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Father taking his child to her first day in a new school

How to Secure a New School Place When Moving House

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Sometimes it may feel like securing a place in the preferred school for your children is more difficult than winning the postcode lottery. Some families describe the process as a “horrible chicken and egg” situation, so being …

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Selecting the best day for your house move

How to Choose Your Moving Date

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Not many things are worth a slipped disk, and we can confidently say that a pizza slice with a cold beer is certainly not on the list. As tempting as it might sound, hiring your friends and …

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Handmade wardrobe boxes for packing clothes on moving day

Free Moving Boxes: DIY Wardrobe Boxes for Moving House

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Moving clothes is not an enjoyable task and many people want to make the process as fast and easy as possible. However, besides that, you also want to ensure that your clothes will arrive in your new …

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A removals professional packing kitchen appliances

Moving Kitchen Appliances Safely and Easily

Image license: CC BY-SA 4.0 / Image Owner: Fantastic Removals

If you’re about to move house, you’re probably well aware that moving kitchen appliances is a challenging task that requires special attention and consideration to go smoothly. So, if you …

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How to label moving boxes

How to Label Moving Boxes Like a Pro

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We all know that moving houses can be rather stressful. Especially if this is your first time, it can be quite overwhelming. The scale of organisation for the upcoming move and the psychological adjustment and emotional …

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