[Infographic] Where to Get Free Boxes for Moving

Moving house? You’re going to need boxes. Lots of them. Take all of your stuff from your house-sized box, put them in small boxes, load them onto a mobile box, often referred to as a van, and unload them into your new house-sized box. See what we did there?

infographic moving boxes

Online Places to Get Free Boxes for Moving

The first place you should wonder where to get free cardboard boxes and packing tips for moving is the infinite knowledge box – the Internet. There are a lot of online websites to search for what you need and it can be completely free. Here are just a few:

  • Use Gumtree Freebies. Give praise to modern age for thinking up the Internet and creating ease for anything imaginable. Gumtree is a place, where you can search for freebies and cardboard boxes are flowing like a waterfall. You can set the filters only for your area and you can also buy and sell things if that’s more up your alley.
  • Use Freegle. Freegle is a place you can give away basically anything you don’t need and you won’t be alone. All of the UK uses the website to give away items from forks and knives to old furniture. And, guess what. Cardboard boxes are on the menu as well.
  • Use Freecycle. Another place that offers a good variety, Freecycle is a great place to find what you’re looking for. We encourage our readers to have realistic expectations because let’s be honest, free things are often of low quality.

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Get Free Moving Boxes from Neighbours

Neighbours can help you a lot to get free boxes for moving, especially if they moved recently. You won’t pay anything and you might end up with good sturdy boxes if you’re lucky. Or not. Neighbours can be very mean.

But even if they’re not, it’s not a certain place to look for boxes. There is always the possibility that they don’t have any, or that they have cardboard boxes that won’t be of any use. Which will most probably be the case, especially if they have a dog or a cat.

Public Places to Get Free Moving Boxes

If you’re wondering where to find free cardboard boxes you’ll actually be able to use, you might have to do all the work yourself and just walk around the neighbourhood.

  • Look in Grocery stores. Most people today have moved enough to know a loaded van can look like a Tetris screen – it’s a funny thought. Truth is, every person, who works at a store has seen a van for supply every week, which is why they have tons of boxes!
  • Look in Liquor stores. In most stores, new liquor arrives in plastic caskets, especially beer. But, in many places people still use cardboard. And, it’s always really good sturdy one that would do a very good job for your move as well. Just make sure it did not get wet in the process.
  • Look in Bookstores. Bookstores receive books in cardboard boxes and the best thing is that these are all heavy duty boxes. They are also most probably to not be damaged as well since there’s nothing to make them wet. If you have a bookstore in the vicinity, don’t miss the chance to look for boxes.
  • Look in Office Supply Stores. Another good place for fining cardboard boxes for moving house. Again, it’s unlikely for most boxes to get damaged when delivering supplies.
  • Get from Bars, Restaurants, and Pharmacies. Food and drinks usually get delivered in cardboard boxes, but unfortunately, it may weaken the container. Medicine will arrive in cardboard boxes, so check them all.

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Bonus Idea: Get from McDonald’s!

Oh, don’t be surprised! McDonald’s has a whole Facebook group, dedicated especially to boxes you can use. You can get in touch with people in your area and discuss how you can get the boxes.

Or Just Pay Removals for Packing

You’re probably going to pay professional removals for transportation anyway, so why not just spare yourself the additional work and simply add the packing and box delivery services to your query as well.
Professional moving companies know how to keep things intact and deliver them safely. We provide moving insurance only when our professionals pack your belongings before the move.


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