How to Move House During Winter

how to move house during winter
There are advantages to moving during the winter months. Those who have no choice in the matter will find the information here useful. Those who have the luxury to choose a time for their move may want to reconsider their schedule.

Advantages of Moving During Winter

The moving business works mostly during summer with a peak in September, since people prefer to move house when it’s warm. As a result, there’ll be hardly anyone else looking for moving services in winter. Consequently, companies have a tendency to reduce their prices at that time.

Essentials When Moving in Winter

Since winter usually misses two key elements we take for granted when it comes to moving house, you better make sure they are present in the day of your move:

  • Warmth – Make sure the heater in your vehicle is working properly and bring along additional warm clothing and hot drinks.
  • Light – Days are shortened during winter and it gets dark after 16:30. Ensure all your lights are working before you start out.

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How to Move House During Winter

  • Check the weather forecast. Watch your local weather reports or check the news on the Internet. Try and match your move to a day with a decent forecast.
  • Prepare your vehicle. Take it to your local garage for a full check-up – you don’t want to break down in the snow! Don’t hesitate to ask the mechanic whether they think your vehicle is up to the long drive. Right after you get back from the garage, pack in the trunk car maintenance tools, tyre chains, spare tyres and instruction manuals just in case.
  • Decide on the right route. You checked the weather report, but that’s only a forecast. Weather is unpredictable and can always surprise you unpleasantly. Make sure you use a route with a high number of motels, so if a snow storm occurs you’ve got somewhere to stay. Better safe than sorry!
  • Keep a list of emergency contacts on paper. Phones lose their charge rapidly in the cold. Having your emergency numbers handy is a good idea, because if your phone goes dead and you have to use a landline or payphone, how are you going to remember the contact details?
  • Bring a shovel, cardboard pads and salt or sand (kitty litter also helps). At both the new and old place, you’ll have to shovel a pathway in the snow. Use salt on it, so you don’t trip while moving in and out. And, inside the house, make a pathway of cardboard pads to step on. This way you’ll have a firmer footing on the ground when walking out with a heavy box and you don’t have to take off your shoes when going back in the house. Make the cardboard pads out of leftover cardboard boxes.
  • Don’t forget the pets. Dogs LOVE snow. If you’re moving with dogs, better keep them on a leash, because they’ll most probably run off to play in the snow.

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Don’t Forget to Drive Safely

Obviously driving in winter is more dangerous than driving in summer. Remember to change to winter tires and needless to say be careful on the road.

  • Drive slowly;
  • Apply brakes gradually;
  • Accelerate gradually;
  • Be constantly alert;
  • Never drink and drive!

How to Move House During Winter Holidays

How to move in winter is one thing to learn, moving between December 20th and January 1st is quite different. The time between Christmas and New Year is considered a holiday. Moving during the holiday season is a bad idea and things can go very wrong.

How wrong?

  • The traffic will be maddening;
  • If you book professional removals they’ll surely charge extra;
  • Any utility specialists (electrician, plumber, roofer etc.) will charge extra and may not even answer your call.

How do you avoid this?

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Hope this answered your question on how to move house in winter and hopefully, you made bulletproof plans. Good luck!

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