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Expenses of living in Bulgaria

Cost of Living in Bulgaria

Image source: Shutterstock

Bulgaria is a Balkan country known for its rose fields, beautiful mountains and friendly locals. But that is not all! Bulgaria also boasts a very low cost of living, especially compared to most European countries. However, wages …

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Belgrade cityscape from the Sava river in Serbia in a beautiful summer day

Moving From the UK to Serbia

Image source: Shutterstock / Location: Belgrade, Serbia

In this guide, you’ll find information on health, education, benefits, residence requirements, and more, which are essential for British nationals moving to Serbia from the UK.

Serbia can be an exciting adventure filled …

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Panoramic view of the old town of Budva, Montenegro

Best Places to Live in Montenegro

Image source: Shutterstock / Location: Budva, Montenegro

Montenegro is a small charming country situated on the Balkan Peninsula. The country boasts many beautiful towns on the Adriatic coast, low cost of living, low tax rate and business-friendly options. Montenegro also …

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A view of Chisinau from above at sunset, capital city of Republic of Moldova

Best Places to Live in Moldova

Image source: Shutterstock / Location: Chisinau, Moldova

Moldova is an Eastern European country and, as such, scores a relatively low cost of living. Moldova also offers beautiful forests and rocky hill landscapes, numerous vineyards, a successful education system and a …

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Portrush Town Atlantic ocean north Coast Co. Antrim Northern Ireland

Best Places to Live in Northern Ireland

Image source: Shutterstock / Location: Portrush Town, Northern Ireland

Have you ever dreamed of living in a place with beautiful coastlines, natural wonders, and rich cultural heritage? If so, then Northern Ireland, with its sandy beaches, humbling mountains, and historic …

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