to 1㎥
  • One two-seater sofa is also 1㎥

So now that we know the dimensions of the boxes and some household items and the overall cargo of the van, it’s not hard to measure how much can the vehicle fit to reach its maximum capacity.

  • Around 270 medium boxes
  • Around 130 large moving boxes
  • Around 42 big wardrobe boxes
  • 24 washing machines or dryers

Having in mind the volume of moving boxes:

  • A medium box is 355 x 355 x 355mm which is exactly 0.045㎥ of volume
  • Normal large moving boxes are 457 x 457 x 457mm which equals 0.095㎥
  • A wardrobe box / carton garment and clothing carriers - 508 x 457 x 1244 mm = 0.29㎥

Here is how much can our medium and small van can fit to reach its maximum capacity.

  • Medium van:
    - 80 medium boxes
    - 30 large boxes
    - 10 wardrobe boxes
  • Small van:
    - 50 medium boxes
    - 25 large boxes
    - 8 wardrobe boxes

For every vehicle driven in the UK, there is a weight restriction limit also known as GVW (gross vehicle weight). Non-regulated vehicle weight may result in the following problems:

  • Damage the suspension of a vehicle or wear it too fast, which may result in a spontaneous road accident.
  • Overloaded vehicles may damage the people inside the vehicle as well as passengers walking near the road.
  • Reduces the overall life of the vehicle. All motor engines are calculated for certain vehicle weight. When it's exceeded from overloading, an engine works under much higher loads and becomes unreliable (may break unexpectedly).
  • Vehicles with a GVW higher than the restricted is devastating to the roads in the UK. This further creates complications in the traffic situation.

Gross vehicle weight restrictions for Transit vans

Based on the size of the transit van, the weight restriction starts at 2.6T up to a maximum of 3.5T (tonnes).

The limitation is based on the vehicles suspension, size and other factors, so for maximum accuracy of the GVW for your exact vehicle, we suggest checking the UK version of your manual. You can also spot it on a plate sticker that is fitted inside the vehicle, usually on the metal frame next to the driver's seat.

Gross vehicle weight restrictions for Luton vans

The average GVW for a Luton van such as the Mercedes Sprinter model is about 3.5T.

Accurate information for the gross vehicle weight restriction for your Luton van may also be obtained online via the VIN number of your vehicle.

The van sizes for removals always depend on the job that is performed. In case you only need to move a bed, a wardrobe or just a couple of boxes, you don’t need a full-size vehicle like a Transit or a Luton to do so. A small van, like the Citroen Nemo or the Vauxhall Combo, will be more than enough to help you in this endeavour. However, If you are moving from one property, a house or a flat, to another, then you will need a Transit or a Luton van. If the move is even bigger, you might have to consider using more than one vehicle.

Choosing the right van when you are moving is just as important as packing your belongings correctly. With so many models and removal van sizes, it’s not easy to measure the job and choose a vehicle on your own. Worry not as you can always organize a video survey with one of your professionals.

This survey is performed at a time convenient for you every day of the week. You will only have to connect with any of our moving specialists over a mobile application and walk them around your property, showing the items that you need to relocate. After a thorough inspection, the expert will advise you on the suitable van size, hours to complete the job and give you an approximate quote as well. And all of this is for free!

So if you are planning a move, do not leave things to chance. Organize your video survey today and take advantage of our professional removals services!

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