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Moving to Norway seems to be a reasonable step for people from every corner of the Earth. When done properly and after careful research, you can benefit from a much bette...

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Whether it’s your love for the coos, the green highlands or the Scottish accent, there are many reasons to consider moving to Scotland. Regardless of the distance, home...

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Moving to Germany changes a person’s life. No matter if one leaves the UK to visit Germany as a tourist or relocates their entire home there. Eventually, this is the st...

General Moving Abroad Tips

Moving Abroad

Moving abroad requires solid preparation, especially if you plan taking a pet with you, as there are many rules to abide by in order to pass through customs freely. We've got great posts on these topics, including general information on how to navigate education and healthcare in another country, which will ensure your safe move abroad.

In addition. you can find extensive guides on the exact steps of moving abroad to almost any European country. So far we've posted thorough instructions on how to move to countries such as Germany, Norway, Scotland and more.

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Did you know?

Did you know that approximately 5.5 million Britains live abroad as of 2020?

About 28% of those 5.5 million have started a new life in the US or Canada.

1/3 of all Brits who move abroad chose Australia or New Zeland as their destination (new home).

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