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Your Essential Guide To Downsizing

Couple looking to move into a smaller home

The definition of downsizing is to reduce in size. So downsizing your home simply means moving to a smaller property. In order to make more room, this involves getting rid of personal property and prioritising what’s necessary to enjoy the benefits of smaller living. See your essential guide to downsizing here! Downsizing is for people:…

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Cost of Living in Denmark

Danish kroner stacked on the Danish flag.

If you’re considering moving to Denmark, you’re probably wondering if it’s expensive to live there and how much this costs. Well, to answer these questions, the standard of life in Denmark is high even for European immigrants. The expenses per month range between about 3,350€ for a family of four without the rent and 4,540€…

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How to Pack Shoes When Moving

Woman carefully packing her shoes to a move

We all know that moving, as exciting as it could be, certainly has a dark side – one of stress, a swirl of chaos and one too many errands to run, all at the same time. Packing your belongings may be stressful enough in general, but every devoted shoe lover knows that the thought of…

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How to Clean a House Before Moving Out | Move Out Cleaning Checklist

End of tenancy cleaning before moving out

Moving out can be a very exciting period in your life. You might be starting a new job in a different suburb or city or you might have purchased your first home. All of these life changes can be stimulating and wonderful, but before you move out, you need to consider something important. The move…

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Last Minute Moving: 10 Steps How to Move your House at Short Notice

Boxes and plants packed in a haste for a move

There are two types of people when it comes to moving to a new home. Some are excited that change is coming and can barely wait to start packing. The others are reluctant to move and would postpone even getting the boxes for the move until the very last minute. And let’s face it –…

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Moving House Etiquette

Happy family moving into a new house

The big day of moving has come. The furniture is wrapped, everything is packed,  boxes are labelled, end of tenancy clean booked, and you are ready to leave for your new home. As stressful as the whole operation may be, especially if you decide to do it on your own, you shouldn’t forget about your…

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Man and Van Service or Full Removals Service? What Are the Differences Between Them

family moving in

Did you know that you can find a simple solution to your dilemma about the difference between a man with a van and a Full removal service? With the help of our short list of only six simple questions you will be able to decide what kind of professional removals services you need and how we can assist you no matter what your choice is.

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Removals and Storage Expenses and What Are the Average Costs for 2021 in London

Secure storage facility in London

Furniture Storage Costs Furniture storage costs are influenced by many factors. Some of them are major and impact the price significantly. Others are minor and may apply only insignificant changes in the price.

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Moving from the UK to Slovenia

Capital City: Ljubljana Population: 2.081 million Official language: Slovene Commonly spoken languages: Czech, English, Russian, German, Hungarian, Italian Currency: Euro Exchange rate to pound: £1.00 = €1.10 Who wouldn’t want to live in a country which boasts one vineyard for every 75 inhabitants and where one in twenty of the population keeps bees! Add beautiful…

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Moving from the UK to Slovakia

Bratislava, Slovakia

Capital City: BratislavaPopulation: 5,459,642Official language: SlovakCommonly spoken languages: English, Romani, Czech, Ukrainian, German and PolishCurrency: EuroExchange rate to pound: 1 EUR = 0.90 GBP If you’re considering moving from the UK to Slovakia, you’ve made a sound decision. A landlocked country, situated in the heart of Europe, Slovakia offers visitors plenty to see and experience….

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Moving from the UK to Hungary

Parliament of Budapest, Hungary

Capital City: BudapestPopulation: 9.77 millionOfficial language: HungarianCommonly spoken languages: Hungarian, German, EnglishCurrency: Hungarian forintExchange rate to pound: 1 GBP to HUF = 401.06 Hungarian Forints If you have decided to move to Hungary for the many spas and thermal springs, you probably don’t need much more convincing. Famous for its classical music and as the…

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Moving to Malta from the UK

Villetta, Malta

Capital City: VallettaPopulation: 514,564Official language: Maltese and EnglishCommonly spoken languages: ItalianCurrency: EuroExchange rate to pound: €1.11 = £1 With its Mediterranean climate, Malta is a dream come true for many Brits who wish to escape the typical British weather. The country, located even further south than Italy, offers mild winters and hot, hot summers.  Being…

