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How to Decide Where to Live – Factors to Help Your Choice

Choosing where to live can be a daunting task, with many factors to consider. Whether it comes to lifestyle, job opportunities, or living costs, it can be overwhelming to make such an important decision that can impact your happiness and well-being. That’s why we’re here to help! In this article, we will discuss how to…

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The Most Important Questions To Ask Your Moving Company

Important questions you need to ask the professional movers

Choosing the right moving company can be a challenge. There are lots of options out there. And if you don’t know the right questions to ask, they can all start seeming much the same. Here are the best questions to ask your moving company if you want to find the best fit for your needs:…

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Things No One Tells You About Moving House

Things to think about when moving house

If you’ve ever had to move, then you know how stressful and tiring the whole process is. Sure, a new beginning is always great, but to get there takes a lot of organising, packing, and, let’s not forget – physical strength. However, if you are new to it, remember – you’re not the first person…

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The 8 Most Unusual Removal Requests We’ve Had

Moving unusual items when moving house

If you think being a professional mover ever gets boring, you’re quite far from the truth. It’s a lot more than just loading moving box after moving box and, every now and again…a chair. Almost every person has a few items that are personal to them, a little odd, or even embarrassing. However, they will…

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Best Places to Live in Kosovo

Aerial view of the capital city Pristina with some old buildings like National Public Library and Christ the Saviour Cathedral

As one of the newest countries in the world, and one that is still not universally recognised as an independent state, Kosovo may not be the first place you consider when you’re looking for a new home. However, it does have much to offer. Nature lovers will enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery, and for those…

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How to Secure a New School Place When Moving House

Father taking his child to her first day in a new school

Sometimes it may feel like securing a place in the preferred school for your children is more difficult than winning the postcode lottery. Some families describe the process as a “horrible chicken and egg” situation, so being well-informed and prepared for the outcomes is the best weapon. Some tricks might slightly push your chance towards…

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How to Choose Your Moving Date

Selecting the best day for your house move

Not many things are worth a slipped disk, and we can confidently say that a pizza slice with a cold beer is certainly not on the list. As tempting as it might sound, hiring your friends and family to help you out, might not be the ideal option. If you want to ensure a safe…

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Moving Kitchen Appliances Safely and Easily

A removals professional packing kitchen appliances

If you’re about to move house, you’re probably well aware that moving kitchen appliances is a challenging task that requires special attention and consideration to go smoothly. So, if you prefer to move your kitchen all by yourself, instead of hiring professional moving services, we’re here to help with some useful tips. You need to…

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How to Move House With Your Cat

moving house with a cat

Cats don’t like change and everybody knows it. Once they get used to an enclosed space like your home, tearing them away from it is equivallent to an apocalyse to the poor furry creatures. But, moving house doesn’t only have its bad sides. We know cats love cardboard boxes. Read on to find out how to use this to your advantage in the Fantastic Removals team house moving tips for moving with cats.

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How to Move Your Bed and Mattress

Preparing a bed to be moved

Take the utmost care when moving a bed yourself. Drag heavy items rather than carrying them. It may be easier to hire professional bed movers if you feel this will be too much for you since they’ll have the right equipment and experience to move a bed easily. So, this post will address exactly that…

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Cheap Removal – Money Saving Tips For Moving House

Save money when moving house

Moving houses is normally an exciting part of our lives – a symbol of a new beginning. Sometimes, however, it could also lead to a significant amount of stress if not properly planned and executed. One of the most important things people usually want to do is save as much money as possible in the…

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How to Move House Without Stress | Avoiding Moving House Stress

Essential tips to a stress free move

Why is moving home so stressful and what can we do about it?

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How to Move Dangerous Goods

Boxes containing dangerous goods

One of the things you need to give early consideration to when you’re planning to move is which of your possessions will be considered to be dangerous goods. When you look at the regulations, you might be surprised, and maybe even dismayed. Things that you brought home from the DIY store or even the supermarket…

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Your Essential Guide to Downsizing House

Couple looking to move into a smaller home

Downsizing your home means moving to a smaller property. To make more room, this involves getting rid of personal property and prioritising what’s necessary to enjoy the benefits of smaller living. See your essential guide to downsizing a house here! Downsizing is for people: Downsizing your home and making the move easier Declutter When you…

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How to Clean a House Before Moving Out. Easy to Follow Move Out Cleaning Checklist

End of tenancy cleaning before moving out

Moving out can be a very exciting period in your life. You might be starting a new job in a different suburb or city or you might have purchased your first home. All of these life changes can be stimulating and wonderful, but before you move out, you need to consider something important. The move…

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Last Minute Removals – How to Move a House in a Hurry in 10 Steps

Boxes and plants packed in a haste for a move

There are two types of people when it comes to moving to a new home. Some are excited that change is coming and can barely wait to start packing. The others are reluctant to move and would postpone even getting the boxes for the move until the very last minute. And let’s face it –…

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Moving House Etiquette

Happy family moving into a new house

The big day of moving has come. The furniture is wrapped, everything is packed,  boxes are labelled, end-of-tenancy clean booked, and you are ready to leave for your new home. As stressful as the whole operation may be, especially if you decide to do it on your own, you shouldn’t forget about your manners.

