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How To Improve Your Internet Connection During Lockdown

How to Improve Your Internet Connection During Lockdown

Image source: IgorVetushko / DepositPhotos

Written for fantastic-removals.co.ukBy Lidia Hovhan

With your family members stuck at home during this isolation period, it won’t be surprising that your wi-fi is groaning with the massive abuse it gets every single day. And …

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Guide to Broadband and Moving Home

Guide to Broadband and Moving Home

Written for fantastic-removals.co.ukBy Lilli Hender

Moving home can be stressful: you have an incredible number of things to sort out and it can be easy to forget to plan ahead when you have your head in moving boxes. That said, …

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Do Seasons Have an Effect on the Moving Process?

Home removals by Fantastic Removals

Written for fantastic-removals.co.uk By River Jasmine

Moving can be a difficult process no matter what the external variables are. In some cases though, different seasons and conditions can have a significant impact on the process. There is not necessarily a …

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How to Move a Shed in the UK?

how to move a garden shed

Picture this, you have a green thumb and a big garden with a nice shed to keep all your tools neatly stored. But you found a better home with an even bigger garden. The time to relocate has come and …

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[Quiz] Moving in Together: 8 Easy Steps for a Smooth Relocation

Are you thinking of taking the next big step with your partner, i.e. moving in together? Then, prepare yourself for a few very busy months ahead. It’s common knowledge that any house move is stressful, however, it can become even …

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