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Moving from the UK to the Basque country

San Sebastian, Basque Country

Capital City: Vitoria-GasteizPopulation: 2,188,017 people (2019)Official languages: Spanish and BasqueCommonly spoken languages: Basque, Spanish, FrenchCurrency: EuroExchange rate to pound: 0.91 The Basque country is one of Spain’s 17 autonomous regions and the one with the highest life standards in Spain. It is undoubtedly among the most attractive and preferable places expats choose to live. Surrounded…

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How to Move an Office

How to organise an office move

Relocating an office requires a much more careful planning process. Think logically and make a list of all the steps to follow. A successful office move requires the right amount of people, each of whom has to be responsible for an exact list of tasks. Manage these people and their progress at every stage of…

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Moving from the UK to Latvia

Riga, Latvia

Capital City: RigaPopulation: 1,886,198Official language: LatvianCommonly spoken languages: Russian, EnglishCurrency: EuroExchange rate to pound: 1 Euro = 0.91 GBP A small yet beautiful country, Latvia is also known as the “Pearl of the Baltic States” and “Europe’s Best Kept Secret”. It’s located on the east coast of the Baltic Sea and bordered by Estonia, Lithuania,…

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Moving from the UK to Greece

Acropolis and Parthenon in Athens, Greece

Capital City: AthensPopulation: 10.72 millionOfficial language: Greek,Commonly spoken languages: English, Albanian, Macedonian, Bulgarian,Currency: Euro (€)Exchange rate to pound: £1.00 GBP = €1.09 Hot summers, mild winters and some of the most fabulous ancient history, culture and architecture you’ll find anywhere in the world are all possible reasons for moving to Greece. Add to that the…

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Moving from the UK to Lithuania


Capital City: VilniusPopulation: 2,8 millionOfficial language: LithuanianCommonly spoken languages: Polish, RussianCurrency: Euro (€)Exchange rate to pound: €1 = £0.98 Thinking of leaving Britain for good and moving to Lithuania? We don’t blame you! A not so popular relocation destination among Brits, this green and beautiful EU country can be a great place for you to…

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General Rules About Lifting Heavy Objects in a Domestic Environment and at Work

lifting a heavy object alone

Is it Safe to Keep Your Knees Straight When Lifting? It’s certainly not safe to attempt reaching down to the heavy object with your knees straight before attempting to lift it. Once you push with your legs from a squatting position and weight if lifted from the ground completely, your legs will get in a…

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What Is Kinetic Lifting?

reducing a heavy load

Kinetic lifting means “manual handling”. This is the practice of lifting heavier weights on your own without the help of a machine or a tool. It is a method of handling weight properly without causing injury by using your whole body. Such methods are lifting, pulling, pushing, manoeuvring, steadying, carrying. Transporting It’s about avoiding injury,…

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Cost of Living in Scotland

british pound

Moving to Scotland may actually save you more money than you think. The cost of living in London is 44% more expensive compared to Edinburgh. In general, housing and transportation prices are cheaper in Scotland.  Home relocation can be an overwhelming task, especially when it comes to large families. Some of the things to take…

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Best Places to Live in Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland

There are no doubt many beautiful places in Scotland, where you can settle and start your new life. Scotland offers a lot to everyone. If you’re a fan of hiking and sightseeing, you can do so every day, all day. If you’re into mysteries and castles, there are even more of those scattered throughout the…

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Cost of Living in Norway

British pound

When it comes to your average moving costs, we can provide you with an approximate price on the international removals service. The rest of the expenses you should calculate based on your preferences and needs. As you may have guessed by now, living in Norway is also expensive. A major part of getting ahead in…

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Cost of Living in Germany

average salary Germany

Germany is known for its well-developed infrastructure, labour market, economy and established traditions. It’s one of the most preferred places for living among immigrants, especially for skilled workers. The cost of living in Germany is not low but is certainly not expensive if you’re employed at a full time there and have decent spending habits….