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Man and Van Service or Full Removals Service? What Are the Differences Between Them

family moving in

Did you know that you can find a simple solution to your dilemma about the difference between a man with a van and a Full removal service? With the help of our short list of only six simple questions you will be able to decide what kind of professional removals services you need and how we can assist you no matter what your choice is.

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General Rules About Lifting Heavy Objects in a Domestic Environment and at Work

Professional mover handling a heavy moving box

Oftentimes in our day-to-day life, we’ll face the challenge of lifting something rather heavy, be it bags of groceries, boxes of miscellaneous items, work folders, etc. You must know the proper way to approach and handle the given object. A bad lifting technique is among the leading causes of severe injuries. Your health is of…

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What is Kinetic Lifting?

Team of expert movers carying a sofa correctly

Kinetic lifting means “manual handling”. This is the practice of lifting heavier weights on your own without the help of a machine or a tool. It is a method of handling weight properly without causing injury by using your whole body. Such methods are lifting, pulling, pushing, maneuvering, steadying, carrying. Transporting It’s about avoiding injury,…

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Tips and Tricks to Help Improve Your Internet Connection During Lockdown

Woman working from home using her laptop

Written for by Lidia Hovhan With your family members stuck at home during this isolation period, it won’t be surprising that your wi-fi is groaning with the massive abuse it gets every single day. And having nothing to do but surf the net, browse social media apps, and watch podcasts, your broadband or fiber…

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Guide to Broadband and Moving Home

Guide to Broadband and Moving Home

Written for By Lilli Hender Moving home can be stressful: you have an incredible number of things to sort out and it can be easy to forget to plan ahead when you have your head in moving boxes. That said, it is vital to sort out your utilities before moving home. Broadband can be…

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Do Seasons Have an Effect on the Moving Process?

Home removals professional by Fantastic Removals moving boxes

Written for By River Jasmine Moving can be a difficult process, no matter what the external variables are. In some cases, though, different seasons and conditions can have a significant impact on the process. There is not necessarily a time to move that is definitively the “best.” But below, we’ll consider some of the…

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How to Move a Shed in the UK?

how to move a garden shed

Picture this: you have a green thumb and a big garden with a nice shed to keep all your tools neatly stored. One day you will find a better home with an even bigger garden. The time to relocate is upon you, and you want to take your trusty garden shed with you, but you’re…

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Moving in Together: 8 Steps for a Smooth Relocation

Tips on moving in with your partner

Are you thinking of taking the next big step with your partner, i.e. moving in together? Then, prepare yourself for a few very busy months ahead. It’s common knowledge that any house move is stressful, however, it can become even more taxing when a couple decides to start sharing a flat. In order to avoid…

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Moving a Fridge Freezer – Installation, Maintenance, Cleaning – Top Brands Included

Team moving a fridge down a flight of stairs

Moving a fridge freezer is a complex and tedious task. Doesn’t matter if you want to install it in a different room or transport it to a new address – in both cases, it’s a risky move that can lead to a lot of hassle.

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Best Places to Live in London for Your Family and Career

best places to live in London cover photo

If you want to move to London or are already living there but want to change neighbourhoods, you’ve come to the right place. London has many faces, and it provides many different opportunities, depending on your individual needs. Are you a young artist looking for a livelier and more inspiring environment? Or are you searching…

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Everything You Need to Know About Council Taxes When Moving House in the UK

Council tax form when moving house

Council tax is mandatory for the majority of the population living in the UK. There are exceptions when certain individuals are not obliged to pay but usually, this is only temporary. Very few are free from council tax obligation for life. Not paying your council tax leads to serious consequences which most certainly you would…

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How Long Does It Take To Move House? Calculate the Average Time to Move House

House relocation member

When customers first get in touch with us, most of them want an instant answer to the question, “how long does it take to move house?”. Unfortunately, we cannot provide them with an estimated duration of the house move service without obtaining all the necessary information first. Many factors influence the time required for the…

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How Much Does It Cost to Move House? Average Removal Costs in the UK in 2024

a mover with a Luton van for removals

Image license:CC BY-SA 4.0 / Image Owner: Fantastic Removals There is no way to calculate the exact costs of moving house for plenty of reasons. Moving home is a complex process that involves a wide range of things to spend money on. Your overall moving expenses certainly increase with the scale of the move. The…

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Moving Checklist for the UK

moving checklist for uk

There are a lot of details and obligations with moving, especially if you are living in London, and it’s easy to miss something in all the hassle. That’s why the Fantastic Removals team made a complete moving checklist for the UK.

