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How to store a bike in a small flat

Owning a bike comes with a bunch of benefits. It can be your main method of transportation, a fun weekend activity or even your main exercise. As simple a bicycle can be,...

Leaving items in storage before travelling abroad

There are many reasons why you might need to be away from your home for an extended period of time – work, school, volunteering abroad. Or you might have just decided t...

Tyres stored for the season

If you own a vehicle then you know that ever so often there comes a time to change your tyres. Normally this happens due to weather reasons – switching from summer tyre...

Secure storage facility in London

Moving house can be a complicated and stressful experience, as well as a huge financial investment. It’s vital to think about things like storage and transportation...

how to pack your delicate books

"For booklovers it is essential that their most precious belongings don’t get damaged during the process of moving houses. Here is a helpful guide explaining the most p...

General Storage Tips

Storage Tips

The posts provided in this category will help you have a better understanding of the containerised storage and other storage solutions.

We will lead you through the whole process of how the storage service is organised. We understand the uncertainty that comes with leaving your belongings out of sight for a undetermined period of time and we wish to clear any bothersome thoughts and help you feel safe and gain your trust in the fantastic professionals.

You will find helpful advise on how to prepare you belongings for prolonged stays not only in professional storage but as well in attics, garages, etc. Also you can read helptul tips on imaginative ways to use your home's space.

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