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Best Places to Live in Germany

This is very subjective and depends on many factors. Some of them are personal preferences, the standard of living, environment for professional and personal development etc. Websites and media outlets that make lists of best cities to in Germany take a closer look at the following factors: Living in Germany Pros and Cons Despite the…

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Moving from the UK to Estonia

Capital City: Tallinn Population: 1.329 million (2020) Official language: Estonian Commonly spoken languages: Estonian, Russian and English Currency: Euro (€) Exchange rate to pound: €1 = £0.98 Are you considering moving from the UK to the less-known Baltic country of Estonia? We don’t blame you! With over 2000 islands on its territory, Estonia offers a…

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Moving from the UK to Romania

An Arc in Bucharest, Romania

Capital City: Bucharest Population: 19.41 million Official language: Romanian Commonly spoken languages: Hungarian, Romani, Ukrainian, German, Russian, Turkish, Tatar, Serbian, Slovak, Bulgarian, and Croatian. Currency: Romanian leu Exchange rate to pound: 1 Romanian Leu equals 0.19 Pound sterling Romania can be a great country to live in, especially if you’re looking for a place where…

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Moving from the UK to Poland

Wawel Royal Castle in Poland

Capital City: WarsawPopulation: 38 millionOfficial language: PolishCommonly spoken languages: Over half of the population speak English and about a third speak GermanCurrency: Polish zlotyExchange rate to pound: 1 Polish złoty equals 0.19 Pound sterling; 1 Pound sterling equals 5.38 Polish złoty Are you looking to move to a country that offers a combination of outstanding…

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Moving from the UK to Turkey

The facinating Istanbul in Turkey

Capital City: Ankara Population: 83.15 million (as of 2019) Official language: Turkish Commonly spoken languages: Turkish (90%), Kurdish (6%), Arabic (1.2%) Currency: Turkish Lira (₺) Exchange rate to pound: 1£ = 9.6₺ If you are considering Turkey to be your new home or have already decided to move to this culturally rich country, then this…

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Moving from the UK to Portugal

National Pantheon in Lisbon, Portugal

Capital City: LisbonPopulation: 10,295,909 (as of 2019)Official language: PortugueseCommonly spoken languages: Portuguese, Mirandese, EnglishCurrency: Euro (€)Exchange rate to pound: €1 = £0.98 Have you been considering moving from the UK to Portugal? Did you know that close to 50,000 Brits are currently living in Portugal? Portugal is one of the oldest countries in Europe, and…

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Moving from the UK to Austria

Salzburg, Austria

Breathtaking sceneries, rich culture, and delicious cuisine sound fantastic to you? Well, if relocating from the UK is on the cards for you, look no further than Austria, a country that checks all the boxes. Add to that a booming economy, affordable living and a vibrant social life, and moving to Austria will suddenly look…

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Moving from the UK to the Netherlands

Amsterdam Canals

Long history, beautiful nature, lively cities, exceptional social tolerance, high-quality living conditions – all of this is representative of the Netherlands (also known as Holland). The country is extremely diverse and multicultural and reportedly over 24% of its citizens are of foreign or ethnic minority background. This relatively small country has a lot to offer…

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Moving from the UK to Finland

Helsinki, Finland

If Finland is calling you and you’re already planning your move or still considering it, then this post is for you. The beauty of this Nordic country is notorious. It offers diverse landscapes and contrasts. The difference between the country’s scenery in the summer and in the winter can be breathtaking for some people. Plus,…

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Moving from the UK to Cyprus

Ayia Napa in Cyprus from the sky

Located in the Mediterranean Sea, with miles and miles of the best beaches in Europe, unique cultural traditions, and a wealth of exciting places to visit, it’s no wonder Cyprus is a very popular destination among British expats. The third-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea has been divided into two parts: the sovereign state of…

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Moving from the UK to Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

Are you thinking about moving to Denmark from the UK? Whether you are wondering which part of the country would be best for you, looking for moving services or worrying whether you will have access to your favourite food, below, you can find that and other vital information for your stay or residency. More than…

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Moving from the UK to Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland, the land of fire and ice, has been ranked high on many worldwide surveys and lists. It is one of the most well-developed countries and is in the top three countries with the happiest people. Their economy has been on the rise for some time now, too. Respectively, employment rates and salaries have gone…

