Affordable piano removals service from expert removals company in London

Professional piano removal service in London. Long-distance piano transportation and delivery. Your piano will be safely moved exactly the way you want.

  • Full public liability insurance
  • Skilled and experienced piano movers
  • Specialised piano removals equipment
  • Long or short term piano storage service availability
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Fully insured with public liability insurance of up to £1 million

A safe and insured moving process

Safe piano removal service is delivered in 4 easy steps

1. Request your piano removals quote online or over the phone

Our piano moving company is available to assist you all week round and even on bank holidays! We can help with moving upright pianos and grand pianos which are heavier and require a special approach from the movers.

2. Book the date that best suits you for your piano relocation

Fantastic Removals will send a helpful staff of expert piano movers who will arrive prepared with all piano moving equipment and tools needed for the job at the arranged time and date for the job.

3. On moving day

The team arrives at your address with the appropriately sized van, complete with a crucial tail lift for easy loading. Don't forget to book a parking spot as close to your property as possible. Consider setting a reminder on your calendar, as parking is especially important for piano moving.

4. Insured piano moving specialists safely load, transport and deliver your instrument

No matter the type, size and condition of the piano, the professional piano movers will find the best way to secure the object by wrapping it in protective packing materials and move it safely.

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Safe piano removal

Professional piano movers in London

For us at Fantastic Removals, your needs and safety are our main priority and come above all else. If you are looking for a prompt piano moving service in London that is also fully insured and carried out by seasoned professionals, we can offer one at an affordable cost.

We know how to move pianos effortlessly

The piano movers approach each job with a unique plan tailored to the specific piano, addressing any challenges that may arise. Once expertly packed the removals team will move the piano to the van, often using dolly for loading.

A safe and insured moving process

Our piano removal solutions are efficient, easy to schedule, and all performed by trained and vetted professionals who have public liability insurance.

We deal with any type of pianos

Whether it's a grand piano or an upright piano, we're equipped to handle it all!


Flexible piano storage solutions

We have an affordable CCTV-protected storage facility in the London area at your disposal. Just let us know if you would like to avail of our offers!

Our removals team will transport your piano to the storage facility and safely place it into a wooden crate which you can hire for as long as you need. When the storage period ends, a team of movers will load the piano in a van and delivery the piano to the exact address as the customer requests.

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  • Long-term storage
  • Short-term storage

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Helpful piano moving advice and tips

Declutter your house

By moving small items out of the way, you will ensure enough room for the movers to properly pack and secure your piano. Also the less clutter there is, the easier it will be for the professional removals experts to move the piano out of your property.

If you're moving out entirely leave the piano for last until all other furniture is out of the way.

Take measures beforehand

Before anything else, you should take the dimensions of the piano and measure all doorways, hallways and staircases through which the piano will need to be moved. You don't want any narrow staircases standing in the way of your otherwise well-planned piano removals.

Open all doors as wide as possible. Alternatively if needed you can temporarily detach the door. This will eliminate the chances of any unpleasant surprises on moving day.

Make your home safe
The removals experts will secure the piano with packing materials and blankets that will protect it during the move. However, if you are worried that on the way out there is a risk the piano may bump into any furniture or corners consider moving the furnishings around and covering any corners with blankets or foam pads to protect them. If needed cover any exposed hardwood floors as well.
Move slowly
Piano removal is a time-consuming process so you should consider that when organising your schedule for moving day. It will take the professionals quite some time to pack the musical instrument, safely manoeuvre it till they make it out of your property and load it into the moving van. However much time it takes your cherished piano is in safe hands and will go through the relocation process trouble-free!

Piano removals frequently asked questions

How is a piano being moved?

There are different methods for moving a piano. As a moving company, we aim at meeting the customer’s requirements at the most convenient price. This means the moving team has to transport the piano as efficiently as possible.

One of the ways is to move it by hand and load it into a moving van, which is made easier when the van is equipped with a tail lift, as ours are.

How much does it cost to move a piano?
Currently, we cannot give a definite answer to this question as any piano moving job has a unique scale of complexity. Factors such as on what level is the room where the piano is located affect the price so does its size and whether it needs to be partly disassembled before the piano removal job. Using more men for the job will also affect the service price, additional work time needed will do so as well.
Should I try to move the piano myself?

We highly recommend that you never try to move your piano by yourself.

It’s one of the biggest challenges for any moving team and it’s also the object that causes traumas most often when people try to relocate it. Even if you follow strict rules of lifting heavy objects properly, this doesn’t guarantee that you will not succumb to the heavy mass of the piano. Using a dolly when there is not enough manpower is one of the ways to transport a piano from one place to another while reducing the risk of injuries.

Will I need to tune my piano after the house move?
Your piano may look tough, but the inner mechanics are sensitive to just about anything. Generally speaking, the move itself will not affect it all that much. However, you need to consider you are moving the instrument in a different environment: the temperature will change, the humidity will be different, even the room size will not be the same. Leave the piano rest for a few weeks in its new place and only then proceed to have it tuned.


Complete service

Fantastic Removals is all about bringing you a complete solution to your problem! Not only are we good with moving pianos, but we can also help you with moving house.

Video Survey
We can do a video or a live survey of your property to determine the scope of your move and how much help you will need.
Packing Service
Keep in mind that we can help you with packing or simply provide you with packing materials so you can handle it all yourself if that is what you prefer.
Furniture Disassembly & Assembly
We can disassemble some of your furniture to move it more easily and assemble it at your new location

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