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How to Move House With a Pet Rabbit

how to move house with a pet rabbit

Rabbits are one of nature’s cutest bundles of fluffy joy, watching them frolic and twitch their little noses can bring a smile to the faces of even the grumpiest of us. Their overwhelming cuteness, fluffiness, and inquisitive nature have captured the hearts of many. This coupled with the fact that they’re trainable makes them good…

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How to Move House in the Rain

Moving house in rainy weather

Feeling grumpy you have to move and its raining outside? The unpredictability of English weather dictates our careful preparation during the pre-move phase – so here’s what we can advise you on how to move house during rain.

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How to Deal With Stress From Moving to Another Country

View of Big Ben and Westminster Bridge in London

Moving to another country causes a lot of stress. It affects negatively your health, personal life and professional career. At Fantastic Removals, we decided to write a detailed guide that will help you deal with the stress and quickly return to the standard pace of life you had before, even though you’ve just moved to another country.

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How to Move Your Pet to Australia

Moving to Australia with a pet

“Moving your dog or cat to Australia could be a challenging activity and you will need to invest quite a bit of time and expect to pay thousands, because of the strict laws regarding pet transportation into the country. This step-by-step guide will help you navigate through the long and complicated process of fulfilling all the necessary requirements of bring your pet with you.”

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[Quiz] Are You Ready to Move In Together?

couple moving in together

Are you wondering whether you and your half are ready to take the next step and move in together? Take our quiz and find out!

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Moving House Over Christmas: Tips, Pros and Cons

moving during christmas

Prepare yourself, because moving house over Christmas holidays can be a bit of a struggle. But, no worries, The Fantastic Removals team is here with some simple steps to follow.

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How to Lift Heavy Objects by Yourself

Man with back pain after lifting heavy object

Don’t put your health in danger by lifting all these heavy objects from the old to the new house. Heavy lifting isn’t a game and it’s not harmless because you can sustain some dangerous and unwanted injuries. We from Fantastic Removals would like to give you some really easy and helpful advice how to lift the heavy stuff when moving houses.

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How to Move House Plants

Plants packed in boxes ready for a house move

Moving plants around the house is not that easy a task, let alone having to move them to a completely different habitat. Here are the top things to consider when moving such fragile items as house plants.

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Moving House With a Toddler

A couple with their toddler

Toddlers can adapt easily to changes. Anyway, if you are moving away with them, you should take into consideration some things that can prepare them to the new house.

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How to Move a Piano and Why You Shouldn’t Do it Yourself

Moving a piano

Pianos are fantastic instruments to listen to but not to move on your own. When moving a house, you would want your piano to move with you. However, it is not that easy. This guide will explain you everything about moving a piano.

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How to Declutter Before Moving House

Declutter and organise your home

A new house move presents you with the perfect opportunity to declutter your home and your life. Having less belongings will make your move easier, have less things to worry about and clean. Here are all the steps to a complete decluttering of your home.

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How to Move House During Pregnancy

Family preparing to move house while expecting a baby

Let’s keep the stress away! Pregnancy and moving house is not a suitable combination… Don’t worry, we are here to help you handle the situation. Take our tips and hacks and go through it with a smile!

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How to Move Out of Parents House

Guide on moving out of your parents' house

Finally! I am moving out from my parents house! This sounds amazing, but leads to responsibilities…yes, we know. There are plenty of things to keep in mind before you take this BIG step in your life! Welcome to the adulthood!

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Winter moving tips: How to Move House During Winter

Preparing for a house move in winter

The winter season comes with some unexpected advantages and one of them is moving house. A checklist with only six questions will get you well prepared to turn the challenging job of moving into a pleasant experience. And most of all, it might save you some money along the way with our house moving services.

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7 Helpful iPhone Apps for Moving House

People browsing house moving apps on different devices

Here is a list with the seven best iPhone apps you will need for the time when you decide to move your home. Save all the hassle and download these helpers when you decide to browse houses for sale, need a convenient moving check list, help in organising boxes or our Fantastic Services’ help.

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[Download] Change of Address Checklist – Who to Inform When Moving

change of address checklist for moving house

Changing your address in UK is a tedious task which needs to be done properly. If you are not careful when doing it, you can easily miss a mail, and this is not the worst that may happen. Check our Change of Adress Checlist in UK for more information on everythomg you have to do before and after altering your UK address.

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12 Helpful Tips for Moving House With Kids

Family with kids packing for a move

Do not underestimate your kids, while moving out, because this step may be very tough. Kids under five years and teenage children will react differently to the change, so take a look at some great tips how to cope with the situation.

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How to Move House With a Dog in the UK

Preparing to move house with your pet dog

Dogs need preparation before moving to the new house- food, toys, doggy pillows and blankets, collar and leash, grooming supplies, new dog-friendly locations etc. Do your moving house with dogs checklist and don’t forget to keep them comfortable.

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