How to Move Your Bed and Mattress

Preparing a bed to be moved
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Take the utmost care when moving a bed yourself. Drag heavy items rather than carrying them. It may be easier to hire professional bed movers if you feel this will be too much for you since they’ll have the right equipment and experience to move a bed easily.

So, this post will address exactly that – how to move a bed by yourself. You’ll learn some useful tips and tricks on how to pack, move and load your mattress and bed, as well as get to know everything about the safety side of the process.

How to move a bed

What is the easiest way to move a bed? Before starting to move your bed to the van, create a plan of action and follow through with it, to maximise efficiency. It is advisable to have a couple of friends who can give you a helping hand to carry the bed and a watchful eye to spot potential difficulties along your path.

  • Remove all bedding – The first thing you need to do is take all the bedding and pillows off the bed. During the move, put these things in a large bag to protect them from damage.
  • Roll and secure the mattress – Roll the mattress inward from one end so that it almost takes a cylindrical shape, as this will preserve the mattress’ condition. Hold the mattress down and tie it together so it keeps its shape once you’ve rolled it up.
  • Take care of the bed frame – Whether you’re moving the bed frame to storage or a new house, you should always make sure it’s clean before moving. To clean the frame, give it a quick wipe-down with some antibacterial wipes. Make sure all the parts are clean. Use an Allen key or screwdriver to loosen the long sections of the frame that span the length of the bed, so you can take it apart more easily. When you dismantle your bed, make sure you don’t lose any screws or loose parts that might be needed to assemble it again.
  • Take off the headboard – Before moving the bed, remove the headboard so it’s easier to handle when moving from home to car. Headboards are usually attached to frames with screws, so make sure you have the right screwdriver.
  • Use high-quality packing materials when moving the bed – No matter what item you’re moving, you should always use high-quality packing materials to keep its condition as good as possible. Packing wrap (or bubble wrap for delicate parts) and heavy-duty moving blankets are perfect for covering the items.

If you are uncertain whether the bed frame will go through the door, you can give yourself a few extra inches of wiggle room by removing the bedroom door temporarily. Pay attention when moving close to corners, through narrow spaces, and down staircases, where you might damage the bed frame or the property itself.

When loading the pieces into the van, think carefully about how to arrange them inside. Stacking items on top of your wooden bed is risky because wood damages easily. Fitting your items and furniture inside the van feels a bit like removing Tetris.

How to move a mattress by yourself

What’s the easiest way to move a mattress? The first step to moving the mattress is to remove the pillows, covers, and linen. These are great to stuff in boxes with fragile items since they provide a soft cushion between them.

To protect your mattress during the move, you will need to cover it, which can be done by putting it in a special size-appropriate mattress bag or by covering it with old sheets and tablecloths and securing it with tape.

If you have a double, queen, or king-size mattress, you will probably need assistance from a friend or family member to carry the mattress to the moving van. While it is perfectly fine to carry it sideways for the short distance between your bedroom and the vehicle, remember, if you have a memory foam mattress, putting it sideways or folded inside the van might cause the foam filling to shift. Standard mattresses and box springs are fine to travel on their side during the move. You can secure them with a rope or moving straps.

When moving a mattress, it is advisable to use a van rather than a car, to avoid damage to your precious sleeping buddy and dangerous situations on the road.

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Moving a bed requires proper packing

To easily move the bed to the van, a good idea is to dismantle it, first. This might sound like a bit of a hassle to you, but with good planning, you can successfully do it yourself.

To save yourself time and trouble, document each step of the process by taking pictures or videos on your phone to serve as a reference when assembling your bed at your new home. Take the bed apart as much as you can by unscrewing the legs, the headboard, the footboard, and any shelves and drawers. Put all the bolts and screws in a ziplock bag and tape it to the largest piece of the bed frame. Even better, keep the hardware components for each part in a separate bag.

Use moving blankets, bubble wrap and old sheets to protect the parts of the bed frame from scratches and notches.

Safety tips for moving bed

When moving the bed yourself, your best bet is to avoid baggy clothes and long jewellery, since they can get hooked onto furniture or door handles and cause you to trip and create a safety hazard. It is important, of course, to wear comfortable clothing that you won’t miss if something happens to it. Protect your feet with trainers or boots that will give you support and traction. Closed-toe shoes will absorb part of the force should you drop something on your feet. For this reason, flip flops should be avoided.

To ensure the safety of everyone, children and pets should be kept at bay during the moving process, in order to avoid unexpected situations or obstacles, such as your dog accidentally tripping you or a child getting hurt. Ideally, kids and pets should be entertained in a different room altogether to protect them from harm.

Lifting sounds easier than it actually is. Believe it or not, there are certain rules to follow when lifting heavy objects. The most important of them being to always bend your knees rather than your back. This will prevent you from hurting your spine and having to spend a week on the couch in pain.

If something feels too heavy or awkward to carry by yourself, ask a friend for help. It’s easy to get carried away and try to do everything by yourself, but that is too dangerous, especially when moving a bed. Don’t lift more than you should, unless you want to say hi to your doctor.

Ask yourself, if it’s worth it. Moving a bed by yourself is both tiring and time-consuming. Like any other DIY project, it sounds easy until you start doing it. Avoid any issues on the day of the move by planning ahead and preparing a list of things if you will need to move your bed and mattress on your own. A good idea is to only DIY this if you are moving nearby or within a short driving distance. You will also need at least 2 or 3 friends to help you out with carrying your larger items, such as the bed frame. Perhaps an easier option would be to sell your bed and buy a new one for your new home, even more so if you are moving out of town. If you, of course, feel particularly attached to your favourite piece of furniture, you can hire someone to move the bed for you.

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Why use professional help to move a bed

Professional movers dismantling a bed for a move
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Getting professional house movers to help you move your bed will save you precious time and energy. Why waste a full day coordinating people and helpers and carrying heavy, bulky items, when you can get the experts to help you pack and move your bed and mattress in no time. Moreover, the professional removals specialists can actually assist you with moving other furniture from your home as well!

Request a personalised quote now and enjoy a reliable and insured professional house moving service!

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