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How to store a bike in a small flat
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Owning a bike comes with a bunch of benefits. It can be your main method of transportation, a fun weekend activity or even your main exercise. As simple as a bicycle can be, it still needs regular maintenance and care. That will include proper storage when the bike is not in use and especially during the off-season.

We will review some bike storage ideas that may just be the solution for you!

Outdoor bike storage ideas

Many people don’t have the space in their homes, nor have a garage available, to keep their bikes safe and dry. Although not the ideal way to store a bike, you may have no choice but to keep it somewhere in the open on your property. So, if you will be storing your bicycle outside, you will need to first and foremost consider the elements. Your bike’s exposure to moisture, extreme temperature swings, etc., will hurt its overall longevity and reliability.

Along with battling the weather conditions, you will also sadly need to consider the possibility of theft. There are a few things you can do when storing your bike outside to reduce the negative effects of the weather and promote safety for your bike.

  • Bike covers and tents
    Having a tent for your bike is a good starting point. It has a lot of benefits, such as the fact that it’s very affordable, durable and you can easily move it from one place to another. It will do the job of protecting your bicycle from the weather and hiding it from prying eyes.
  • Bicycle sheds and outside storage boxes
    If you have a bit of space in your garden, investing in a dedicated external storage or bicycle shed is worth every penny. Having such for your bike will protect it well from any harsh weather conditions, but also provide more security keeping it out of sight. Make sure you place the storage or bike shed, if possible of course, in a way that it’s not visible from the main road or simply somewhere it will not attract attention.

Indoor bike storage ideas – How to store a bike in a flat

When it comes to keeping your bicycle at home, there is a rich choice of bike storage options available on the market. You will only need to find out what will work best for your type of bike, the wall you will be mounting your bike on and, of course, if, for example, you’re renting a place, whether it’s alright to drill into the wall.

  • Wall hooks and mounts
    This is a great solution to store your bike inside your home, snug in a corner or flush against a wall. With the wall hook models, you don’t need to lift your bike, but only lift one tire off the floor and hang it onto the hook. Wall mounts on the other hand have a couple of hooks and support the bike by the frame in horizontal position.
  • Ceiling-Mounted Bike Rack
    Similar to the wall hooks and mounts, this is also another great option with the only difference as the name suggests that it is mounted on the ceiling. These types of racks have a special mechanism that allows you to easily attach and lift your bike, and have it hang from the ceiling. If you don’t have much space to work with in your small flat and every inch of floor counts, ceiling mounted racks are your best solution to store your bike.
  • Pole Rack
    Unlike the previous storage methods, where the mounting device needs to be screwed onto the wall, there is no drilling needed here. You simply extend the telescopic pole between the floor and the ceiling and thanks to the tension, it will be fixed in place. On a pole rack, you can have two or more bikes mounted depending on the model.

Garage bike storage ideas

Having a garage is great, of course. It opens a whole new space that you can utilise for all sorts of purposes, including storing your bike. You can do the simplest thing and lean your bike against a wall and call it a day. However, if you’re struggling with space in your garage, you can turn to these options:

  • Freestanding bike rack
    In addition to saving up important garage space, freestanding bike racks are available in a variety of styles to meet your needs and available space. A garage rack should be flexible enough to accommodate various installation sites and strong enough to hold your bikes and other equipment.
  • Vertical bike hooks
    Maximise the utilisation of your garage walls by incorporating vertical bike hooks. This strategic approach not only optimises wall space but also facilitates seamless access to each bike. Prioritise the acquisition of robust hooks capable of securely anchoring your bikes in place, ensuring both safety and functionality.
  • Pulley system
    Installing a pulley system intended to lift bikes to the ceiling will allow you to utilise all of the vertical space in your garage. This clever arrangement offers safe storage for your bikes while not in use, while also saving up valuable floor space. Adopting a pulley system simplifies the process of retrieving bikes while preserving a clutter-free atmosphere below, which is especially useful in garages with high ceilings.
  • Bike hoist
    Elevate the organisation and practicality of your garage with the installation of a bike hoist system. Ideal for garages constrained by limited floor space, bike hoists facilitate effortless elevation of bikes, effectively clearing pathways and maximising spatial efficiency. This innovative storage alternative fosters a tidy and functional garage ambience by mitigating clutter and liberating essential floor space for alternative storage needs.

Storing a bike in your shed

Commonly related to that special little place amid your garden where you place all your garden-keeping tools or use it as a workshop, a wooden garden shed can also be a home for your bike. At first, a shed may seem like a bad place for a bike; however, storing it there has many benefits.

Wood is known to absorb moisture from the air, meaning that it will maintain a proper dry environment for your bike if kept inside. Provided that your shed is well maintained there are no leaks from the roof and locks up properly, your bike will be safe from both weather and thieves.

How to store a bike for winter

When winter comes, depending on the area you’re in, likely, you will likely not be riding as much or at all, considering the rain, snow and uncomfortable cold associated with this season. Regardless if you store your bike in your home, in a garage, or in a shed, there are certain steps you need to follow to ensure you will enjoy another adventurous season with your bicycle when it warms up.

  • Wash your bike
    Get your bike nice and clean before anything else. Storing your bicycle with all the mud and dirt stuck to it will result in wearing down the mechanical parts and rust building up on the frame.
  • Inflate the tires
    When it comes to the tires, you will want to inflate them well before storing your bike for winter. Regardless that you won’t ride it, air can still escape leaving you with a flat tire. This may not seem like a big deal, however, a flat tire, in combination with the weight of your bike, can result in damaging the rubber of the tire.
  • Service your bike
    Servicing your bike altogether right before storing it away for winter can be beneficial. Maintenance at the bike shop can go a lot faster and also cheaper, as the bike riding season is not in full bloom. Alternatively, you can do most of the bike winterising yourself, as well. Before storing your bike, oil the chain and gears with a spray-on lubricate or bicycle chain grease. Doing this simple thing will do plenty to keep your bicycle’s most important components intact during the winter.
  • Lift & Carry
    Keep the item close to your body and use your leg muscles to stand up and lift the load off the floor. Your back should remain straight throughout the process. Use slow and smooth moves and do not twist your body when moving the object. Use your feet to change direction and take small steps. Lead with your hips as you change direction. As you move, keep your shoulders in line with your hips.
  • Store your bike in the right conditions
    Ideally, you want to store your bike for the duration of the winter months in a safe, well-ventilated and temperature-regulated area. Hiring a storage unit will be your best solution. Many of the companies that offer storage service will give you different plans and deals that you can avail of short- or long-term. This way you won’t be cluttering your home in the case you don’t have any other space to keep your peddle buddy for the cold days to come. Also, storage facilities provide standard ambient temperature throughout the whole year, so your bike won’t even feel it’s winter.


Much like any other vehicle or appliance, a bike needs to be taken care of well to properly serve its purpose to you. A big part of caring for your bicycle is how you store it when it’s not in use. So, next time you store your bike, remember that:

  • Wall hooks and mounts can be very efficient for storing your bike both in your apartment and other closed areas, such as garages and sheds.
  • Bike covers and outside storage boxes will provide your bicycle with the protection it needs from harsh weather conditions.
  • There are reliable sports equipment storage facilities that you can hire on a flexible basis to meet your needs.
  • Tending to your bike regularly and especially before taking it into storage will increase its lifetime.

Where did you store your bike when it was off the road last winter? Would you give any of the above methods a go, or are you already using any of them?

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