Learn All the Packing Tips for a Safe Moving Experience

Free Moving Boxes: DIY Wardrobe Boxes for Moving House

Handmade wardrobe boxes for packing clothes on moving day

Moving clothes is not an enjoyable task and many people want to make the process as fast and easy as possible. However, besides that, you also want to ensure that your clothes will arrive in your new spot safely, right? But let’s be honest, if you have a lot of clothes, shoes, hats, accessories, then…

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Moving Kitchen Appliances Safely and Easily

A removals professional packing kitchen appliances

If you’re about to move house, you’re probably well aware that moving kitchen appliances is a challenging task that requires special attention and consideration to go smoothly. So, if you prefer to move your kitchen all by yourself, instead of hiring professional moving services, we’re here to help with some useful tips. You need to…

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How to Label Moving Boxes Like a Pro

How to label moving boxes

We all know that moving houses can be rather stressful. Especially if this is your first time, it can be quite overwhelming. The scale of organisation for the upcoming move and the psychological adjustment and emotional strain involved in the process are the main culprits behind the tremendous pressure we can experience during this transitional…

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Cheap Removal – Money Saving Tips For Moving House

Save money when moving house

Moving houses is normally an exciting part of our lives – a symbol of a new beginning. Sometimes, however, it could also lead to a significant amount of stress if not properly planned and executed. One of the most important things people usually want to do is save as much money as possible in the…

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How to Move Dangerous Goods

Boxes containing dangerous goods

One of the things you need to give early consideration to when you’re planning to move is which of your possessions will be considered to be dangerous goods. When you look at the regulations, you might be surprised, and maybe even dismayed. Things that you brought home from the DIY store or even the supermarket…

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Your Essential Guide to Downsizing House

Couple looking to move into a smaller home

Downsizing your home means moving to a smaller property. To make more room, this involves getting rid of personal property and prioritising what’s necessary to enjoy the benefits of smaller living. See your essential guide to downsizing a house here! Downsizing is for people: Downsizing your home and making the move easier Declutter When you…

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How to Pack Shoes When Moving

Woman carefully packing her shoes to a move

Packing your shoes for a move isn’t easy. We all know that moving, as exciting as it could be, certainly has a dark side – one of stress, a swirl of chaos and one too many errands to run simultaneously. Packing your belongings may be stressful enough in general, but every devoted shoe lover knows…

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What to Do With Used Cardboard Boxes? Throw Away, Recycle or Give Them Away

Getting rid of moving boxes after moving house

What to do with the cardboard boxes after you have moved houses? As soon as you feel the sweet relief of the job being done, you see the pile of empty moving boxes. We have collected a list of ideas and hacks about what to do with your post-move box load.

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All About Packing Dishes and Glasses for Moving in One Guide

Packing dishes and glasses for moving house

Packing dishes and glasses before moving house is half of the packing process, and many people prefer to do it themselves. If you do it properly, you will not worry about broken expensive plates and glasses during loading or transportation. This thorough guide explains how to take care of the different types of dishes and…

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38 Packing Hacks for a Stress Free Moving

Woman preparing to move house surounded by moving boxes

We all tried packing very neatly and organized, but let’s face it- this is a hard job! Not impossible, of course! We suggest 38 packing hacks that will help you not to lose and easily find your jewellery, clothes and essentials after the moving!

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How to Pack Fragile Items for Moving

Couple packing fragile items in bubblewrap for moving

“Has the time come to strategically plan every small detail of your moving to a new home? Just think about of all the stress you’ll expirience while packing and organising all these fragile items and thinking if they will survive the move. Don’t worry about it, here in Fantastic Removals we are offering the best helping tips and you can easily rely on our professional packers.”

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How to Unpack After Moving House

Man arranging furniture in his new home after a house move

Unpacking after moving could be a painful experience but it doesn’t have to be one. Armed with a good plan and following some simple steps you’ll know how to arrange cupboards, closets and cabinets right after the furniture delivery is finished. With some helpful moving house unpacking tips your new home will be clean and tidy in no time without any effort.

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How to Pack Books When on a Travel For Shipping and For Storage

how to pack your delicate books

“For booklovers it is essential that their most precious belongings don’t get damaged during the process of moving houses. Here is a helpful guide explaining the most practical and efficient way of packing and arranging your books in boxes in preparation for your moving day.”

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How to Properly Pack When Moving House

packing boxes for moving house

Packing is the most essential part of moving house. Here is a list of the most important packing tips for any kind of move, be it big or small, long or short distance.

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Where to Get Free Boxes for Moving

Free moving boxes and where to get them from

Getting some free moving boxes before the move helps you save a lot from your moving budget. That’s why, this is something a lot of people, who plan to move, look forward to. Learn where and how you can find some free boxes by reading our blog post on the topic. It’s easier to find some free moving boxes than you actually thought!

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