Convenient domestic and business storage solutions. Moving and storage service in London from professionals.

Whether you're renovating, moving house or going abroad to study, we can take care of your storage needs.

  • Short and long-term storage solutions
  • CCTV-monitored and guarded storage facilities
  • Complete insurance of your belongings
  • Video surveys available upon request
  • Discounts when combined with other services

Prices starting from £17/WEEK

Storage space for rent before & after moving house

1. Request a quote and hire an expert movers team for any day of the week
2. On collection day, the pros will load your stuff into our Transit or Luton vans
3. Your possessions will be kept secure in our secure storage for when you need them again
4. Book re-delivery in advance to avoid delays in getting your stuff back

How to arrange your storage

  • storage containerContact us and schedule your moving and storage appointment in advance for a date and time convenient for you. We'll provide you with a quote, based on the volume of things you need to store and the length of the rental period you require. Note that the minimum period for a short-term storage is one week. Also, the removals and storage service should be scheduled no later than 48 hours in advance to minimise the risk of any delays. We strongly suggest you give us an approximate time and date for collection and re-delivery.

    To estimate the necessary storage space and give you a precise price quote, we need to be aware of the exact list of possessions you need to store. The easiest way to provide us with this information is via a video survey call with one of our sales experts. Contact one of our Fantastic specialists to find out how to schedule a video survey for smooth moving and storage process.

    If it turns out that we need more or fewer storage units than initially discussed, we will notify you within 2 working days as this will also affect the price of the storage service.

    Once all the details for your service are confirmed, we will collect your card details to complete the payment for your storage. If you prepay your booking you can get up to 7% additional discount on your storage service.

  • We'll send an experienced team of movers to your address in London who will be equipped with everything they need to load your boxes, equipment and furniture into the right-sized vehicle. We use Luton and Transit vans for the removals service. Some of the vehicles have tail-lifts to ensure seamless and safe loading procedures during the furniture removals and storage. Check out the size of our removal vans and how much furniture fits inside their cargo.

    Upon request, we can provide you with sturdy moving boxes of various sizes and quality packaging supplies, as well as help you pack prior to or on the same day as the collection and moving takes place.

  • At the storage facility, the Fantastic pros will unload your possessions and place them securely in storage units. Regardless of how long you're renting a storage unit for, they will use protective blankets (5 per container) to ensure that your load is safeguarded against damage during the removals and storage process.

    Note that the cost for the blankets is included in the final storage price. Each container will be then sealed with a security seal. The unique security seal number will be safely recorded along with your name and the crate’s number to facilitate the release of your stuff on the final day of your storage rental period. If you’re looking for long term furniture storage options, why not take advantage of our fantastic pre-payment discounts (please ask when enquiring).

  • A 72-hour minimum notice applies when it comes to booking a re-delivery service with our removals and storage company. For instance, you may need to amend your initial re-delivery booking, due to a change of circumstances (you wish to collect your belongings earlier than planned).

    Mind that we will not refund each day of unused rental time. You will have to pay for one week of storage service even if you cancel the service before a whole week has passed.

Our storage units rates in London

Service TypeFantastic ClubStandard Price
250 cubic feet container£17/week£20/week
Security Pack per container (one-off initial fee to protect items whilst stored using protective blankets)£15.30£18

*Service is ongoing. Min to book is 1 week. The charges apply on a weekly basis. Clients can rent a container for an undetermined amount of time, depending on their needs. Our customers are also able to use an unlimited number of storage units, depending on the items, that need to be stored.

Join the fantastic club logo Fantastic Club and get:

- 4 weeks free of charge
- £300 in credits
- Preferential member rates
- Domestic cleaning from £16/h
- Real-time arrival tracker
- Priority booking & case handling

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What is the Fantastic Club?

There is now a way to lower the already affordable price of your secure storage service – just sign up for our Fantastic Club. As a member, you will receive a year-long discount of up to 15% on all our removals, cleaning, and other services, as well as preferential booking slots. You can also use our GoFantastic app to enjoy your discounts even when you are not at home.

