Home Moving Tips

How to Lift Heavy Objects by Yourself

how to lift heavy objects by yourself
Don’t put your health in danger by lifting all these heavy objects from the old to the new house. Heavy lifting isn’t a game and it’s not harmless because you can sustain some dangerous and unwanted injuries. We from Fantastic Removals would like to give you some really easy and helpful advicе how to lift the heavy stuff when moving houses. Read More

How to Move House Plants

how to move house plants
Moving plants around the house is not that easy a task, let alone having to move them to a completely different habitat. Here are the top things to consider when moving such fragile items as house plants. Read More

[Infographic] The Hassles of Changing Homes

Moving to a new home doesn’t need to be stressful and if you prepare and plan ahead you should be able to make the transition rather easier and less problematic. With this infographic we’re offering you some great insights into the process of changing homes. Read More

Moving House With a Toddler

Toddlers can adapt easily to changes. Anyway, if you are moving away with them, you should take into consideration some things that can prepare them to the new house. Read More

How to Avoid Getting Scammed by (fake) Movers

movers moving boxes
Whether you feel scared or not of a moving scam, it is a real thing that can happen to you. Protect yourself and your belongings by knowing how it works, and what are the sings of a scam. We have listed the major sings to look for. Read More

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