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1. Contact our office relocation company to request a free quote.
2. Schedule a free survey of your workspace to provide details for your office removals.
3. We calculate the price based on your information and send you a customized offer.
4. On your moving day, welcome the best London office movers.

Why choose our office relocation company

Free survey of office buildings

For accurate pricing, we do free surveys of your office space or building. This detailed assessment ensures a precise quote. If the offer meets your expectations, we proceed with the next steps for a seamless office relocation service.

Zero risk approach

We leave no room for uncertainty ensuring optimal resources for timely and budget-friendly office move completion. Our expertise minimizes stress, saves you time and allows your business to operate smoothly during the relocation process.

Flexible booking slots

To minimise disruption to your work, you can schedule your office move for late evening or the weekend. We provide a wide range of booking slots, so you can select the day and time for your office relocation that fits best to your schedule and your new premise's moving-in date.

Pro gear and vehicles

Moving offices is a tricky business, but no worries! We've got modern vans with cool lifts to handle heavy stuff efficiently. Whether it's a small or big office move, we've got you covered. Professional and smooth moves – that's our thing!

Business-class levels of office removals in London

Relocating a business is a daunting task, but as a leading office relocation company in London, we aim to be a reliable business partner and provide a service that meets our client's requirements with minimal downtime to their business.

Get a customised office relocation strategy

Strategic logistics are essential to ensuring a smooth corporate transition. The London office movers carefully arrange every stage, maximising paths and reducing delays to guarantee a seamless changeover without sacrificing your operational effectiveness. You can also ask our phone operatives about inventory management service.

Site assessment and pricing

As essential elements of our all-inclusive office relocation service, our dedication to transparency involves presenting cost breakdowns and implementing effective resource allocation. To find potential obstacles and opportunities related to the move, the experts perform a comprehensive site assessment usually done by video. It's easy to schedule and can be done several times if necessary to give you a 100% precise quote.

Office relocation service in detail

Using modern equipment, Transit and Luton vans, we can take care of office moves of all scales. Whether you plan to move your business abroad or a small office relocation, we will handle any task and guarantee a smooth and easy relocation process, so that you can renew your working process as quickly as possible.

Experienced and well-trained, the office movers will take care of your specialist items, packing your equipment and furniture and ensuring they are well-protected during transportation. With care and attention, the professionals will handle IT equipment, electronics, and documents, ensuring that everything arrives at your new location securely and on time.

Professional removalist loading boxes in a moving van during office relocation

What our office relocation company offers:

To save you time and effort, you can also trust the movers with your packing needs. They work quickly and know to pack every office item with safety in mind. They will also label the boxes for you for a stress-free unpacking. The office relocation specialists are trained to craft a smooth transition with minimum disruption to your business process. All business items are handled safely by the friendly moving crew.

Frequently asked questions about our office removals

  • Q: Do you transport IT waste to a recycling centre?

    A: We don’t have this option as an addition to the office removals service. However, if you have arranged the IT disposal with another company, we can still do the office removals job before that.

  • Q: Is your commercial insurance limited to any amount?

    A: Yes, the insurance you will be provided with is what we call a “goods in transit” insurance and is currently limited to £25,000. There is an option to provide more expensive insurance if you specify the need for this well in advance (upon booking the service).

  • Q: How much does it cost to relocate an office?

    A: The office relocation cost is given after a video survey. No two office removal jobs cost the same as every office is different in size and the equipment to be moved varies. You can request a free quote ASAP. We can help you relocate your business across the UK. You can count on getting the best price for your office moving needs. As an experienced office relocation company, we guarantee there are no hidden fees.

  • Q: How quickly can you help me with my office move?

    A: After we do a survey and prepare your offer, you can get the service done as soon as you need it. We will do anything we can to find the nearest available moving date for your office relocation. You need to arrange the parking situation in your old and new premises unless we're transporting your items to a business storage unit.

  • Q: Is there any office equipment that you cannot transport during the service?

    A: We load and transport anything that is not too heavy to be handled by the movers. We can move office furniture and workstations. Other items such as some big printers or photocopiers weighing more than 100kg might be too heavy to lift for the movers. We have rules about heavy lifting as we keep the movers' safety in mind. So too heavy machinery might not be in their power to move. You will have to contact the manufacturer and ask for an after-sales service technician who should be able to disassemble the equipment into smaller parts in order for it to be moved. While we move some IT infrastructure and items, we do not move server rooms.

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