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Moving from the UK to Switzerland

Tucked in the heart of central Europe, neighbouring France, Germany, Italy and Liechtenstein, among others, you’ll find Switzerland – the home to over 200 scenic mountains (including the Alps) and the highest number of peaks in Europe. Also known for its thousands of picturesque lakes (more than 7000 to be exact), its chocolate, quality Swiss…

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Best Places to Live in Norway

Port of Trondheim in Norway

Last update: 27.10.2020: Norway – a country of gorgeous outdoors, mind-blowing fjords, free higher education, social inclusion and strong family traditions. If moving to Norway is on the cards for you or you’re wondering about what the country has to offer in terms of way of life, cost of living and picturesque towns, worth making…

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Moving from the UK to Belgium

An image of Dinant, Belgium

Located between Germany, France and the Netherlands, and often regarded as the capital of Europe, Belgium has become quite the popular moving destination amongst UK residents. It’s quite close and the weather is relatively the same, so the shock isn’t as big. Belgium has a high living standard, interesting culture, many possibilities for career development…

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Moving from the UK to Sweden

An image of Stockholm, Sweden

Ah, Sweden! Not surprisingly, often featured in rankings of the best countries to live in. Sweden is located in Scandinavia, between Norway and Finland. Its breathtaking scenery, combined with a high-quality lifestyle and an average life expectancy of 80 years, make Sweden a very popular choice. The country is ranked in the top 10 in…

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Moving from the UK to the Czech Republic

A colorful building in Plzeň, Czech Republic

Located in the heart of Europe and surrounded by Austria, Slovakia, Poland, and Germany is the Czech Republic. With a rich cultural and historical heritage, Prague’s cobblestone streets, and the thousands of castles scattered throughout, the country might have called out to you. However, beyond its culture and history, the Czech Republic is also home…

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Moving from the UK to Croatia

Cliffs in the village of Dubrovnik in Croatia

From laid-back cities, charming villages and ski slopes, to the beautiful forests and lakes, Croatia has it all. Not to mention the lucky people there enjoy 2,715 hours of sunshine a year. Tempting, right? Maybe you’re thinking about packing up your life in the UK and hopping on a plane, and you wouldn’t be alone….

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How To Improve Your Internet Connection During Lockdown

How to Improve Your Internet Connection During Lockdown

Image source: IgorVetushko / DepositPhotos Written for Lidia Hovhan With your family members stuck at home during this isolation period, it won’t be surprising that your wi-fi is groaning with the massive abuse it gets every single day. And having nothing to do but surf the net, browse social media apps, and watch podcasts,…

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Guide to Broadband and Moving Home

Guide to Broadband and Moving Home

Written for Lilli Hender Moving home can be stressful: you have an incredible number of things to sort out and it can be easy to forget to plan ahead when you have your head in moving boxes. That said, it is vital to sort out your utilities before moving home. Broadband can be forgotten…

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Do Seasons Have an Effect on the Moving Process?

Home removals by Fantastic Removals

Written for By River Jasmine Moving can be a difficult process no matter what the external variables are. In some cases though, different seasons and conditions can have a significant impact on the process. There is not necessarily a time to move that is definitively the “best.” But below, we’ll consider some of the…

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How to Move a Shed in the UK?

how to move a garden shed

Picture this: you have a green thumb and a big garden with a nice shed to keep all your tools neatly stored. One day you find a better home with an even bigger garden. The time to relocate is upon you and you want to take your trusty garden shed with you, but you’re not…

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[Quiz] Moving in Together: 8 Easy Steps for a Smooth Relocation

Are you thinking of taking the next big step with your partner, i.e. moving in together? Then, prepare yourself for a few very busy months ahead. It’s common knowledge that any house move is stressful, however, it can become even more taxing when a couple decides to start sharing a flat. In order to avoid…

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Cheapest Areas to Rent in London

rented property

Cheapest Areas to Rent in London in 2020 London is one of the most expensive cities in Europe which makes it really hard for its residents to acquire a property of their own. This stimulates the property rental business to a very high degree. Finding a suitable property according to the seeker’s needs is a…

