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How Long Does It Take to Move House? Calculate the Average Time to Move House

moving house

Most of the customers who contact us want to get an instant answer to the question – “how long does it take to move house”. Unfortunately, we are unable to instantly provide them with an estimated duration of the house …

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Storage Costs – Average Price on Storage, Removals & Storage and Self-Storage Services

storage facility in London
Furniture Storage Costs

The furniture storage cost is influenced by many factors. Some of them are major and impact the price significantly. Others are minor and may apply changes in the price rate but will not increase or decrease the …

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How Much Does it Cost to Move House? – Average Removal Costs in the UK

a mover with a Luton van for removals

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Quick Summary

What Affects House Move Service Costs? Average Removal Costs Based on Size of the Property Long Distance Removals Costs & Internatiotnal Moving Costs Average Cost of Buying a Home Average Cost Read More

All About Packing Dishes and Glasses for Moving in One Guide

dishes and plates packed for moving

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Packing dishes and glasses before moving house is half of the packing process and many people prefer to do it themselves. If you do it properly, you will not worry about broken expensive …

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Moving to Germany From the UK – Top Relocation Tips & Advice

Dresden-living in Germany

Moving to Germany changes a person’s life. No matter if one leaves the UK to visit Germany as a tourist or relocates their entire home there. In both cases, this is the start of a new life and it is …

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