Moving with Pets and Plants

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moving house with a cat

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how to move house with a pet rabbit

Rabbits are one of nature’s cutest bundles of fluffy joy, watching them frolic and twitch their little noses can bring a smile to the faces of even the grumpiest of us....

Moving to Australia with a pet

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Plants packed in boxes ready for a house move

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Preparing to move house with your pet dog

Dogs need preparation before moving to the new house- food, toys, doggy pillows and blankets, collar and leash, grooming supplies, new dog-friendly locations etc. Do your...

General Moving with Pets Tips

Moving with Pets and Plants

Pet transportation in and out of the UK is regulated and happens under specific circumstances, issued by the UK government and explained in detail on their website.

With Brexit happening quite recently, the regulations frequently change.

If you're a UK citizen, who plans to move overseas, you need to know how to safely relocate with your pet.

For this purpose, we've summed up the most useful information on our blog where you can read all the recent changes.

We've also explained thoroughly how to move with a dog and what steps to take in order to reduce the animal's anxiety during the moving process.

You can also find valuable information on how to move house with a rabbit.

Don't underestimate the stress your beloved pet may go through during a move, especially when you're dealing with rabbits as they are extremely prone to fatal damage caused due to stress.

Moving with a pet to Australia also requires some specific information and we have taken a close look at how to complete a house move to Australia with your pet without worrying about anything.

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When relocating with your pet from the UK to Australia, you have to start preparing at least 7 months in advance. Otherwise, you may not have enough time to complete the whole procedure legally.

If your pet is less than 3 months old, it will take even longer as you must prove that your companion is rabies-free 180 days prior to the move.

When moving house with a rabbit maintaining its temperature is of vital importance. Also, during transportation, the temperature of the environment should not exceed 24°C and shouldn't be any lower than 4.5°C.

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