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moving checklist for uk

Moving Checklist for UK

There are a lot of details and obligations with moving, especially if you are living in London, and it’s easy to miss something in all the hassle. That’s why the Fantastic Removals team made a complete moving checklist for UK.…

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Keep Your Belongings Safe

Keep Your Belongings Safe and Secure with Fantastic Storage Service

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Here is one common problem for middle class households – there are too many stuff you don’t know where to put or what to do with. Maybe your property is not big enough, …

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moving hacks home office

[Infographic] 12 Moving Hacks for Your Home Office

Different parts of your home require different techniques and methods to make your move as efficient as possible. A home office poses many obstacles when packing up your home. Keep your move organized and your sanity intact with this run …

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6 Hot Property Hacks for House Hunters

It's warmer outside and the long-postponed moving can start. Have you done your homework? Our friends at COBeAlarmed are here with fresh tips and tricks about moving in summer. Read More
street signs in england

The Beginner’s Guide to a Temporary Vacancy

There are many reasons why people move into a temporary housing. Some of them have to work from another destination, or they have to continue their education at college. Refer to Fantastic Removals’ temporary vacancy guide for beginners in order to find out how to prepare yourself for a short-term accommodation. Read More

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