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Aerial view of Kotor and the breathtaking Bay of Kotor at dawn

Moving From the UK to Montenegro

Image source: Shutterstock / Location: Kotor, Montenegro

Capital City: PodgoricaPopulation: 622,137Official language: MontenegrinCommonly spoken languages: Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian and AlbanianCurrency: EuroExchange rate to pound: 1: 0.86

Surrounded by Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Albania and with the Adriatic Sea …

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View of St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in the center of Sofia, capital of Bulgaria

Best Places to Live in Bulgaria

Image source: Shutterstock / Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Perhaps you’ve fallen in love with the Black Sea coast, with its sunny climate, the golden sandy beaches and warm waters. Maybe the rugged mountains with ski resorts, hiking trails, and lush forests …

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Expenses of living in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Cost of Living in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Image source: Shutterstock

Bosnia and Herzegovina may not seem like the most obvious place to relocate to, but it has much to recommend it. The country has beautiful mountainous scenery with opportunities for skiing, hiking and other outdoor pursuits. While …

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Expenses of living in Kosovo

Cost of Living in Kosovo

Image source: Shutterstock

Kosovo is young! It’s the second youngest country in the world, having declared independence from Serbia in 2008. Continuing the theme of youth, Kosovo also has a young population; around a quarter of Kosovans are under the …

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Expenses of living in North Macedonia

Cost of Living in North Macedonia

Image source: Shutterstock

North Macedonia is one of the countries that arose from the break-up of Yugoslavia. It’s a small landlocked state, situated in Southeast Europe, bordered by Kosovo, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece and Albania. The country enjoys a favourable climate …

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