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moving boxes on a couch

How to Declutter Before Moving House

A new house move presents you with the perfect opportunity to declutter your home and your life. Having less belongings will make your move easier, have less things to worry about and clean. Here are all the steps to a complete decluttering of your home. Read More

What to Do With Used Cardboard Boxes? Throw Away, Recycle or Give Them Away

What to do with the cardboard boxes after you have moved houses? As soon as you feel the sweet relief of the job being done, you see the pile of empty moving boxes. We have collected a list of ideas and hacks about what to do with your post-move box load. Read More
doname to red cross charity shops

Donate to Red Cross Charity Shops When Moving Out

When moving out you realise that some of your items are no longer needed. Why don’t you reduce the number of your belongings and donate them to Red Cross charity shops in London. The Red Cross organization will be thrilled to have your household and furniture donations and, if arrangements are made in advance, many will even pick up items up at your home. Read More

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