Packing & unpacking service in London you can trust

For each item our movers have a specialised approach to ensure a safe arrival at your new home.

  • Fully-insured packing service
  • Performed by professional packers
  • Disassembling and protecting your furniture's for a safe move
  • Option for same-day packing and removals
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The image shows a Fantastic Removals specialist who is packing the belongings of a customer in a large box.

Excellent rating based on 30 000+ reviews from our customers

Handling over 12 000 home and office removals yearly

Fully insured with public liability insurance of up to £1 million

Using heavy duty 5 ply cardboard boxes

The most comprehensive approach

Packing options

All items packed by our movers are fully insured for your protection.

  • The image shows two removal specialists who are packing customer belongings in boxes before removal.
    Full packing

    The professional movers will carefully wrap and pack all your belongings, including fragile items, using top-quality packing materials and boxes. We pack various items such as:

    • Books
    • Clothing
    • Dishes
    • Dressers
    • Lamps
    • TV’s
    • and more...
  • The image shows a removals specialist who is packing white porcelain plates in boxes.
    Partial packing

    The professional movers will pack a selection of your belongings according to your specific needs and preferences. Some common items that people often prefer to have professionally packed include:

    • Full kitchen
    • Unique items
    • Library collections
    • Art collections
    • Valuables
  • The image shows a framed painting that is being packed before moving.
    Packing specific items

    Fantastic Removals' customisable packing solutions allows you to choose specific items you would like packed by experienced movers. Many people feel uncomfortable packing items such as:

    • Special artwork
    • Pianos
    • Antiques
    • Custom made furniture
  • The image shows removal specialist who is unloading new empty moving boxes.
    Packaging materials delivery

    We can supply all the packing materials needed for your move.

    We use only high-quality and eco-friendly cardboard boxes of different sizes and a wide range of other packaging materials. From bubble wrap and clear film wrap to moving wrapping paper and vinyl tape, we will deliver all packing materials to your address.

Get a free no-obligation quote for your packing service

The image shows two Fantastic Removals specialists who are packing the belongings from a kitchen to be moved.

Why choose our packing service

Packing and unpacking can be tiresome and stressful tasks. We can take away this hassle from you. If your move is stressful enough already, then you can delegate this chore to us and we'll gladly help.

  • Available 7 days a week including bank holidays
  • Service performed by skilled and insured packers
  • Using heavy duty 5 ply cardboard boxes to safely handle heavy objects
  • Each individual item has specific packing procedures put into place to provide maximum protection
  • Filling in the empty box spaces with paper and seal the boxes with vinyl tape to keep the items in a fixed position
  • All furniture is disassembled if necessary and double wrapped
  • Armchairs, mattresses, and delicate upholstery will be protected using stretch wrap and plastic covers
  • Using custom-made timber cases for securing fragile items

What customers near you say about our packing service

Let's get started

How to arrange your packing service

as part of your home removals

1. Get in touch with us

Get in touch over the phone or online and provide us with an accurate information about what needs to be moved. To estimate the price, we may ask you to do a free video survey with one of our sales operators.

2. Book your service

Once you're satisfied with the quote, book your packing service. Choose a time that suits your convenience. You can add packing materials delivery.

3. On the day of the service

A professional team of packers arrives at your address with the right packing materials (if requested). They will start wrapping every item with utmost care.

4. Smooth transportation

The multi-skilled movers and packers will load your stuff into the vans and transport them securely. Upon arrival, your belongings will be unloaded diligently and placed carefully in each room.

How long it takes for 2 movers to pack your home

Room Estimated packing time
Bedroom 30-60 min
Living room 45-90 min
Dining room 60-120 min
Bathroom 15-30 min
Closet 30-60 min
Garage 90-180 min
Loft 90-180 min

These are just estimated times, actual packing time may vary based on the type and amount of items being packed.

Packing service prices

Standard Fantastic Club
PRICE £30/h £28.50/h*
Excellent results by fully-trained and insured packers
£30 OFF the service + £270 in credits
Preferential rates for other services
Priority booking & case handling
*Price for members of the Fantastic Club.
The Fantastic Club is a yearly subscription of £89.

The minimum time per appointment is 2 hours (2 packers). After the second hour, we will charge on a half-hour basis.

All prices are hourly-based and include taxes.

Boxes and packing materials are available upon request.

Our prices take effect when the van arrives at the address. All vans are equipped with removal blankets, trolleys, and GPS systems.

T&C and Minimum Charges apply. When we calculate the price, we take into consideration the area's dimensions and the time of the appointment. All deals are valid for areas within M25. Prices are subject to availability. Congestion charges are excluded (when applicable).

