How to Move to Another Planet

how to move to another planet

“With the continuous technological advancement the human race is as close as ever to discovering another planet with climate and habitable conditions like these on Earth. Knowing that our planet has an expiration date, it would be a fantastic idea to think about our options of moving to another planet to live on.”

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Moving House With a Toddler

Toddlers can adapt easily to changes. Anyway, if you are moving away with them, you should take into consideration some things that can prepare them to the new house.

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5 Real Things to Know about London before You Move

Did you know that London’s population is bigger than the population of 201 other countries? Learn more things you need to know before moving to this cosmopolitic city. Our post gives answers to questions like: how to find accommodation in London or where you can buy a bike from. A must-read for anyone who plans coming to the biggest UK city.

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How to Avoid Getting Scammed by (fake) Movers

movers moving boxes

Whether you feel scared or not of a moving scam, it is a real thing that can happen to you. Protect yourself and your belongings by knowing how it works, and what are the sings of a scam. We have listed the major sings to look for.

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[Download] House Moving Checklist Template

house moving checklist

When the time comes for a house move many people struggle because of the lack of proper planning. With the right moving tips and following our guide you can decide if you need to book a moving company or you should rely on your friends and relatives. For your convenience we’ve put together a downloadable house moving checklist and with it’s help you will know how to clean, organize and pack all of your stuff in no time at all.

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