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Moving to Norway From the UK

Moving to Norway and what to expect

Last Update: 27.10.2020 Capital City: OsloPopulation: 5,432,580Official language: Norwegian, SámiCommonly spoken languages: Romani, RomanesCurrency: Norwegian krone (NOK)Exchange rate to pound: 1 NOK = 0.0863077 GBP Moving to Norway seems to be a reasonable step for people from every corner of the Earth. When done properly and after careful research, you can benefit from a much…

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Moving from England to Scotland

Landscape view of Old Man of Storr rock formation in Scotland, United Kingdom

Last Update: 28.10.2020 Capital City: EdinburghPopulation: 5,463,300Official language: EnglishCommonly spoken languages: English, Scots, Scottish GaelicCurrency: Pound sterling (GBP; £) Whether it’s your love for the coos, the green highlands or the Scottish accent, there are many reasons to consider moving to Scotland. Despite the many similarities with life in England, there are some very striking…

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Best Practices for Creating a Good Office Move Communication Strategy with Your Employees

Employees preparing for an office move

When the time for an office relocation comes, creating a good communication with your employees is essential in order to ease the whole moving out process. Keep them informed and be supportive along the way. Find out more valuable tips on how to create a nice office relocation strategy involving your employees as well.

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Moving a Fridge Freezer – Installation, Maintenance, Cleaning – Top Brands Included

Team moving a fridge down a flight of stairs

Moving a fridge freezer is a complex and tedious task. Doesn’t matter if you want to install it into a different room or transport it to a new address – in both cases, it’s a risky move that can lead to a lot of hassle.

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Best Places to Live in London For Your Family and Career

best places to live in London cover photo

If you are looking to move to London or are already living there, but want to change neighbourhoods, you’ve come to the right place. London has many faces and it provides a lot of different opportunities, depending on your individual needs. Are you a young artist looking for a livelier and more inspiring environment? Or…

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Everything You Need to Know About Council Taxes When Moving House in the UK

Council tax form when moving house

Council tax is mandatory for the majority of the population living in the UK. There are exceptions when certain individuals are not obliged to pay but usually, this is only temporary. Very few are free from council tax obligation for life. Not paying your council tax leads to serious consequences which most certainly you would…

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How Long Does It Take to Move House? Calculate the Average Time to Move House

House relocation member

When customers first get in touch with us, most of them are looking to receive an instant answer to the question “how long does it take to move house?”. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide them with an estimated duration of the house move service without obtaining all the necessary information first. There are many…

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How Much Does it Cost to Move House? Average Removal Costs in the UK in 2021

a mover with a Luton van for removals

Image license:CC BY-SA 4.0 / Image Owner: Fantastic Removals There is no way to calculate the exact costs of moving house for plenty of reasons. Moving home is a complex process that involves a wide range of things to spend money on. Your overall moving expenses certainly increase with the scale of the move. The…

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All About Packing Dishes and Glasses for Moving in One Guide

Packing dishes and glasses for moving house

Packing dishes and glasses before moving house is half of the packing process and many people prefer to do it themselves. If you do it properly, you will not worry about broken expensive plates and glasses during loading or transportation. In this thorough guide, we explain how to take care of the different types of…

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Moving from the UK to Germany

The flag of Germany

Last update: 27.10.2020 Capital city: Berlin Population: 83,166,711 Official language: German Commonly spoken languages: Danish, Low German, Low Rhenish, Sorbian, Romany, North Frisian and Saterland Frisian Currency: Euro Exchange rate to pound: 1 EUR = 0.898773 GBP It’s not hard to figure out why some UK citizens prefer to leave the island and move to…

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Moving Checklist for the UK

moving checklist for uk

There are a lot of details and obligations with moving, especially if you are living in London, and it’s easy to miss something in all the hassle. That’s why the Fantastic Removals team made a complete moving checklist for the UK.

