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Home removals professional by Fantastic Removals moving boxes

Do Seasons Have an Effect on the Moving Process?

Image license: CC BY-SA 4.0 / Image Owner: Fantastic Removals

Written for By River Jasmine

Moving can be a difficult process, no matter what the external variables are. In some cases, though, different seasons and conditions can have a …

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Moving house in rainy weather

How to Move House in the Rain

Feeling grumpy you have to move and its raining outside? The unpredictability of English weather dictates our careful preparation during the pre-move phase - so here's what we can advise you on how to move house during rain. Read More
moving during christmas

Moving House Over Christmas: Tips, Pros and Cons

Prepare yourself, because moving house over Christmas holidays can be a bit of a struggle. But, no worries, The Fantastic Removals team is here with some simple steps to follow. Read More
Preparing for a house move in winter

Winter moving tips: How to Move House During Winter

The winter season comes with some unexpected advantages and one of them is moving house. A checklist with only six questions will get you well prepared to turn the challenging job of moving into a pleasant experience. And most of all, it might save you some money along the way with our house moving services. Read More

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