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Porto, Portugal old town on the Douro River

Best Places to Live in Portugal

Image source: Shutterstock / Location: Porto, Portugal

Portugal is a favourite location for British expats. Many of them associate the country mainly with Algarve, but it is much more than that. It has 850 kilometres of large sandy beaches and …

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Expenses of living in Switzerland

Cost of Living in Switzerland

Image source: Shutterstock

A central European country with a population of 8.5 million, Switzerland has one of the world’s best functioning free market economies. The country has a high cost of living, which is compensated by the high wages earned …

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Aerial drone view of the Votive Church and Cathedral of Our Lady of Hungary

Best Places to Live in Hungary

Image source: Shutterstock / Location: Szeged, Hungary

With a total population of around 9.7 million, Hungary is a landlocked, Central European country that’s bordered on the north by Slovakia, north-east by Ukraine, southeast by Romania, Serbia and Croatia, south-west by …

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Aerial view at capital town of Croatia, Zagreb city main square

Best Places to Live in Croatia

Image source: Shutterstock / Location: Zagreb, Croatia

Croatia is a great spot for people planning on living overseas as expatriates, thanks to its charming beaches and its rich history. Of course, as is the case with everywhere else, there are …

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Panoramic view of the old town and Tampa mountain in Brasov

Best Places to Live in Romania

Image source: Shutterstock / Location: Brasov, Romania

Romania is a tourist country in the Balkans, near the Black Sea. It offers stunning beaches and the Carpathian Mountains. The country also has lush forests, rolling hills, rustic villages, and farmlands. It …

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