How to Move House Without Stress

how to move house without stress

Well, it’s not really a guide so much as it is a mournful, befuddled ode to why trying to move in London is the absolute worst. According to a study, Londoners rated moving house stress as only second to another tumultuous life event – divorce. Both expensive, heartbreaking, and world-shattering.


Why is Moving so Stressful?

There are three main reasons why moving house stress hits with full force when anyone starts thinking about it.

  • Money. Even the coolest customer will get some headaches during all the talk of loans, deadlines, and taxes. Research found out that on average a household in the UK spends about £8200 on moving and relocating, while for London it goes up to £16 000. That’s a 7% increase since last year. The same costs about £6200 in Wales and £7400 in Scotland. Northern Ireland holds the spot for the most affordable moving and relocating services, as they go around £4200. Mind that the cost of an international removals service, such as moving to Germany is even higher.
  • Realtors. Researches today literally stated that finding a property is one of the worst things in life. And, this includes real estate agents. The procedure of getting a new place can be done by oneself, but a lot of hassle is spared when having a realtor. And, then the money worry comes back, but this time it goes to a whole new level.
  • Uncertainty. As uncertainty has emerged as the least necessary evil, let’s look further into the numbers. It turns out there is one common thread among the respondents. Almost half felt if they had someone to remove the items for them, once it comes to the actual move, their stress would be over. Of those surveyed, 27% admitted to doing all of the packing, driving, and unloading themselves.

There is some variance between men and women, men preferring fast and furious moves and women preferring longer more personal and more secure moves, but most applicants still agree it’s a negative experience. Continue to read below to learn 6 valuable house moving tips in order to reduce the stress levels of your relocation.

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How to Move House Without Stress

This isn’t something that will work 100% but it can make the whole endeavour at least a little more bearable.

  • Organise the move yourself. Do not leave everything for the last moment. You can start one, two, three, or twelve months beforehand, you can research all you want and wherever you want. Organisation reduces chaos. There is a great deal of stress of moving house when pregnant, so it might be a good thing to take this into account in your organisation, as well.
  • Clean up before moving. The best environment to work in, is an environment stripped bare from unnecessary clutter and garbage. You’ll have to do an end of tenancy clean on the old place anyway. Start early and get rid of any unnecessary weight. The less you have, the less you worry about.
  • Do not rush it. Whatever you do, don’t go head on and work at a fast pace. Give yourself time to think up everything.
  • Use a moving checklist. It might seem primitive, but moving checklists are an easy and fast way to get everything done. The best way to keep stress away is to be absolutely sure you’re not missing anything. A checklist is your number one friend for that.
  • Hire professionals. Hiring a moving company might be a cause for even more stress for some people since let’s face it, people prefer to do their things themselves. But the truth is, if there is something you absolutely need on moving day, that’s insurance. And, no one can give you that but true professionals.
  • Have a treat. Don’t forget to get yourself a reward after it all. Something sweet and fresh to soothe all the bubbling emotions. You deserve it.

So, perhaps your next move can be free of money, uncertainty, and realtors. Or maybe you can just get a company that services the London area to reduce moving house stress as much as possible.

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