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Cityscape of Novi Sad on the Danube River at sunset

Best Places to Live in Serbia

Image source: Shutterstock / Location: Novi Sad, Serbia

The Republic of Serbia is a relatively new nation situated on the Balkan Peninsula and the Pannonian Plain. It is also at the convergence of Central and Southeastern Europe. The capital city …

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Aerial view of Canillo town viewed from Roc del Quer viewpoint at Andorra

Best Places to Live in Andorra

Image Source: Shutterstock / Location: Canillo, Andorra

Andorra is a tiny and very charming independent principality nestled between Spain and France, right at the heart of the Pyrenees mountains. The capital city is Andorra la Vella, and the official language …

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Panoramic view of the old town of Budva, Montenegro

Best Places to Live in Montenegro

Image source: Shutterstock / Location: Budva, Montenegro

Montenegro is a small charming country situated on the Balkan Peninsula. The country boasts many beautiful towns on the Adriatic coast, low cost of living, low tax rate and business-friendly options. Montenegro …

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A view of Chisinau from above at sunset, capital city of Republic of Moldova

Best Places to Live in Moldova

Image source: Shutterstock / Location: Chisinau, Moldova

Moldova is an Eastern European country and, as such, scores a relatively low cost of living. Moldova also offers beautiful forests and rocky hill landscapes, numerous vineyards, a successful education system and a …

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Portrush Town Atlantic ocean north Coast Co. Antrim Northern Ireland

Best Places to Live in Northern Ireland

Image source: Shutterstock / Location: Portrush Town, Northern Ireland

Have you ever dreamed of living in a place with beautiful coastlines, natural wonders, and rich cultural heritage? If so, then Northern Ireland, with its sandy beaches, humbling mountains, and historic …

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