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How to Move House with a Pet Rabbit

how to move house with a pet rabbit

Rabbits are one of nature’s cutest bundles of fluffy joy, watching them frolic and twitch their little noses can bring a smile to the faces of even the grumpiest of us. Their overwhelming cuteness, fluffiness, and inquisitive nature have captured the hearts of many, this coupled with the fact that they are trainable make them…

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How to Label Moving Boxes Like a Pro

We all know that moving houses can be rather stressful. And this is tenfold more valid if you are moving for the first time. The scale of organisation, as well as the psychological adjustment and emotional strain involved in the process, are the main culprits behind the tremendous pressure we can experience during this transitional…

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[Quiz] Which London Borough is Right for You?

moving to london

Moving to London is a huge step. But, just making the decision is not the end of it – take the quiz to find your new neighbourhood!

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How to Move to a Beach Town

how to move to a beach town

Choosing where to make your new home can be a tough decision. The idea of living in a beach town might seem great at first, but there are things to consider. Here is your beach town area guide.

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How to Move Out from a Big City to a Small Town

how to move from a big city to a small town

Moving out from a busy and crowder town into a calm and quiet one can be very challenging. Many people usually prefer the reverse migration, however the numbers of people moving from the big town into a smaller one is increasing. If you are one of them, this post will prove to be very helpful for you.

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How to Move House in the Rain

leaf under the rain

Feeling grumpy you have to move and its raining outside? The unpredictability of English weather dictates our careful preparation during the pre-move phase – so here’s what we can advise you on how to move house during rain.

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How to Deal with Stress from Moving to Another Country

moving to london

Moving to another country causes a lot of stress. It affects negatively your health, personal life and professional career. At Fantastic Removals, we decided to write a detailed guide that will help you deal with the stress and quickly return to the standard pace of life you had before, even though you’ve just moved to another country.

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How to Move Your Pet to Australia

Moving to Australia with a pet

“Moving your dog or cat to Australia could be a challenging activity and you will need to invest quite a bit of time and expect to pay thousands, because of the strict laws regarding pet transportation into the country. This step-by-step guide will help you navigate through the long and complicated process of fulfilling all the necessary requirements of bring your pet with you.”

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38 Packing Hacks for a Stress Free Moving

Woman preparing to move house surounded by moving boxes

We all tried packing very neatly and organized, but let’s face it- this is a hard job! Not impossible, of course! We suggest 38 packing hacks that will help you not to lose and easily find your jewellery, clothes and essentials after the moving!

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[Quiz] Are You Ready to Move In Together?

couple moving in together

Are you wondering whether you and your half are ready to take the next step and move in together? Take our quiz and find out!

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What to Do When Moving House Over Christmas

moving during christmas

Prepare yourself, because moving house over Christmas holidays can be a bit of a struggle. But, no worries, The Fantastic Removals team is here with some simple steps to follow.

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How to Pack Fragile Items for Moving

how to pack fragile items for moving

“Has the time come to strategically plan every small detail of your moving to a new home? Just think about of all the stress you’ll expirience while packing and organising all these fragile items and thinking if they will survive the move. Don’t worry about it, here in Fantastic Removals we are offering the best helping tips and you can easily rely on our professional packers.”

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How to Lift Heavy Objects by Yourself

Man with back pain after lifting heavy object

Don’t put your health in danger by lifting all these heavy objects from the old to the new house. Heavy lifting isn’t a game and it’s not harmless because you can sustain some dangerous and unwanted injuries. We from Fantastic Removals would like to give you some really easy and helpful advicе how to lift the heavy stuff when moving houses.

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How to Move House Plants

Plants packed in boxes ready for a house move

Moving plants around the house is not that easy a task, let alone having to move them to a completely different habitat. Here are the top things to consider when moving such fragile items as house plants.

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How to Move to Another Planet

how to move to another planet

“With the continuous technological advancement the human race is as close as ever to discovering another planet with climate and habitable conditions like these on Earth. Knowing that our planet has an expiration date, it would be a fantastic idea to think about our options of moving to another planet to live on.”

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Moving House With a Toddler

Toddlers can adapt easily to changes. Anyway, if you are moving away with them, you should take into consideration some things that can prepare them to the new house.

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How to Move a Piano And Why You Shouldn’t Do it Yourself

Moving a piano

Pianos are fantastic instruments to listen to but not to move on your own. When moving a house, you would want your piano to move with you. However, it is not that easy. This guide will explain you everything about moving a piano.

