Insured and expert office removals London

The office move we offer comes with great service perks:

  • Available to a wide range of businesses
  • Custom deals for corporate clients
  • Insured service with an option for storage services
  • Complete corporate discreetness

Prices starting from £47/H

More about our office removals services

  • Free survey of office buildings

    To provide our commercial clients with a precise price quote, we prefer to send a professional surveyor at the office address. They will complete a thorough and expert examination of the commercial building and will closely inspect all items that are to be moved.

    This will provide us with all necessary information to provide you with a price quote to take into consideration. If our offer seems reasonable we will proceed with the other steps of the office removals service.

  • Professional equipment and vehicles

    Completing an office removals job for a large business is a lot more complex than relocating domestic clients. The whole service requires a totally different amount of resources, which we, fortunately, have and are at your complete disposal.

    Our Transit and Luton vans are equipped with tail lifts which enables the movers to load heavier office equipment with great efficiency, we also use them for piano removals jobs. Finishing the moving job quickly works for your convenience.

  • Business storage after the office removals

    Moving an entire office requires the transportation of commercial goods in huge volumes. Most of these items are to be delivered to the new address several days after the relocation. Until that date, we have a storage facility where we can store these goods. They will be locked inside wooden crates under 24/7 CCTV video surveillance.

    When you want your office equipment to be delivered back, a team of movers will load and transport it all at the destination address of the office removals service.

  • We work in various industries

    We do move offices in London and within the UK but we are also available for other types of commercial businesses. Local libraries have used our commercial removals service with great efficiency. We’ve also worked with warehouses and foodservice facilities.

    Many retailers have also become regular clients for some of our domestic services. Don’t hesitate to contact us for helping you out with move out cleaning, gardening, handymen, pest control and more. After all, moving your office is a new beginning for your business.

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Frequently asked questions about our office removals

  • Q: Do you transport IT waste to a recycling centre?

    A: We don’t have this option as an addition to the office removals service. However, if you have arranged the IT disposal with another company, we can still do the office removals job before that.

  • Q: Do you provide packing materials?

    A: If you order a packing service with us, the movers will bring all packing materials for the job. If you want to do the packing yourself, then we will schedule only a packing materials delivery service and you will handle the rest.

  • Q: Is your commercial insurance limited to any amount?

    A: Yes, the insurance you will be provided with is what we call a “goods in transit” insurance and is currently limited to £25,000. There is an option to provide more expensive insurance if you specify the need for this well in advance (upon booking the service).

  • Q: Do you offer storage facilities?

    A: Yes, you can request a storage service with us. A team of professional movers will load the office items in a van and will transport them to the storage facility where they can remain for a minimum period of 1 week. Long-term storage is also an option if you need several months before utilising the office equipment again.

  • Q: Is there any office equipment that you cannot transport during the service?

    A: We load and transport anything that is not too heavy to be handled by the movers. Office items such as some big printers or photocopiers weighing more than 100kg might be too heavy to lift for the movers. If they decide so, they will not take the risk of getting an injury from lifting such objects. Because of this reason, you will have to contact the manufacturer and ask for an after-sales service technician who should be able to disassemble the equipment on smaller parts in the order for it to be moved. As mentioned above, we do not move any other machinery that needs to be disassembled by a technician before transportation.

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