Student Storage in London - Complete Service

Suitable for University and College Students. That's what we offer:

  • Complete service including removals and packing
  • Safety precautions against virus transmission
  • 24/7 customer service availability
  • 24/7 CCTV surveillance in the storage facility
  • Options for discounts when combining multiple services

Prices starting from £15/WEEK

Our Students Storage Service in Detail

  • Combined Service

    We don’t just do the storage for you. A team of experienced movers will arrive at your address and will pack and load all items that you want to put into the storage facility. If some furniture requires disassembly, it will be done as a part of the removals process.

    When the movers drive your belongings to the storage facility they will remain there for as long as you need. After that, they will be re-delivered to your home by the same professionals who will take great care of your items’ integrity during the whole process.

  • Precautions Against Virus Transmission

    All movers are instructed to take the necessary strict precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak and afterwards. 

    Don’t be bothered of any health risks during the student storage service completion as we are very strict about your safety and no compromises will be made in this regard.

  • Video Survey Available

    To provide you with a price quote for the student storage service, we first need a very clear estimate of the volume of your belongings. Usually, we achieve this by sending movers at your address but now we have the option for conducting a video survey through an online application.

    Just walk around your property and show to a skilled sales representative what you need to be loaded and taken to the storage facility. We’ll then come out with an average price for the student storage service.

  • Short & Long-term Storage

    There is a minimum period of 1 week for the student storage service we offer, which is a short-term storage solution, suitable for students who’re changing their address and need temporary storage for a few days.

    The long term storage service comes with preferential rates if you become part of our Fantastic Club where you will also benefit from unique bookings slots and more.

Become part of the Fantastic Club

When you join our Fantastic Club, you will receive an annual discount of up to 15% on more than 25 domestic and commercial services. This, of course, includes all removals and packing services that we have on offer. You will also have access to preferential booking slots and can preserve your membership rights on the go by using our GoFantastic app.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What I cannot store inside the storage container?

    A: We are not allowed to store any cash, jewellery, gold or extremely valuable items such as fine art.

  • Q: How to prepare for the student storage service?

    A: Have all your items ready to be picked up when the movers come. To do so, make sure you’ve gone through your whole checklist and have secured easy access to the property as well as a parking lot.

  • Q: Do you do the packing?

    A: We will gladly take on the challenge of packing your belongings safely. The removals team will also come with the packing materials for the job. By choosing our packing service you will benefit from insurance on all items packed and transported by our pros. You can, of course, do the packing yourself if you want to!

  • Q: Can you deliver things back after the storage?

    A: Yes, of course. Just call us when you are ready to schedule the time and date for the re-delivery service. The movers will load and drive back all items from the storage facility.

Keep Student Stuff Safe in a Secured Storage in London Now!