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How to Unpack After Moving House

how to unpack after moving house

Unpacking after moving could be a painful experience but it doesn’t have to be one. Armed with a good plan and following some simple steps you’ll know how to arrange cupboards, closets and cabinets right after the furniture delivery is finished. With some helpful moving house unpacking tips your new home will be clean and tidy in no time without any effort.

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How to Declutter Before Moving House

Declutter and organise your home

A new house move presents you with the perfect opportunity to declutter your home and your life. Having less belongings will make your move easier, have less things to worry about and clean. Here are all the steps to a complete decluttering of your home.

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How to Move House During Pregnancy

Family preparing to move house while expecting a baby

Let’s keep the stress away! Pregnancy and moving house is not a suitable combination… Don’t worry, we are here to help you handle the situation. Take our tips and hacks and go through it with a smile!

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How to Move Out of Parents House

how to move out of parents house

Finally! I am moving out from my parents house! This sounds amazing, but leads to responsibilities…yes, we know. There are plenty of things to keep in mind before you take this BIG step in your life! Welcome to the adulthood!

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How to Move House During Winter

how to move house during winter

The winter season comes with some unexpected advantages and one of them is moving house. A checklist with only six questions will get you well prepared to turn the challenging job of moving into a pleasant experience. And most of all, it might save you some money along the way with our house moving services.

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How to Pack Books When on a Travel For Shipping and For Storage

how to pack your delicate books

“For booklovers it is essential that their most precious belongings don’t get damaged during the process of moving houses. Here is a helpful guide explaining the most practical and efficient way of packing and arranging your books in boxes in preparation for your moving day.”

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7 Helpful iPhone Apps for Moving House

Here is a list with the seven best iPhone apps you will need for the time when you decide to move your home. Save all the hassle and download these helpers when you decide to browse houses for sale, need a convenient moving check list, help in organising boxes or our Fantastic Services’ help.

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How to Move House Without Stress

how to move house without stress

Why is moving home so stressful and what can we do about it?

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How to Move House with Cats

moving house with a cat

Cats don’t like change and everybody knows it. Once they get used to an enclosed space like your home, tearing them away from it is equivallent to an apocalyse to the poor furry creatures. But, moving house doesn’t only have its bad sides. We know cats love cardboard boxes. Read on to find out how to use this to your advantage in the Fantastic Removals team house moving tips for moving with cats.

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10+ Packing Tips You Must Know When Moving House

packing boxes for moving house

Packing is the most essential part of moving house. Here is a list of the most important packing tips for any kind of move, be it big or small, long or short distance.

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Where to Get Free Boxes for Moving

Pack for moving house

Getting some free moving boxes before the move helps you save a lot from your moving budget. That’s why, this is something a lot of people, who plan to move, look forward to. Learn where and how you can find some free boxes by reading our blog post on the topic. It’s easier to find some free moving boxes than you actually thought!

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[Download] Address Change List for the UK – Who to Notify When Moving House

change of address checklist for moving house

Changing your address in UK is a tedious task which needs to be done properly. If you are not careful when doing it, you can easily miss a mail, and this is not the worst that may happen. Check our Change of Adress Checlist in UK for more information on everythomg you have to do before and after altering your UK address.

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What to Do With Used Cardboard Boxes? Throw Away, Recycle or Give Them Away

Getting rid of moving boxes after moving house

What to do with the cardboard boxes after you have moved houses? As soon as you feel the sweet relief of the job being done, you see the pile of empty moving boxes. We have collected a list of ideas and hacks about what to do with your post-move box load.

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How to Move House with Children

how to move house with children

Do not underestimate your kids, while moving out, because this step may be very tough. Kids under five years and teenage children will react differently to the change, so take a look at some great tips how to cope with the situation.

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How to Move House with a Dog in the UK

how to move house with dogs

Dogs need preparation before moving to the new house- food, toys, doggy pillows and blankets, collar and leash, grooming supplies, new dog-friendly locations etc. Do your moving house with dogs checklist and don’t forget to keep them comfortable.

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