Make the most of your removals and storage service with the following perks

storage in London

Students in London could have a number of reasons for needing a secure storage facility where they can store their belongings. For example, it's cheaper for students to use a personal student storage facility while they are away for summer than it is keeping up with their rent payments in London. Folks who travel a lot or work abroad may prefer to get temporary storage in London for their stuff while they're out of the city. If you're in need of secure student storage units in London, contact us and share your details with one of our representatives. Each of them are professionally trained to guide you on how to book the service and will also provide you with a unique quote for your particular student storage needs in London.

Bonus tip: Notify people of your move

On moving day, the movers will be carrying some heavy boxes and furniture. They'll have to take it out of the house as easy as possible. Close all doors that may confuse them. Mark the corridors inside the house that will provide the most efficient route to the front yard where the van will be parked. Make things easier for the movers.

It can be a pain to work around bulky furniture during a refurbishment project at home or at your commercial facility. Also, moving pieces from one room to another and worrying about covering them well with protective sheets just creates more work and adds to the stress. Contacting a professional moving company and placing your furnishings into a personal furniture storage unit with them might be the best solution for you while your property is undergoing a major makeover.

Bonus tip: Sort your boxes and items properly

Make sure the boxes and items are properly sorted and labelled. The movers need to know which items to unload in your new property and which need to be placed into storage containers.

A short or long-term business storage service can save the day for many commercial property owners who are doing an office relocation. This will give the assurance that all the furniture and valuable equipment are secure and monitored during the removals and commercial storage process. We can also arrange complex jobs such as piano removals and have it done flawlessly.

If you are an online retailer who needs a secure space to keep bulks of merchandise for a longer period of time our business storage is just what you're looking for. Learn more about our commercial storage solutions by contacting us 24/7.

Whether you are selling up your home or you are moving out of a rented property, you may need to put your possessions into a safe storage warehouse if there’s a waiting period before moving into your new place. Or if you are planning to downsize, you could consider getting safe storage for furniture where your excess furnishings will be taken care of until you decide what to do with it.

Bonus tip: Clear out all furniture

Remove items and office consumables from drawers. Get rid of any other items stored inside dressers and wardrobes. The lighter your furniture is, the easier it will be for the movers to lift it. This will save time and eventually costs for you.

Our mission is to provide you with a service that takes away from the hassles associated with moving house. For example, we can take care of the entire packing and storage service in London, as well as the transportation of your belongings. And of course, when you can finally move your things, we will pick them up and deliver them at an affordable moving van cost.

But if you are moving out, you can take advantage of our end of tenancy cleaning, especially if you were renting the place and now you are looking to get your property deposit back. On the other hand, if the property requires some repairs and improvements, we can arrange a visit by a fully equipped handyman. Or if there is something you want to get rid of, then you can book a waste collection and disposal service.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: Can I add extra items to my storage?

    A: Yes, but you will have to book another moving and storage service with an additional storage container. The extra storage container means that the weekly payment charges on Monday will increase every subsequent week according to our T&C. We only unseal containers prior to delivery.

  • Q: Are my belongings insured during the storage period?

    A: Yes, when we store your items, they will be insured against fire, theft and destruction with limited coverage. Whatever is placed inside the storage container may be additionally insured if you feel a need to do so.
    Upon booking your storage service with us, you will have to provide more information about the estimated value of the items that will be removed from your property and we will take care of the entire packing and storage service.

  • Q: Do you require a deposit or a payment in advance?

    A: Currently, your card may be charged for the full price of the service immediately upon booking or at any time before the service begins.

  • Q: Can I put all my possessions into storage?

    A: Absolutely. However, you cannot rent a container to store food, hazardous materials or illegal goods.

  • Q: I can’t dismantle my furniture I want to store? Can you help?

    A: Yes. Upon request, the removals guys will bring all the necessary tools to disassemble your furniture. Additional costs may apply.

  • Q: Is there some sort of contract I need to sign prior to placing my stuff into storage?

    A: You will be provided with terms and conditions of the service, and it's your responsibility to read them.

  • Q: Can I access my stuff while in storage if I need to?

    A: Unfortunately, we do not offer this option at present, similar to many other packing and storage companies in London.

  • Q: How can I cancel the service?

    A: Please contact us to book a re-delivery and make payment a minimum of 72 hours in advance.

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