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Save yourself the lifting and carrying heavy furniture down the stairs, when moving apartments, with our professional assistance!

  • All-in-one services - moving boxes delivery & packing help, available
  • Skilled and fully insured movers, handling carefully your possessions
  • Professional furniture disassembly & reassembly, upon request
  • Flexible appointments, including, evenings, weekends and public holidays
  • Special rates and priority booking slots for Fantastic Club members


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Schedule your stress-free flat move online, 24/7, via our GoFantastic app or the booking form. Alternatively, you can call us, too.

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Pick a day and time that suits you best, and we’ll arrange and customise your flat removals service to meet your needs and budget.

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You will receive a free quote that factors in all your requirements and additional requests, like moving boxes delivery and packing assistance.

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Enjoy a well-coordinated flat move with any stress out of the equation

Loading safely your possessions
Moving apartments of any size will most likely involve lifting and carrying bulky furniture pieces and heavy boxes down the stairs. With the help of the Fantastic movers, you’ll save yourself the hard and time-consuming work of loading and securing your possessions in the vehicle. Your belongings will be safe during transportation, too, when a professional moving team is responsible for fastening them properly with ropes and wrapping them with special moving blankets in their Luton or Transit van.
Skilled and comprehensively insured movers
We rely on experienced, friendly and hard-working flat removals professionals, who hold Public Liability Insurance for your peace of mind. They’ll carefully handle all your personal belongings, fragile items, valuable furnishings and appliances, in order to load them and transport them without any risk of damage. The moving experts follow all the industry-standard procedures, in terms of what boxes and pieces go first in the vehicle, according to your labelling code scheme.
Additional flat removals assistance
What’s more, we can make your flat moving process even more convenient, and worth your money and time by dismantling any flatpack furniture you might have, delivering packing materials and moving boxes to your doorstep the day before, as well as by packing all of your possessions appropriately. The latter comes with added insurance against accidental damage during transportation.
Video survey, available

If your apartment in London is on the large side, for your convenience, we can organise a video survey in advance of your moving day, during which you can walk us through your property, room by room, and share with us all your relocation needs and special requests. This way, you’ll be able to receive a precise price quote for our flat moving assistance, as well as save time and effort by eliminating the need for our team to make any additional calculations and estimates on-site on the day of the service.

How we do it

Your moving flat checklist in more detail

What to do before moving day 

To save yourself from packing and moving unnecessary stuff that you can go without, it’s best to sort out your possessions and declutter your home, first. This will help you keep your relocation costs down, of course. Pack your belongings in sturdy boxes and label them appropriately. And if you need packing materials delivered in advance to you and/or require help with packing your possessions, we’ve got you covered. 

On the day of your flat removals appointment

The Fantastic flat removals team will arrive in the right-sized van on the arranged day and park next to your property. Please, organise a parking spot! The experts will carefully load your items and make sure that they are securely stacked in the van. Pieces of furniture will be disassembled if needed and those that cannot be dismantled will be wrapped in moving blankets for extra padding and safer relocation. Mattresses and soft loads, like bags with clothing, will be also arranged in a way that makes the transportation of your possessions easier and risk-free.

The transportation process

The professional drivers and movers, Fantastic Removals works with, will take the shortest route to your new address by using their GPS systems, saving you time and money. Note that you can benefit from extra insurance if you let us pack your stuff, as we cannot be held responsible for any damage during transportation, due to incorrectly packed items. Also, beware that we cannot transport any hazardous materials or pets. 

At your new address

Upon arrival at your new address, the movers will expect to park near the property, so please arrange this in advance. You or another person should be already there to guide the professionals as to where to unload each box or piece of furnishing. If you need additional help with unpacking, moving and reassembling furniture, don’t hesitate to specify this to us. We’ll gladly help you organise your belongings in your new home and save you the time and hassle of doing this yourself.

More relocation solutions, available

Apart from helping you pack and unpack your stuff, dismantling and assembling your furniture, and providing you with packing materials, Fantastic Removals also offers reliable short and long-term storage solutions. So, if you need to put your possessions or some of them into storage for a while, consider it done. In addition, we deliver stellar end of tenancy cleaning services for all our customers, who are moving apartments for rent. With our professional cleaning assistance, you can rest assured that your security deposit will be returned to you without any avoidable deductions.

The image shows two Fantastic Removals specialists who are packing the belongings from a kitchen to be moved.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can you move bulky, valuable items like a piano?
A: Absolutely. The Fantastic movers are experienced in lifting, carrying and loading heavy items that require careful handling and transportation. So, worry not but leave the hard work to the friendly and skilled team of qualified removals experts.
Q: Can I jump in the moving van to get to my new location?
A: Unfortunately, we cannot legally allow customers to travel in the removal van. So, please, make your own transportation arrangements and ensure that there will be someone at the delivery location to meet the movers when they arrive.
Q: Do you provide your flat removal services on a weekend?
A: Yes, we operate 7 days a week, including weekends and public holidays. Feel free to contact our 24/7 support team with any other queries and concerns that you might have, and they’ll be happy to assist you.
Q: Are my belongings fully insured during transit?
A: Your possessions will be fully insured, while on the move, as long as you order the delivery of boxes from us and book our packing service, as well. You see, customers may overpack or use inappropriate packing materials that put their stuff at risk of damage during transportation.
Q: Are the packing materials and moving boxes included in your service?
A: We can provide you with professional packing materials and various-sized moving boxes at an additional fee.
Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: We accept card payments. On some occasions, you may be able to pay via a bank transfer, subject to conditions.
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