Piano Removals Service from Expert Removals Company in London

Professional Piano Removals Service in London. Long-distance piano transportation. Your piano will be safely moved exactly the way you want.

  • Complete public liability insurance
  • Experienced piano movers
  • Storage service availability
  • Specialised piano removals equipment
  • Discounts and deals available

Prices starting from £47/H

Professional Piano Movers in London

  • We know how to move pianos effortlessly

    Fantastic Removals will send a team of expert piano movers who will come with all piano moving equipment and tools needed for the job at a previously arranged time and date for the job. You will have to secure a parking lot for the moving van where they will stop the moving vehicle.

    Decluttering your property will ease the piano removals process as the movers will be able to prepare the piano for transportation faster and will move it throughout the premises with greater efficiency when nothing is on their way.

    Removable parts of the musical instrument will be detached from the piano if necessary and will be put back when the piano move is completed at the destination address.

  • We deal with any type of pianos

    Most often we have customers with grand pianos which are heavier and require special approach from the movers to get the job done successfully. Often, the piano movers will come with a unique plan for the particular piano that is to be transported as each job comes with certain challenges.

    No matter the type, size and condition of the piano, the professional piano movers will find a way to secure the object by wrapping it in protective packing materials. The team always comes up with a creative way to move the piano to the moving vehicle where it is often being loaded with a dolly in the vehicle’s cargo department.

  • Temporary piano storage

    Occasionally, we receive requests for a piano transport service from an address to a storage facility where the instrument is safely stored for a particular period of time. We are able to provide this option as we have at your disposal a CCTV-protected storage facility in the London area.

    Your piano will be transported to this storage facility and put into a wooden crate which you can hire for as long as needed. When the storage period ends, a team of movers will load the piano in a van and will do the piano delivery on the exact address as the customer requests.

  • Our moving services are complete

    We leave nothing behind when completing a specialist piano removals job. There are a handful of complementary services we offer that can make any moving job less stressful. Our move out cleaning service gives a sense of completeness and satisfaction when done after the house move.

    Professional packing materials are also at the customers’ disposal and may be delivered to them whenever they need. The packing service, essential for any professional moving job, comes with complete insurance on your items and is our second most popular service after the removals itself.

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Piano Removals Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How is a piano being moved?

    A: There are different methods for moving a piano. As a moving company, we aim at meeting the customer’s requirements at the most convenient price. This means the moving team has to transport the piano as efficiently as possible. One of the ways is to move it by hand and load it into a moving van, this is easy when dealing with a baby grand piano located on low levels in the property, usually on the first floor. Standard grand pianos are much harder to move and require multiple men and tools such as a dolly at least.

  • Q: How much does it cost to move a piano?

    A: Currently, we cannot give a definite answer to this question as any piano job has a unique scale of complexity. Factors such as on what level is the room where the piano is located affect the price so does its size and whether it needs to be partly disassembled before the piano removal job. Using more men for the job will also affect the service price, additional work time needed will do so as well.

  • Q: Should I try to move the piano myself?

    A: We highly recommend that you never try to move a piano by yourself. It’s one of the biggest challenges for any moving team and it’s also the object that causes traumas most often when people try to relocate it. Even if you follow strict rules of lifting heavy objects properly, this doesn’t guarantee that you will not succumb to the heavy mass of the piano. Using a dolly when there is not enough manpower is one of the ways to transport a piano from one place to another while reducing the risk of injuries.

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