Cost of Living in Austria

Expenses of living in Austria
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Austria is a country that offers such a high standard of living that in 2019, it was even ranked second globally for the highest quality of life. Vienna, on that note, has held the title of the world’s most liveable city for close to a decade. But due to this great standard of living, the cost of living in Austria is also quite high.

With that said, Austria is a country that doesn’t have a nationwide minimum wage. Normally, the average monthly salary ranges between €1,700 to €2,200, depending on the sector you work in. So, if you’re moving to and intend to live in Austria and earn that much, you should be able to cover all of your living expenses and even have some money saved up on the side for your hobbies and leisure.

Bank accounts

The interesting thing about Austria is that you can have your salary, loans, mortgage and insurance paid out of or into a non-local bank located in a foreign country from the European Union.

However, if you’re from a country outside of the EU and are planning to live in Austria long-term, it would be wise to open a bank account there. The procedure for this is quite simple. You will need the following documents at hand to present to the bank you want to open an account with:

  • Proof of identity (Passport, ID)
  • Proof of residency (Utility bills or Residency Registration Form)
  • Proof of employment (Job contract)

If you’re looking to apply for a bank account online, that is also doable. However, you will need to verify your bank account via a Postident. Here are the three ways you can verify your identity:

  • eID – Sending your personal information along with your scanned ID over the internet
  • Photograph – Sending a photograph along with a recorded video clip of your face
  • Video chat – You send all of your personal data and then perform a video call with a videoldent call centre agent

Accommodation cost in Austria

Housing costs

Currently, buying a new house in Austria would set you back on average with around €359000. The price per square metre in Austria really depends on whether the property is located in or outside the city’s centre. The average price per square metre for an apartment in a city centre is €5000, while for a property outside of the centre, it’s €3620.

Rent costs

The national average monthly cost for rent in Austria is €390, without the cost of utilities. The lowest average monthly rent in Austria can be found in Carinthia and is €300. While the most expensive average monthly rent in Austria is in Varalber, costing €500. When renting an apartment in Austria, it’s good to bear in mind that the utilities are usually paid for separately.

Type of Product Average Price Price Range
Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre 708 € 550-1000 €
Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Centre 563 € 405-750 €
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Centre 1332 € 900-2000 €
Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of Centre 1332 € 795.00-1500 €

Cost of utility bills

The cost for utilities in Austria are calculated based on the living area of the accommodation, rather than on the resources consumed. For example, in Vienna, utility bills range between €2.50–3.50 per m² a month. Included in these utilities are the land tax, waste removal, sewage and water supply charges, insurance of the building and monthly contributions to the home maintenance and repair fund. The price for electricity on the other hand is 21.67 euro cents per kilowatt-hour.

As for the internet, the prices range between €9 and €83, depending on the supplier and the speed of the connection. The faster the internet connection the more it will cost you.

Type of Product Average Price Price Range
Basic (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage) for 85m2 Apartment 200 € 122-330 €
1 min. of Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local (No Discounts or Plans) 0.06 € 0.03-0.09 €
Internet (60 Mbps or More, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL) 32 € 25.00-45.00 €

Transportation expenses

Austria has very well-developed public transport services and networks, including coach, bus and railway services. However, for those who prefer to do the driving themselves, the country has a brilliant network of roads. Austrian motorways are just a pleasure to drive on. Still, the main way most people get around in the country is via trains.

Type of Product Average Price Price Range
One-way Ticket (Local Transport) 2.40 € 2.20-2.80 €
Monthly Pass (Regular Price) 48.00 € 30-55 €
Taxi Start (Normal Tariff) 4.00 € 3.60-7.00 €
Taxi 1km (Normal Tariff) 1.80 € 1.27-2.00 €
Taxi 1 hour Waiting (Normal Tariff) 27.70 € 24-30 €
Gasoline (1 liter) 1.20 € 1.00-1.33 €

Cost of necessities

Food costs in Austria

The best way to save money on food in Austria is to make your own meals. If you find regular Austrian supermarkets too expensive, fear not, the country has many discounted ones, which offer great deals on staple food products, ready meals and fresh produce.

However, if you can’t be bothered to cook and prefer to eat out, you will need to prepare at least 25-40 € a day for a good breakfast, lunch and dinner at a restaurant or fast food place. Austria is famous for having the highest costs in Europe for eating out.

Type of Product Unit Average Price Price Range
Milk 1 Liter 1.12 € 0.90-1.30 €
Loaf of Fresh White Bread 500g 1.90 € 1.00-3.20 €
White Rice 1kg 2.01 € 0.90-3.00 €
Eggs 12 3.01 € 1.60-4.44 €
Local Cheese 1kg 12.86 € 6.00-25.00 €
Chicken Fillets 1kg 10.43 € 5.00-14.00 €
Beef Round or Equivalent Back Leg Red Meat 1kg 15.61 € 8.00-25.00 €
Apples 1kg 2.24 € 1.00-3.00 €
Banana 1kg 1.78 € 1.20-2.99 €
Oranges 1kg 2.48 € 1.00-3.50 €
Tomato 1kg 2.51 € 1.49-4.00 €
Potato 1kg 1.46 € 0.55-2.20 €
Onion 1kg 1.40 € 0.70-2.00 €
Lettuce 1 head 1.31 € 0.80-1.80 €
Water 1.5 liter bottle 0.61 € 0.29-1.00 €
Going to an Inexpensive Restaurant 1 meal 12.00 € 8.00-15.00 €

Sports and leisure

As for sports and leisure, you can expect to pay between €50 – €100 a month depending on what your hobbies are or say, how often you go to the gym.

Type of Product Average Price Price Range
Fitness Club, Monthly Fee for 1 Adult 35.09 € 20.00-60.00 €
Tennis Court Rent (1 Hour on Weekend) 19.85 € 15.00-25.00 €
Cinema, International Release, 1 Seat 11.00 € 9.00-15.00 V


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