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How to arrange our student removals services

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What to expect from our full-service student moves

Clean, spacious, fully equipped removal vehicles
As a student moving company, we use modern and well-maintained spacious vans for removals. The vehicles are kept clean and presentable. This way we can create a safe and orderly moving solution that is perfect for all types of personal belongings and furniture. We also keep specialised moving equipment in the vans to make loading and unloading much easier. We use moving blankets and belts to fasten your boxes during a move. This makes the move of your items a lot safer. You can be sure that your things will be transported safely and securely from point A to point B thanks to our top-notch moving vehicles.
An ideal service for partial moves
Student moving often involves just moving a few items. Lucky for you, this is exactly what we can help you with. It doesn't matter if you just need to move a few things like some boxes with belongings, a computer, and a single desk, or possibly a lot more. We would never turn you down. We will make sure that your move is done per the highest professional standards no matter what to ensure that you will be 100% satisfied with the service. In other words, we offer you the perfect solution for a timely partial move that takes care of all the hassle that a student move usually presents.
This service is fully insured
You will be pleased to find out that our student moving services are fully insured. This means that no matter what happens, your peace of mind is ensured. The student movers are quite diligent and experienced so there is very little chance of damage to your belongings during a move. But hey, all sorts of unpredictable things can happen during transportation, such as traffic accidents for example. That is why the movers have public liability insurance for millions of pounds. Any costs due to damage shall be covered in the unlikely event of accidents. Still, rest assured that the experienced movers will operate in the most optimal way to ensure there will be no such troubles.
Polite and friendly UK student movers
Our student movers UK service is carried out by diligent removal specialists who have undergone professional training and have solid service delivery experience. You can trust their expertise and diligence. You will be happy to find out that they are quite friendly and cheerful. They are helpful as well so if you need something during your move, simply ask them and they will see what they can do to make your student move easier, more convenient, and a lot more pleasant. Moving from one place to another doesn't feel like a hassle when you have such a positive and reliable team on your side.


Make the most out of your student removal

We can pack your belongings
With our student moving services in the UK, you can solve one more problem related to your student move. Packing your things can be a daunting and boring task that eats up the precious free time that otherwise you can use to study. We can deliver sturdy packing materials to your place and neatly pack your belongings in order to prepare them for your student accommodation move. This way you will be able to save yourself this time-wasting hassle of focusing on more important and pleasant activities. The experienced movers will make sure that your items are packed properly and ready for transportation.
We can move you long distance
Moving can seem quite scary when it comes to long-distance moves. However, there is nothing to worry about when you are dealing with a reliable service provider. We've got the means and know-how to move you anywhere from or to London, for example. It's as simple as one, two, three to arrange your long-distance move. Simply give us the addresses of point A and point B and leave the rest to the diligent movers. We will make sure that your belongings will be transported safely no matter the distance.
We can move you internationally
We're an experienced student removal company and can do international moves. We've got the necessary documentation and licensing to carry out international moves across the UK and Europe. So if you will be studying anywhere in Europe, then you have a reliable service that you can trust with the transportation of all your belongings to where you will be staying. An international student move might seem intimidating at first but you can rest assured that this is something that we can easily handle for you.
We can take your things to storage or self storage
There is a way for you to keep your items safe while you are away. We can help you with storing your things between semesters. And the best part is that our student moving and storage is quite easy to book. All you need to do is to enter your postcode and follow the steps to arrange your storage service. This way you will have the peace of mind that your belongings are at a secure facility and they will be waiting for you. You can easily get them back once you return from your break. You can arrange to keep your belongings in self storage for as long as you need.
We offer you complete services
With Fantastic Removals, you have access to an end-to-end removals service. This means that we can help you with every possible aspect of removal. We can even arrange a video survey to understand your moving needs better. From packing materials delivery to helping you pack your belongings, and transporting them safely, we are here for you no matter how big or small your move is. And, of course, the distance from point A to B is not a problem at all. You benefit from a secure removal service that takes away the hassles of moving so you can be focused on more important things, such as studying or resting.

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Frequently asked questions about our student moving services

Is your service insured?
Yes, all removals specialists are fully insured. They have public liability insurance. This means that in case something happens to your belongings during student moving and storage, you are totally covered.
Do I have to arrange to park?
Yes, please make sure that there will be an available parking spot at the pick-up address and the delivery address before any student moves that you have arranged.
Does the service cost cover the packing materials and the packing itself?
Packing materials delivery and Belongings packing are separate services. You can add those to your main removals student removals services.
Can I cancel or reschedule my service?
Yes, you can make changes to your student moving and storage booking. Simply log in to your Fantastic Account, go to the bookings section and make all the necessary adjustments.
How can I pay?
You can easily pay for your student moves with a card as you book online.
Can I travel with you in the van?
No, we are not a travel company. Please make sure to arrange your own transportation.

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