Frequently asked questions about our pack and move service

Can I use my own packing materials, boxes and clothes for padding my stuff?
Well, this is up to you but you should consider doing the packing as well. We execute our packing services with packaging materials that are sourced from popular suppliers and come with a quality guarantee. Also, we cannot be held responsible for damaged items during transportation if old boxes and improvised materials have been used to pack your load.
How long before moving day would the packing service take place?
This will depend on the size of your property. We prefer to have enough time to react to unanticipated events during the preparation stage of your relocation. With small moves, however, the packing can be easily done on the same day as the loading. The same applies to overnight removals.
I’ve got my own van to move my belongings but I don’t have the time to pack. Can you help?
Sure. Feel free to order only the removals supplies and the packing service if this is what you need.
Can you assemble my furniture after unpacking?
Yes, this is included in your removals service.
Upon moving in, can you plug in all my appliances?
This can be done upon request but you'll have to sign a damage waiver form.
So, I need to book the packing service at the same time as ordering the removals boxes?
If you want us to pack your stuff, we will include the moving boxes delivery in your quote. You can always book a packing service later if you haven’t done so when scheduling your removals service or boxes delivery with us.
Can you pack and move valuable items?
Please note that items such as money, jewelry, watches, smartphones, passports, IDs, or similar valuables that can be easily carried in a backpack are excluded from our liability. We highly recommend that you personally handle the packing and moving of these items. This practice aligns with industry standards and assures you, our client, that your valuable possessions are securely managed during the packing phase, providing you with peace of mind.
Can you dispose of the packing materials after unpacking?
Yes, we can offer you a waste disposal as a separate service.
Are there any appliances that you are unable to connect?
Certainly, we can assist with hardwired ovens/hobs and gas-based appliances. If you inform us about these appliances, we can arrange for a certified technician to visit you and handle the connection process.

Reliable packing no matter what you move

The packing process

The packers at Fantastic Removals use the right materials to get the job done and never sacrifice the quality of the service or the safety of the packed content. With us, you will have your household items transported safely to the destination address as long as the movers have packed them. In case anything gets damaged and had been packed by the movers, the customer receives compensation for the damage.

Bonus tip: Sort items by rooms

Make the packing easier by making a stack of belongings according to the room they belong to. Avoid things like having cosmetics in the bedroom. This will only slow down the whole packing and moving process.

Moving overseas

We offer all-inclusive international removals services, which factor in all aspects of your relocation. We will deliver all the required removals boxes and packaging supplies, as well as pack and label your belongings prior to loading. We do this to avoid implications with customs and prevent the risk of your items getting damaged during the long-haul journey. You can also book short term storage or long term storage service if you want to keep some items close to your old address.

Bonus tip: Prepare items for a box of essentials

Pack what you need the most inside a handbag and take it with you during the move. Make sure not to forget vital things such as medical drugs or documents you can't travel without.

Commercial customers

Moving your office? Or you are shifting equipment to a newly opened branch? Then, let us be your top choice for office relocation company and we'll handle everything for you, while you focus on more important endeavours to grow your business. The last thing you want is to appoint members of staff to pack your goods or office furniture when they should be performing their job responsibilities. This can only increase your total packing services cost in the long run. Note that regular commercial clients enjoy our removals services at preferential moving van rates.

Bonus tip: De-cluttered

Clutter will only slow you down during the packing process. Make sure you have removed anything that won't fit into the new home. You can give, sell or throw away the rubbish you no longer need.

Art dealers

Packing and moving art from A to B requires experience, special attention to detail and expertise. The same applies to antique artefacts and fragile items.

Our packing services can accommodate various special-care removals needs, whether you require transporting an old wall clock, an expensive oil painting or a precious musical instrument. Your valuables will be packed and labelled professionally and will travel under full insurance.

Bonus tip: Make sure you have enough boxes and packing materials

Get a precise estimate on the number of moving boxes you will need. If you get less than the necessary there is a chance you will waste a day or two until you get more. Don't be afraid of ordering extra boxes, the house movers will collect what remains untapped.

Complete services

Bringing all the necessary packing materials, then wrapping and boxing your items is just one hassle out of the way. But we realise just how exhausting a move can be and there are many little tasks around it. That is why we aim to provide you with an end-to-end complete solution for your move, including removals and storage services in London.

On the other hand, if the place has sustained some wear and tear over your tenancy, we can arrange a visit from a fully equipped and skilled handyman who can amend the situation.

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