How to Move House During Pregnancy

moving when pregnant
So, the Internet is full of all kinds of stories by ladies who had to move house when pregnant, and they’re all about how stressful and terrifying such a situation is. But, it doesn’t have to be. There are just a few crucial moments to acknowledge, so here is how to move house during pregnancy.

1. Arrange Your New GP

There are no two opinions about it – you need to be absolutely certain you’ll have your scheduled check ups once you move to the new place. So, first thing in your moving while pregnant organisation is getting a new doctor.

It gets tricky if you’re moving to a new area of London or UK. You cannot change your doctor before signing up your permanent address in there and that would only mean more trips. You have two choices:

  • You can do an extra trip to the new area and sign your permanent address, then come back home for the move.
  • Or you can schedule an appointment at the doctor later, after the move after you sign up your new address.

You can find your new GP by browsing here:

2. Pack It All Yourself

Lifting and carrying stuff is out of the question. But, nothing stops you from packing. Especially when no one else but you are capable of putting your own stuff in a good order for the go.

Get creative and take your time. Finding a place for every little thing can be also very stress relieving. Pack your boxes and don’t forget to label. You might not be an active part of moving day, but you can still organise better than anyone else.

3. Expect Bumps on the Way

Acknowledge that things sometimes don’t go according to plan. It doesn’t have to be because it’s a move, it’s not because you’re pregnant, it might not even be because you’re moving and pregnant. It’s just because.

As much as we plan, the universe works against us if it so wants. Acknowledging that not everything is in your hands is good and gives a peace of mind. It’s the best way to keep the stress away, and it’s also the hardest.

But, even just trying to let your mind control the adrenaline and all other hormones might be enough.

Also, a stress ball helps. After all, you’re still moving house during pregnancy, and something just broke in the back of the van. Squeeze a stress ball. Or take it out on your husband – that’s why he’s there.

4. Eat and Stay Hydrated

Treat this like every other day when you’d drink lots of water and have lots of tasty foods. And, no, don’t pack lunches. Make a stop or two at restaurants. You’re moving when pregnant, treat yourself, like you just don’t care.

5. Think About the Future

In the end, the only thing that would actually keep the stress away is the thought of the new place. How pretty it would be after you’re done with it and what a good idea it was to move there before the baby was born, instead of moving with a newborn.

That’s right. It can always be worse.

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