Secure long-term storage service in London

We are dedicated to providing you with storage solutions that work for the long haul.

  • Security sealed storage units protected by CCTV cameras
  • Prepayment discount up to 7%
  • Complete service - removals, storage, delivery
  • Insurance against theft, flooding and destruction

Prices starting from £17/WEEK

Long-term storage with plenty of benefits

  • Suitable for business and private clients

    The long-term storage service we offer is suitable for all types of customers, no matter the number of goods they have to get rid of temporarily. The 40 square feet container has the size of a garden shed. A full Transit van can load and transport items that will perfectly fit into 2 containers of the same size. Our Luton vans have the capacity to fit inside possessions that you can store in 3 containers. For quick reference, 3 containers have an area of 120 square feet which is equivalent to the volume of an average garage. 

  • Suitable for students

    For students moving out who have nowhere to store their items, we have the perfect solution. Our student storage service is very handy for customers who change their location regularly such as university and high school students. It is much more affordable to rent a storage than paying for a rented property where you can store your belongings. Take advantage of our long-term storage services for students and enjoy the summer holiday while your items are well-protected in the sealed storage containers.

  • Makes the removals process complete

    Most of our customers are London citizens who’re moving out. During many of the removals jobs, there are items that they can’t instantly use in the new property. For cases like this, we offer quick, affordable and secure long-term storage service so clients can store their belongings there. Once they declutter their new home, we deliver those items at their new address and unload it as requested.

  • We help families with their property renovation

    Renovating your house often takes more time than planned. To make space during the process, you need to temporarily get rid of all items in the home premises. We can load and transport those items to a secured storage facility for long-term storage. Upon your request, the long-term storage units will be unsealed and all its content will be delivered at your new address.

Fantastic Club membership

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Frequently asked questions about the long-term storage service

  • Q: When is long-term storage service most useful?

    A: When you’re moving to another country for a new job or for studying there and have no place to store your heavier items, we will prepare a long-term storage facility for them. We also provide removals from the address and re-delivery when the storage period is over.

  • Q: What are the benefits of booking a long-term storage?

    A: For regular clients who book long term storage services we highly recommend to take advantage of our Fantastic Club membership program.

  • Q: Are your terms and conditions any different for long-term storage?

    A: No, our T&C remains the same, no matter how long you will be using the storage facility for your belongings.

  • Q: Is the long-term storage service limited with a maximum period for the usage of the facilities?

    A: There is no limit. You can store your items with us for as long as you require. If your payments are made on time, the storage will remain at your disposal as usual.

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