Book a courier to collect and deliver your furniture

Order furniture online and we'll deliver! We provide:

  • Fully-insured furniture courier service
  • An option for old furniture removal
  • We can deliver furniture from ANY furniture store in the UK
  • Furniture assembly available upon request
  • Efficient service by experienced professionals

Prices starting from £104

Affordable furniture pickup and delivery in 4 steps

1. Purchase the furniture online from the store of your choice
2. Be sure to pay the store and send us a copy of your invoice and order confirmation
3. Confirm with the store that Fantastic Removals will pick up your items
4. Your furniture will be collected and delivered to your door by our professional movers

How to arrange your furniture collection

  • furniture collection London

    The customer is responsible for creating a shopping list from the specific store and purchasing. Find the nearest store in your area, check the available quantities and fill your shopping cart.

  • We require the customer to personally purchase their furniture. Go online on the furniture store's website and check if you can purchase online. Or another option is to visit the nearest location of the furniture store and purchase the items onsite. 
  • When you finalise your purchase with your local furniture store, make sure to acquire the invoice and order confirmation in PDF format.
    Make a copy of these documents and send them to us. The skilled professionals will use these documents before loading the furniture into the moving van as proof that they're collecting the exact pieces of furniture you've purchased, avoiding any possible complications. Don't forget to advise the responsible persons in the store that a Fantastic Removals van will go and pick up your furniture.
  • The movers will head directly to your address when all the furniture you have purchased is loaded in the van. The team will arrive within 3 hours and unload your flat pack furniture at your doorstep. The deliveries are completed in the afternoon.

    Meanwhile, you can check how much furniture can fit in our Transit and Luton vans and decide for yourself how much to buy.

Why choose our furniture delivery service

It's fast and convenient

With us, you can arrange an efficient furniture courier service within 48 hours of purchasing your new items from ANY furniture store in London.
It's subject to availability, but you can easily request a quote and make a convenient booking. Plus, we're available on weekends and even on all Bank holidays.

Furniture assembly can be arranged

If you wish to do the flat pack assembly on your own, that's fine. However, if you want to put your items to use as soon as possible, then we can give you a hand with our assembly service. Our technicians can deal with any type of household or office furniture. They've got all tools and skills to perform a neat furniture assembly job.

24-hours support

We provide a 24-hour customer care support team that'll process any service related request you have. An experienced operator will handle the booking process and provide you with all the information you need, ensuring smooth and reliable service completion.

Dedicated technicians

Our technicians are vetted and fully insured. They're experienced and equipped to handle various furniture delivery tasks to save you time and effort. Buy the furniture you need and leave the rest to the Fantastic professionals.

Try the Fantastic Club membership

With the Fantastic Club, you enjoy preferential member rates for some of our most popular and demanded services. You also immediately receive £300 in credits in your Fantastic Account. You can apply 30 credits to 10 different services to get £30 OFF the price total of each one.

Just buy your furniture and leave the rest to us

Ikea furniture collection and delivery

Note: that's an example of how we work with IKEA. Browse IKEA's website to select the flat-pack furniture you fancy and add them to your cart. Before paying, double-check your order and make sure you've purchased all the IKEA items you need.

We'll need a copy of the invoice and the order confirmation from IKEA.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: Can I book a same-day furniture delivery?

    A: YES, you can! It is still subject to availability, but if your furniture store confirms the furniture is available in their warehouse, then we can go and pick it up for you!

  • Q: Do you deliver garden furniture from B&Q?

    A: Yes. You only need to check that your local B&Q store has the items in stock and then send the details to us.

  • Q: Do you deliver furniture different from IKEA?

    A: Yes! You can place an order for furniture from ANY furniture store in the UK, including HOME BASE, and we will deliver it! Just ensure that your local store has the goods in stock, send us the details and we’ll handle it from there.

  • Q: Do you deliver furniture office furniture?

    A: Yes, of course! We are an office relocation company as well and we can pick up, deliver and even assemble your new office furniture.

  • Q: Do you deliver furniture from a store which I can't find on your website?

    A: Yes! We can deliver and/or assemble new furniture even if you can't find your local furniture store listed. We have experience with pretty much all furniture brands.

  • Q: How long does it take to assemble IKEA furniture?

    A: The time needed to turn the IKEA or any other flat-pack into a ready-to-use desk, wardrobe, kitchen etc., depends on the type of furniture and on the complexity of the item.

  • Q: Is it possible for you to make the online shopping list for me if I tell you what I need?

    A: Furniture loading and transportation will be handled by us, but you are responsible for making your own shopping list from the furniture store and purchasing what you need.

  • Q: I’ve ordered a whole kitchen to be collected and delivered. Can you help with the installation?

    A: It is good to know the kitchen brand, and if any assembly manuals are available so we prepare the quote for you more accurately.

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