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Slovenia is a beautiful country located in Central Europe and is preferred by many British expats. A first pick for many tourists, Slovenia has breathtaking nature that consists of a lot of fairytale-like valleys, forests, rivers, and amazing sights. When it comes to moving to this specific country, there are a lot of things to think about, besides the actual overseas removals. One of them is where to relocate to.

In this article, we are going to introduce to you the best places to live in Slovenia, so that you can make the best possible choice for a new home.

The best places to live in Slovenia for Brits

You are most likely asking yourself the question is Slovenia a good place to live in in the first place. We will help you answer it by giving you a list of the best places to live in and some information about each city, beginning with…


Ljubljana is the capital and the biggest city in Slovenia. It is a cultural hub and has a historical significance. The skilled Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik is the person who planned and designed the city. An interesting fact about Ljubljana is that it was the winner of the European Green Capital Award in 2016. The city has effectively functioning cycling systems, pedestrian areas, and vast green areas.

The capital is clean and charming – the talented architect who we mentioned earlier lined the beautiful streets with colourful buildings that will leave you speechless.

The Triple Bridge is the link between the old town and the modern area. The Ljubljana river divides the older from the newer part of the capital. Through the Triple Bridge, you can move from one part of the city to the other and vice versa. Cobblers’ Bridge and Dragon Bridge are two other impressive bridges from the half dozen that can be found in the capital.

The Ljubljana Castle offers a marvellous view of the entire city and can be seen from almost any spot. Visitors and residents of one of the best cities to live in Slovenia can participate in a wide range of both free and paid walking tours, which take place during the entire year. With that being said, it is surely worth taking the time to explore and see the unique graffiti-covered neighbourhoods.


Maribor is in eastern Slovenia, located close to the Austrian border and is not as popular as one would expect. This is the second biggest city, perfectly connected to the capital. Maribor is one of the good places to live in Slovenia and also one of the most underrated ones. The centre is small but cosy and has architecture dating back from the Habsburg Empire. There you will find plenty of nice cafes and bars, which are full of people until the late hours.

Glavni Trg is the name of the city’s main square, which is the largest in the Town Hall. Near it is the oldest part of Maribor with the oldest grapevine in the world. There you will find the Old Vine House, which has been working for over 400 years. Maribor is one of the top cities in Slovenia that you can choose to live in.


Kranj, more popularly known as the Slovenian Alps capital, is situated between Lake Bled and Ljubljana. This city is one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia. Kranj has a 6,000 years old history, splendid culture, and amazing culinary scene. Its strategic location gives its residents and visitors breathtaking views of 3 superb mountain ranges – Triglav, Stol, and Grintavec.

The second highest canyon in entire Europe is in Kranj, known as Kokra River Canyon. There are tunnels under the Old Town, which were built during World War II. They are another unique place you can explore alone or with a tour guide. Generally (and sadly), Kranj is an overlooked city in Slovenia that has a lot to offer.


The city of Trencin is in the western part of the country and is known as “Považi”. Trencin lies on the longest Slovak river Vah. If you are not convinced that Slovenia is a great place to live, you should visit “the pearl of Povazie ” and you will change your mind instantly. Trencin is overall very beautiful, has an amazing historical centre, and offers a peaceful life. Little known fact, the best of Slovak hockey clubs are included in the Trencin hockey team. The local soccer team is also in the top league.

Another reason why Trencin is one of the best places to live in Slovenia is that it is among the richest cities in the country. The unemployment rate is low, while the standard of living is high. In terms of weather, the location of Trencin, which is between mountain ranges, makes for a windy climate. The summers are not as warm as they are in other parts of Slovakia, whereas the winters are long.

Novo Mesto

Novo Mesto is in southern Slovenia on the Krka River. The city used to be an important military base during the 15th century on the Ottoman frontier. It has been devastated by fire twice and once by plague. Nowadays, Novo Mesto has turned into a significant regional centre.

The city has a high standard of living and is very modern. It has a well-developed hydroelectric power plant and a high-performing automobile industry. Its textile and chemical-pharmaceutical industries are also flourishing. These are all reasons why you shouldn’t cross Novo Mesto out as an option for relocation.


Velenje is another attractive place where expats can settle in and feel at home. It has a unique Coal Mining Museum, which is located underground, and a splendid beach by the lake. There you can watch the largest children’s festival in the country. Other of its beneficial natural resources include thermal springs in Velenje and green forests. The latter allure with spa resorts such as Topolšica. The cost of living in Velenje is similar to that in Novo Mesto, Kranj and Nova Gorica – moderate and not very high.

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Other honourable mentions

Piran and Koper are two good places to live in Slovenia, which offer a glimpse of the history of the country. They are cosy, inviting, and have decent living options.


Piran is a pretty little medieval town along the Mediterranean Sea. It is rich in history, museums, and culture. It used to be a tranquil fishing town and now has turned into a much preferred tourist destination. The local Tartini theatre is inspired by Giuseppe Tartini, a violinist and composer born in Piran. Those who value art will feel at home in this town. There are impressive coastal galleries, Venetian architecture, and luxurious wellness spas.

Piran is one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia and you can traverse it all for an hour or two. The city has enough cafes, small shops with souvenirs, and seafood eateries. Tourists and residents can have a good time there. Piran is an ideal spot for a quiet and pleasant life for British expats and immigrants from any area.


Koper is the biggest coastal Slovenia city. It is located in close proximity to the Italian border, which gives the town a very prominent Italian vibe. The city signs are in both Slovenian and Italian. The architecture reminds of that of the Venetian streets. An iconic spot in Korper is the brilliant architecture of the Old Town.

The Praetorian Palace and the Titov trg square are two centrally situated areas. Both are symbols of the history of Koper. They show the 15th-century Venetian architectural impact on the country. In Korper you will find many traditional restaurants. On the edge of the Old Town, you will find a beautiful beach, where you can bask in the sun with a drink in your hand.

Cities and areas to avoid in Slovenia

Slovenia is a great destination to visit and live in. It has a lot of beautiful towns, villages, and areas and is one of the safest countries in Europe in general. The level of mugging, scams and overall risks is low. The transport is safe and reliable.

There is a medium level of pickpocketing In Ljubljana, which is something normal for a bigger city – make sure to avoid bringing too much money with you when you visit highly crowded places.


Slovenia will enchant you with its superb architecture, nature, and history. If you have decided that you want to move and settle in this country, check the cities and towns described above to choose yours. Slovenia has unique places to visit and has managed to keep marks of its history throughout the years. The cities, towns, and villages in Slovenia are inviting, clean, and a dream to live in.

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