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Important questions you need to ask the professional movers

The Most Important Questions To Ask Your Moving Company

Image source: Shutterstock / ShotPrime Studio

Choosing the right moving company can be a challenge.

There are lots of options out there. And if you don’t know the right questions to ask, they can all start seeming much the same.

Here …

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Moving unusual items when moving house

The 8 Most Unusual Removal Requests We’ve Had

Image license: CC BY-SA 4.0 / Image Owner: Fantastic Removals

If you think being a professional mover ever gets boring, you’re quite far from the truth. It’s a lot more than just loading moving box after moving box and every …

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Evening cityscape of Berat, Albania

Moving From the UK to Albania

Image source: Shutterstock / Location: Berat, Albania

Capital City: TiranaPopulation: 2,874,041Official language: AlbanianCommonly spoken languages: Greek, Romani, Serbian, Aromanian (minorities)Currency: Albanian Lek (ALL)Exchange rate to pound: 1 ALL  is equal to 0.0070 GBP, and 1 GBP is equal to 142.41 …

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Belgrade cityscape from the Sava river in Serbia in a beautiful summer day

Moving From the UK to Serbia

Image source: Shutterstock / Location: Belgrade, Serbia

Capital City: BelgradePopulation: 6.945 millionOfficial language: SerbianCommonly spoken languages: Hungarian, Romanian, Slovak, Rusyn, Croatian, Bosnian, Romani, Albanian, Vlach, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Montenegrin and BunjevacCurrency: Serbian dinarExchange rate to pound: 1: 0.0073

A landlocked country …

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Aerial view of Kotor and the breathtaking Bay of Kotor at dawn

Moving From the UK to Montenegro

Image source: Shutterstock / Location: Kotor, Montenegro

Capital City: PodgoricaPopulation: 622,137Official language: MontenegrinCommonly spoken languages: Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian and AlbanianCurrency: EuroExchange rate to pound: 1: 0.86

Surrounded by Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Albania and with the Adriatic Sea …

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