How to Buy Your Removals Boxes and Packing Materials

  • Get in touch with our 24/7 customer care team online or by phone
  • Share your details and removals needs to receive a free quote
  • Get your moving boxes order delivered on a day of your convenience
  • Benefit from our packing services and relocation solutions

Need quality cardboard boxes for moving house? Look no further

1. Get in touch with our 24/7 customer care team online or by phone
2. Share your details and removals needs to receive a free quote
3. Get your moving boxes order delivered on a day of your convenience
4. Benefit from our packing services and relocation solutions

packing materialsContact us and get a free, no-obligation quote for your removals boxes delivery in London. We will need as much information as possible to provide you with a precise price quotation.

Details about the size and type of your property will give us a clear picture of the number of boxes you will need, as well as of the quantity of other packing material that you will find handy. Making a comprehensive inventory of your movable property before you purchase your order is always a good idea, too.

We will get your order ready and deliver it to your doorstep on a day of your choice. We recommend that your moving supplies are at your disposal at least two days before the big day.

This will give you plenty of time to get some extra packing materials for items you haven’t quite accounted for with your initial order. You can always purchase more removals packing materials just in case. We will collect the leftover supplies and you won’t be charged for what you have not used.

Our company specialises in packing services, too. The expert packers and movers are all with years on the job. They will pack every single glass, book or clothing with care and in the right way by applying strong attention to detail when securing your stuff with insulation materials and writing clearly the appropriate labels on each box. Moving blankets will also be delivered when heavy items need the support of a soft surface inside the moving vans for extra protection.

Note that when we do the packing, your belongings will be fully insured during the whole relocation process.

Most customers take advantage of the whole deal and book an all-in-one removals service with us. This way, they save time, money and effort, as well as have the extra peace of mind that their relocation will run smoothly from start to finish.

Both commercial moves and house moving services, as well as our international removals solutions, are fully guaranteed and insured when we handle everything - from the delivery of packing boxes and supplies, through the packing and loading process to the transportation and unloading of your items at the delivery location.

What Service Perks Do We Offer?

  • Free delivery

    If you decide to book our removals boxes supply as a separate service, you will be eligible for a free delivery when you order more than 15 boxes. Note that this minimum is not applicable if you take advantage of our packing and house or office moving services.

    For international relocations, we usually include the cardboard boxes for moving and packing materials in the removals service by default, together with the packing, loading transportation and unloading - all at a fixed price.

  • Special requests

    We can customise your service and address different specific requests, whether you wish your clothing packed in a cardboard hanging garment carrier or you prefer your glassware, fragile items and breakables to be carefully secured in a timber case rather than in a carton box.

    Or you may want our advice on how to draw up an inventory list of your belongings. Just specify your needs when you contact us and we will do our best to help with anything related to the delivery of moving home boxes and materials.

  • Various removals options

    When you combine more than one service with your moving cardboard boxes and packing materials delivery service, you can save yourself the hassle of packing and transporting your items and personal belongings yourself, for instance.

    In many cases, you will be eligible for some discounts, as well (ex: commercial customers often enjoy our preferential rates when they need to pack and deliver goods to their clients on a regular basis). The company's storage solutions also go hand in hand with our moving boxes delivery and packing assistance.

  • 24/7 customer care

    Not all removals businesses ensure that their customer service personnel is available for a helpful chat at all times. With us, you can count on timely and reliable assistance and speak to one of our customer care team members when you need to.

    Ask questions, amend your booking, reschedule your appointment or share your concerns about the packing boxes delivery service! The qualified and friendly representative will resolve your query expertly and with your satisfaction in mind.

  • Get a Fantastic Club membership

    Make your home or office relocation even more affordable with our Fantastic Club offer. In addition to booking all of our removals, cleaning, and other services at a 10% lower price, you will also get preferential booking slots. Both benefits last for a whole year, and you can also take advantage of them anywhere you go using our GoFantastic app.

moving boxes and packing materials

We will supply you with sturdy cardboard boxes for moving, which come in two sizes. The medium (355 x 355 x 355 mm) are ideal for packing books, smaller electronic devices, CDs, toys and other personal belongings. Our large moving boxes (457 x 457 x 457 mm) are suitable for dinnerware, mugs, pots, glassware and small kitchen appliances. Note that the moving out boxes will be delivered flat, so you will need to assemble them if you are doing the packing. Make sure that the overall weight of the moving out boxes does not exceed 20 kg.

The carton garment and clothing carriers (508 x 457 x 1244 mm) are furnished with rails that can hold approximately 30 clothes hangers. The wardrobe cartons are a far better option for packing neatly your apparel than crumbling it in bin bags, for example. After all, the last thing you want is to spend hours of ironing your creased gear on top of all the unpacking and settling-in that you need to do at your new home.

From quality wrapping paper, large-sized bubble-wrap rolls and clear stretch wrap to brown vinyl tape and labels, you will get everything that you need for packing securely items that could be easily chipped or scratched during the loading and transportation process. If you need advice on how to label correctly your packed and boxed belongings, just head to our blog article on labelling moving boxes.

Soft furnishings, such as settees, sofas, armchairs and bed pieces that cannot be dismantled and boxed, should be protected with a plastic cover against stains and physical damage. You may also consider using timber crates for items made from glass, crystal and other artefacts that may be susceptible to scratching, such as your lovely quartz wall clocks, for instance.

How to Choose the Right Amount of Packing Materials

Boxes are not the only option you can use as a container for your belongings. Prepare personal luggage as well. Handbags with essentials is what you would probably need the most during the move.

With Fantastic Removals you only pay for the boxes you will use. The unopened will be collected back by the movers and you will not have to pay for them. Feel free to order as many as you need and even more than this.

Make sure you order enough packing paper. Otherwise your items might not be properly protected. We suggest you don't save from bubblewrap as well, especially when packing fragile items made of glass.

Tell us if you need mattress covers and other special packing materials. Better get anything you need for the move all at once, time should not be wasted on trivial stuff like this.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: I’m not sure how many house moving boxes I need. Can you help?

    A: Yes. We can advise you on the correct quantity of packing materials you will need, based on the type and size of your property, as well as the type and volume of your movables. Don't worry if you order more than you need, we will collect the untapped boxes back, so it will not influence your removal costs.

  • Q: Can I collect the moving boxes myself?

    A: No. And there’s no need to when we can deliver them at your doorstep on a day and at a time, which fit in with your schedule. Collecting the packing materials for moving house on your own may turn out to be a much harder task than expected. The volume of the packing supplies exceeds the expectations of our customers quite often.

  • Q: What if something breaks despite using your packing supplies? How can I claim a refund?

    A: We source our quality removals boxes and packaging from reputable suppliers. So, if any of your belongings get damaged during transportation it will be most likely due to bad packing. Note that your load will be fully insured if you book our packing service.

  • Q: I’ve ordered your moving boxes delivery service. Can I book your packing service, as well, despite the short notice?

    A: Absolutely. But we can guarantee our packing service short-notice availability only if you’ve already scheduled a removals service with us. Strong removal boxes require expert packing and we have the right professionals at your disposal.

  • Q: Are the packing materials environmentally friendly?

    A: All the packing supplies, including the plastic wraps, can be recycled at the appropriate recycling centres. The carton boxes are also partly made from recycled materials.

  • Q: My removals plans have changed altogether. How do I cancel the moving boxes delivery service?

    A: Just inform us 48 hours in advance to avoid cancellation charges.

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